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Modul 11 Australian Literature

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Modul 11 Australian Literature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modul 11 Australian Literature. I. Australian Literature Periods 1 Colonial Period 1 Pastoral Literature 1 Gold Rush 1 Nationalism Literature 1 WWI and WWII 1 Australian Modern Literature 1 Australian Contemporary Literature.

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Modul 11 Australian Literature

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I.Australian Literature Periods1Colonial Period1Pastoral Literature1Gold Rush1Nationalism Literature1WWI and WWII1Australian Modern Literature1Australian Contemporary Literature


II.Characteristics of Each PeriodsA.Colonial Period1Convicts & Bush BalladsÄReflecting hazardous life of the convicts and bushmenÄNarrativeÄOral  songsLess stressing on the literary values

1PoemsÄReferring to English RomanticismÄDescribing the Nature of AustraliaÄReaders : British People at UK
1 prose non fiction vayage report james cook journal walking tench dairy rachel henning
1ProseÄNon Fiction·Vayage Report (James Cook)·Journal (Walking Tench)·Dairy (Rachel Henning)
ÄFictionFor the Term of HisNatural Life by Marcus Clarke ·Representing the life of an innocent convict
unjustly dispossessed exiled brutalized suffering of human destiny as life a prison
·Unjustly dispossessed, exiled & brutalized·Suffering of human destiny as life = a prison

B.Pastoral Literature1General CharacteristicsÄBush & Pastoral  a Lotus of National IdentityÄDescribing Life in the Bush & Pastoral & StationÄNaib Characters : Drover, Swagman, Bush Ranger


1Poems : Pastoral BalladsÄGalloping Rhymes  “The Sick Stockrider” by : Adam Lindsay GordonÄRomantized Australian Nature & Aborigines


1Prose : SagaGeoffrey Hamlyn by : Henry KingsleyÄCapturing Sheep - raising life in 1830’sÄSuggesting the development of Australian economy  Sheep


Gold - Rush Era1Melodrama “The Sunny South” by George DarellÄLife in the mineÄWell - established economy of AustraliaÄXenophobia towards the Chinese


1ProseÄNovelists ·Edwards Dyson wrote : The Golden Shanty·Henry Handel Richardson pseudonym  Ethel Florence Lindesay Richardson

maurice guest 1908 the getting of wisdom 1910 fortunes of richard mahoni 1917
~Maurice Guest (1908)~The Getting of Wisdom (1910)~Fortunes of Richard Mahoni (1917)

D.Nationalism Period1General CharacteristicsÄHeroic FiguresÄMain Settings : BushÄMasculinity  Themes1Prose ÄHenry Lawson = Father of Australia Prose on Bush Life·The Drover’s Wife·The Loaded Dog

1PoetryÄA. B. Banjo Petterson·“The Man from Snowy River”·“Clanay of the Overflow”ÄHenry Lawson ·“A Song to the Republic”
E.WW I & WW II1General CharacteristicsÄWW I·Supporting the British·Tragedy Gallipoli·Patriotism & Heroism

ÄWW II·Alliance with USA·Reflacting the Cruelty of War·Xenophobia to the Japanese·Randolph Stow wrote The Merry Go Round in the Seas (1965)


F.Australian Modern Literature1Movement of Modernism on Australia LiteratureÄFemale WritersÄAborigine AuthorsÄMulticultural LiteratureÄBush vs City Themes


1Female WritesÄMiles Franklin : My BrilliantCareerÄBarbaras Bayton : Squeaker’s Mate ÄMajurie Barnard : The Persimmon TreeÄJudith WrightÄGlendas Adams : Dancing on Coral


1Aborigine AuthorsÄMudrorou NaroginÄOdgeroo NoonucalÄJack DavisÄSally Morgan1Multicultural LiteratureÄImmigrant Literature·Greek·Germany·Japanese


ÄHomosexual Literature·Lesbian·GayÄOther Minority LiteratureG.Australian Contemporary Literature1The celebration of the minor group literature