welcome to the presentation on the model iep form n.
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Welcome to the Presentation on the Model IEP Form PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Presentation on the Model IEP Form

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Welcome to the Presentation on the Model IEP Form - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Presentation on the Model IEP Form. This presentation is presented using PowerPoint with an audio component. To access the audio component, use the audio symbol on the bottom right of each slide.

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welcome to the presentation on the model iep form
Welcome to the Presentation onthe Model IEP Form
  • This presentation is presented using PowerPoint with an audio component.
  • To access the audio component, use the audio symbol on the bottom right of each slide.
new york state education department nysed individualized education program iep module 3
New York State Education Department (NYSED) Individualized Education Program (IEP)Module #3
  • 12-Month Recommendation
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Coordinated Set of Transition Activities
  • Participation in Assessments
  • Participation with Students without Disabilities
  • Special Transportation
  • Placement Recommendation
examples and guidance
Examples and Guidance

The examples and information provided in this training do not impose any requirements beyond those required under applicable law and regulation.

nysed release of model iep
NYSED Release of Model IEP

January 2010 release memo and associated materials available at:


  • Release memo
  • Model forms
    • Optional Student Information Summary form
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP) form
  • General Directions to use the State’s model IEP form
  • IEP Questions and Answers
  • Guide to Quality Individualized Education Program (IEP) Development and Implementation
iep training modules
IEP Training Modules

Module #1:

  • Introduction to the IEP
  • Optional Student Information Summary form
  • Present Levels of Performance and Individual Needs

Module #2:

  • Measurable Post-secondary Goals
  • Measurable Annual Goals and Short -Term Instructional Objectives and Benchmarks
  • Reporting to Parents
  • Special Education Programs and Services

You may view the other Modules of the New York State IEP form presentation series at


12 month service and or program
12-Month Service and/or Program
  • Same as 10-month recommendation or different
  • If different, identify service and/or program
    • Service delivery recommendations, frequency, duration, location, initiation/service dates
  • Name of school/agency provider of service during July/August
  • For a preschool student, reason student needs July/August services
testing accommodations
Testing Accommodations
  • None; or
  • Identify Accommodation(s)
    • Type
    • Conditions

e.g., test characteristics- type, length, purpose

    • Implementation Recommendations

e.g., amount of extended time, type of setting specific to the testing accommodation


Coordinated Set of Transition ActivitiesBeginning not later than the first IEP to be in effect when the student is age 15 (and at a younger age if appropriate)

  • Needed activities to facilitate the student’s movement from school to post-school activities
      • Instruction
      • Related Services
      • Community Experiences
      • Development of Employment and Other Post-school Adult Living Objectives
      • Acquisition of Daily Living Skills (if applicable)
      • Functional Vocational Assessment (if applicable)
  • Service/Activity
  • School District/Agency Responsible
participation in state and district wide assessments
Participation in State and District-wide Assessments
  • Same State and district-wide assessments, or
  • Alternate assessment on a particular State or district-wide assessment

If so:

    • Why the student cannot participate in the regular assessment; and
    • Why the particular alternate assessment selected is appropriate for the student.
participation with students without disabilities
Participation with Students Without Disabilities
  • Explain the extent, if any, that the student will not participate in:
      • Regular class, extracurricular and/or other nonacademic activities (school age)
      • Appropriate activities with age-appropriate nondisabled peers (preschool)
  • If the student will not participate in regular physical education, extent of specially-designed physical education instruction (including adapted physical education)
  • Exemption from language other than English
special transportation
Special Transportation
  • None
  • Needs special transportation as follows:
      • Special seating
      • Vehicle and/or equipment needs
      • Adult supervision
      • Type of transportation
      • Other accommodations
  • To and from special class or other program at another site

Where the student’s IEP will be implemented

additional guidance
Additional Guidance

NYSED Office of Assessment Policy, Development and Administration


Test Access and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Policy and Tools to Guide Decision-making and Implementation


Policy memorandum — Special transportation


Policy memorandum — IEP Diploma


Extended school year questions and answers


questions regarding the state s model forms may be sent to
Questions regarding the State’s model forms may be sent to:


Responses to questions will be periodically posted at:


for additional technical assistance
For Additional Technical Assistance
  • NYSED Special Education Quality Assurance Offices http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/quality/regassoc.htm
  • NYSED Special Education Policy Office


  • Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Centers http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/techassist/rsetasc/locations.htm