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iPad @Roche PowerPoint Presentation
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iPad @Roche

iPad @Roche

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iPad @Roche

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  1. iPad @Roche August 2011

  2. Roche Applications

  3. Mobile Iron

  4. Mobile Iron • Central management of mobile devices • Certificate method • Safety and Access to corporate network policies are determined and practiced by Global. • Allows us to access to company’s network sources (E-mail and other network sources) • Ensures that the device is “wiped” remotely in the event of device’s being stolen or lost, etc.

  5. Mobile Iron • Not an actively used application. • Installed and set up by IT Department • Essential for the connection with the company and the company practices. • Do not delete!!!

  6. Mobile Iron • When the application is deleted: • Company cannot access to network sources, • Cannot send or receive e-mails, • You cannot make a VPN connection (Junos)! • Reinstallation →“Registration PIN” → IT Department • “Registration PIN” is sent to you via e-mail.Do not delete!!!

  7. Apple ID & App Store

  8. Apple ID & App Store Your iPads were provided to you as installed for business-oriented applications. You have Apple IDs for use within company. Apple ID and password were sent to you via e-mail. Apple’s “Gift” method is used for application installations.

  9. Apple ID & App Store Applications that are not deemed appropriate by Roche Global must not be installed and used! User is responsible for legal and legitimate issues that may arise from this reason.

  10. Apple ID & App Store When reinstallation is required, applications that were purchased personally should be reloaded by the user. Personal application will not be backed up and will not be restored by IT Department!

  11. Apple ID & App Store “Gift” Application: E-mail sent by iTunes Store is opened: “....... sent you an iTunes Gift” “REDEEM NOW”

  12. Apple ID & App Store Progress with “Continue”. Enter Apple ID andpassword. When your operation is completed, “Thank You” screen appears. Close the window by pressing “Done” button.

  13. Apple ID & App Store To reinstall current applications after deletion or “Reset”: App Store > “Purchased” “Install” If it is credit card-defined, “Verification” is required. There is no cost to pay! Installation completed.

  14. Apple ID & App Store You need to define your credit card in order to purchase application from App Store: “Settings” > “Store” “Sign in”

  15. Apple ID & App Store If you are signed in to App Store: “Apple ID” > “View Apple ID”

  16. Apple ID & App Store “Payment Information” > “Payment Card”

  17. Apple ID & App Store Enter credit card information. “Done”

  18. Apple ID & App Store Based on the update performed, you will receive an e-mail from Apple. To delete defined credit card information, select “None” and save settings by pressing “Done”.

  19. Junos Pulse

  20. Junos Pulse • Remote connection to Roche network • “Junos Pulse” = RANGE • VPN connection via Junos: • Start Junos Pulse application.

  21. Junos Pulse • Certificate must be selected! • If it is not selected, select “Basel” orany other certificate. • You can return to “Connect” screen with “Junos Pulse” button. • Connection established.

  22. Junos Pulse • When connection is establishes, “VPN” icon appears. • Now you can run Roche applications.

  23. Junos Pulse • Disconnecting “VPN” connection You can send and receive e-mail without VPN Connection!

  24. Citrix Receiver

  25. Citrix Receiver • You can access to Roche applications that were dedicated to you and virtual Windows desktop via “Smartweb”. • CRM • Virtual Desktop

  26. Citrix Receiver • Before starting Citrix Receiver: • Establish VPN connection via Junos Pulse or • via Campus;WLAN-001 wireless network. • Campus;WLAN-001 wireless network can be used only in our head office.

  27. Citrix Receiver • To start application : Open “citrix receiver”. Ana ekran citrix receiver screenshot

  28. Citrix Receiver Go to “Explore” area to access to application. Enter User name and password.

  29. Citrix Receiver • You can see programs designated for you in home screen (“Explore”). • Send the application you like to “Home” screen with Plus icon.

  30. Citrix Receiver • You can access to your frequently used applications from “Home” screen. • Rapid access to the frequently used applications! “Home” Screen

  31. Citrix Receiver • “Virtual Desktop EMEA” via“Smartweb” • Interface with a desktop appearance of your PC on iPad! • Freedom to use your PC via iPad!

  32. Citrix Receiver

  33. Citrix Receiver • By opening the window you can see in the middle on top: • Arrow keys • Keyboard • Trackpad/Mouse • Warning: Keyboard is not displayed automatically at the time of text entry.

  34. Citrix Receiver • By using Microsoft Outlook via “Smartweb”, you can: • Keep archive, • Open archieved e-mails, • Use “Out of Office” features. • To connect Outlook:

  35. Citrix Receiver • You can access to Roche from any PC by using “Grid Card”! • What about stating on which conditions you will need it??? +

  36. Mail

  37. Roche E-mail • Access to Roche mail inbox via “Mail” application • No need to VPN connection!

  38. Roche E-mail Moves selected e-mail to desired folder Deletes e-mail Reply, Forward New e-mail

  39. Roche E-mail Moving selected e-mail to folder:

  40. Roche E-mail • Use “Edit” button in order to move more than 1 e-mail to folder simultaneously.

  41. Roche E-mail • Mark the e-mails to be moved. • Click “Move” button.

  42. Roche E-mail • Perform moving operation by selecting the target folder on pop-up screen.

  43. Deleting a selected e-mail: “Ask before deleting” “Settings” > “Mail, Contact, Calendars” “Ask before deleting” = ON Roche E-mail

  44. Roche E-mail • Use “Edit” button to delete more than 1 mail simultaneously.

  45. Roche E-mail • Mark the mails you would like to delete. • Click “Delete” button. • Confirm Delete operation.

  46. Swipe to Delete: Rapid e-maildeletion Delete e-mail by pressing “Delete” button. “Ask before deleting”feature is not available! Roche E-mail

  47. Roche E-mail • Reply/Forward

  48. Roche E-mail • New e-mail

  49. Roche E-mail • Attached files: Paper clip icon appears in e-mails that have attachments. • Attached file is displayed at the end of the e-mail.

  50. Roche E-mail • Open the fileby clicking – “Read Only” • Display options by using different applications: • The latest used application is displayed on the top.