sem1 4 09 a selling n.
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SEM1 4.09 A - Selling PowerPoint Presentation
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SEM1 4.09 A - Selling

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SEM1 4.09 A - Selling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEM1 4.09 A - Selling. PE - Perform pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation PI - Identify sales methodologies used in SEM PI - Prepare a sales presentation. Sales situations/opportunities in SEM. Season ticket holders – current Season ticket prospects - new

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sem1 4 09 a selling
SEM1 4.09A - Selling
  • PE - Perform pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation
  • PI - Identify sales methodologies used in SEM
  • PI - Prepare a sales presentation
sales situations opportunities in sem
Sales situations/opportunities in SEM
  • Season ticket holders – current
  • Season ticket prospects - new
  • Group sales/single ticket sales
  • Premium tickets/luxury boxes or suites
  • Sponsorships - promotion
  • Updates to customers – relationship marketing
  • News reports to media – public relations
  • Message from the president/owner - motivate
types of selling
Types of selling
  • Personal selling
    • Face to face
    • Telemarketing
  • Direct mail
  • Internet/social media
personal selling in sem
Personal Selling in SEM

Direct communication to inform and persuade customers to make purchase decisions

  • Determines client needs and respond through planned, personalized 2-way communication
  • Selling season tickets to new customers
    • Face to face – works best for new customers and builds trust – single ticket sales at counter
    • Telemarketing – if you can reach your target market
    • Product demonstration – see the seats at the venue, single tickets sold at venue window
  • Advantages – Can close the sale, immediate feedback, respond to customer motives
  • Disadvantages – Expensive, may not answer, time consuming in a highly competitive business
direct mail in sem
Direct mail in SEM
  • Solicit customers through the mail
  • Excellent mode to reach current season ticket holders – packet can contain all the important product information
    • Schedules, seat locations, incentives, etc.
  • Advantages - Inexpensive, can hit your target market and has all details and has customer profile on file
  • Disadvantages – Could be perceived as junk mail, may be put aside and not acted on
internet social media
Internet/social media
  • Can be effective for new or existing accounts through direct or indirect (ticket master) sales
  • All customers are exposed to features and benefits
  • Advantages – Can include a lot of information, very inexpensive, can send multiple messages, can very effectively hit target market and has customer profiles on file
  • Disadvantages – May be perceived as spam, may be blocked by software virus protection
factors required before sales presentation pre call planning
Factors required before sales presentation – pre-call planning
  • Pre-call – know the following
    • Their/your business, your products/options and your geographically territory
    • visit the customer first & ask customer-benefit questions(probing) - (example: would you like to save money on season tickets for your favorite team?)
  • Sales call – understand/implement the following
  • Purpose
  • Customer Profile
  • Content
  • Write a script
  • Asking for an appointment – after all above completed
sales call purpose
Sales call purpose
  • Communicate information
  • Make a proposition/Sell a product or idea
  • To inspire and motivateGenerate enthusiasm Gain interest
sales call customer profiles
Sales call – Customer Profiles
  • Customer profiles are accumulated during the pre-call stage or in the normal course of business
    • Existing customer’s profiles are on file
  • Understand/know the customer
    • Needs, desires, organizational structure, buying habits/authority, key decision makers & financial data – previous buying history
    • Characteristics – market segmentation data, name, contact info
  • What does the customer know already –
  • Customer profiles provide info to uncover needs of customers so sales presentations can be customized to individuals
sales call content
Sales call - Content
  • Create sale packets that contain all specific material
    • Schedules, ticket application, team brochure, specials, features & benefits (customer-benefit approach)
  • Produce all materials with the same professional graphic design, layout & branding so customers know its from the same organization
    • Motivate customers by showing photos of cheering fans or exciting action
  • Produce custom packets for different customers
    • Example: season ticket holders are welcomed back while new customers may be teased by draft choices, new excitement, etc.
  • Summarize the objectives of your presentation
  • List and prioritize points the customer needs to know
sales call write a script
Sales call –Write a script
  • Use to:
    • Jog memory during presentation
      • Help to remember key points that they want to cover
    • Plan presentation length
    • Practice before presentation
  • Make sure language is
    • Positive – encouraging and not intense
    • Precise - short, to the point and not complex
    • Pertinent- meaningful to the customer not childish
      • Help the customer understand what you are saying in a brief, simple way
sem1 4 09 activity
SEM1 4.09 Activity
  • Prepare a sales presentation for a sports event or good…you choose!
  • Make sure to follow the below procedures and create a PPT
    • Identify the Purpose
    • Identify your Customer Profile
    • List your Content
    • Write the Sales Script