a dynamic ministry course phase 2 administration mentoring through advanced e learning technology n.
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a Dynamic Ministry Course: Phase 2 Administration Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology

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a Dynamic Ministry Course: Phase 2 Administration Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Calvary Academics Development. New. Church Life Programme. a Dynamic Ministry Course: Phase 2 Administration Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology. Course Elements.

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a dynamic ministry course phase 2 administration mentoring through advanced e learning technology

A Calvary Academics Development


Church Life Programme

a Dynamic Ministry Course:

Phase 2 Administration

Mentoring through Advanced e-Learning Technology

course elements
Course Elements
  • The Tuition Centre facilitates the training of students in a Local Bible School . TC obtaining materials, offering classes and evaluating quality of learning.
  • Calvary Academics is the brand name of the course material, and is accepted by Calvary University.
  • Calvary University requires CQA standards and recognizes credits.




e learning technology
e-Learning technology

The e-learning Website provides:

  • Internet links, e-cards, resources in DropBox, on-line tests, a grade-book, and extra articles.
  • Learning material can also be viewed in colour.
  • Our technology is up-to-date and will still be further enhanced. The technology element is brought in to improve learning experience.
implementation of e learning
Implementation of e-Learning
  • Appoint a personal Tutor
  • Provide access to The Internet
  • Get to understand the CAP(Calvary Academic Platform)
  • Order the optionalUFD’s
  • Guide students through the extraelements of e-learning available in DropBox
plan for church life
Plan for Church Life

Three programmes over 3 years:

  • Certificate in Chr. Discipleship (80 cred.)
  • Diploma in Leadership (160 credits)
  • Adv. Diploma in Ministry (240 credits)

Part time: three lectures x ±39 weeksStart at any time of the year – do your own planning

upon registration
Upon Registration
  • Students must have a Certificate in Discipleship
  • Arrange for access to acomputer: at home or at the Tuition Centre
  • Appoint a qualified, mature, ChristianTutor who is IT literate.
qualities of a tutor
Qualities of a Tutor

A personal Tutor will facilitate learning:

  • By providing individual help at a Tuition Centre
  • Or at a considerable distance from a Centre
  • By visiting or appointed from inside a prison facility

A Tutor has qualifications:

  • At least a Diploma qualification
  • Preferably has ministry experience
  • Can evaluate practical work & assignments
  • Is IT literate in computer basics and MSWord
character of a tutor
Character of a Tutor
  • A person of solid character
  • To the student a pillar of strength
  • To the Tuition Centre trustworthy:
      • Giving progress reports
      • Evaluating the assignments
      • Guiding and marking the practical work
church life material
Church Life Material

Seven orders are expected:

  • CLT Topical Ministry Coursesx 3
  • Reading textBiblical and Ethical Foundations with next item x 4
  • Skills training: Communication, Study,Human Relations & IT

E-mail orders to: orders@clt.org.za

material prices
Material Prices:

These prices are valid for the year 2014:

  • QPV1 (Afr – TGO1) R116 Workbook R36 UFD R58
  • OT SurveyVol. 2 R101 Improve Conversation: ICV R49
  • Marriage & Family R54 Pers. Relations: IPR R47
  • CHM1 (Afr – CHV1) R114 Workbook R33
  • Study of RomansR133 Self-confidence: ISC R45
  • CHL1 (Afr – CRL1) R162 Workbook R33
  • Gospel of John R77 e-Mail Basics: EMB R25

(The colours used above indicate the colours of the book covers. The seven orders each have two books that are ordered together and, when available, three CD’s)

initial books prices
Initial Books Prices:

A few books must be obtained at the beginning of the year.

These prices are valid for the year 2014:

  • MSG – Student Study Guide (Previous year)
  • MPX2 – Ministry Praxis Vol. 2 R42
  • CVD3 – Calvary Disciple Vol. 2 R48
  • P2Ra – Bible Chapter Reader Phase 2 A R34
  • PG2a – Starter Books CompanionPh 2 A(During 2014)

A further reader must be obtained in the middle of the year.

  • P2Rb – Bible Chapter Reader Phase 2 B R34

(The colours used above indicate the colours of the book covers.)

placing your orders
Placing your Orders

For best results: orders@clt.org.za

  • Speak clearly and repeat if necessary
  • State your Tuition Centre number: e.g. 579(TC number)
  • Know your product/module codes (less misunderstandings)
  • Be clear about which language for each book
  • Do not allow students to order or contact us directly
  • State whether you pick up, want us to post, or Speed mail
  • Certificatesare posted byregistered mailonly

(We have to pay in advance for postage and will therefore not Speed mail large parcels. Please arrange for a Courier instead, and for payment of their service.)

handling the topical courses
Handling the TopicalCourses

QPV1:(order also a Workbook)

  • Equipping for VictoryVolume 119 Lectures, 2 Tests

CHM1:(order also a Workbook)

  • Christian MaturityVolume 119 Lectures, 2 Tests

CRL1:(order also a Workbook)

  • Christian Leadership Volume 123 Lectures, 3 Tests
handling the reading text
Handling the Reading-text

Biblical and Ethical foundations:

  • OT SurveyVolume 2 7 lectures, 2 tests + ICV
  • Marriage & Family 4 lectures, 2 tests + IPR
  • Study of Romans 14 lectures, 2 tests + ISC
  • Gospel of John Vol 110 lectures, 3 tests + EMB

See separate document with page numbers indicating where lecturesbegin and end.

handling the skills modules
Handling the Skills Modules

Three skills of 2 credits each:

  • Improve your Conversation
  • Improve Personal Relations
  • Increase your Self-confidence

Facilitate each skill in the following way:

  • Introduce the topic, requiring home-reading
  • Let students use tear-out cards
  • Mark the use of the cards and True/False-tests
first it skill basics
First IT Skill: Basics

E-Mail Basics EMB 2 credits

  • Introduce the topic
  • Provide all the hardware discussed
  • Arrange for continued access
  • Get feedback to show competence

Recognition of Prior Learning

  • For students who are IT literate:
  • Grant RPL to obviously IT literate students
  • Student receiving RPLmust be competent
  • When in doubt, use an oral test for RPL
personal ministry credits
Personal Ministry Credits

Church Life also evaluates:

  • Faith&workin Church context
  • Ministry in community – serving outsiders (upliftment & evangelism)
  • Personal; people serving as Jesus would

This way completing the 9 credits code: MPX2

implementing church life
Implementing Church Life
  • Consult the Church LifeProgrammeProspectus
  • Inform students of the structure & advantages
  • Announce your tuition fees for the year: e.g. R2,500
  • Set up a Church Life lecture schedule with fixed dates for classes — when you offer each class regularly and when you expect assignments and tests

èOrder the books & UFDs and prepare to lecture!

projected starting costs
Projected Starting Costs

Assumed figures as a guide for you:

  • 2nd phase students: 10
  • Order #1 – Material costs: R3000
  • Cost of starter books: R1240
  • Postage cost: R50
  • Total materials cost: R4,290
  • Students registration fee: R4,000
  • Student Fees (@R210/ month): R2,100
  • 1st month positive balance: R1810

Positive balance of second month is R2,100

handling the account
Handling the Account

We agree on the following:

  • The TC will pay within 30 days (on invoice)
  • You will stay within a setlimit(for one big order)
  • You pay for each order(before ordering the next big order.)
  • The account is cleared at year-end (before ordering Certificates)
  • Pay the statement and fax payment proof(to fax 012 567 5550)

We have the right to close accounts that arerepeatedlybehind (We send out statements and will phone a few times before closure)

resolving admin queries
Resolving Admin Queries
  • Phone us 8:30 to 3:50 office hours
  • We close early on Fridays: 2:30 last call
  • Have your TC number ready to order
  • Quote the codes or the invoice number
  • Send e-mails to orders@clt.org.za
  • Faxproof of payment only if payment was overlooked. Always first quote TC no.
requesting certificates
  • Complete the ClassResultsRecord(pdf)
  • Signed also by Quality Officer then fax
  • Use Excel version fore-mail
  • Do not type in ALL CAPITALS:Sam Jones
  • Record the marks,average and Cum Laude
  • State preferred date of graduation
training at a distance
Training at a Distance

We believe in contact training but some students cannot get to classes so we have developed a distance solution:

  • Students must stay in tutor-contactwhilstlearning.
  • A tutor must maintain close relationships to students.
  • The e-solution provided on the web-site must be used to allow the student to get the benefit of the extra material

(All students may make use of the e-learning material in DropBox)

Note: Since there are many Tuition Centres using our material, we prefer that you do not try to enroll far-away students.

the distance tutor
The Distance Tutor
  • Appointa Distance Tutor who lives near the student.

(The student may also help by finding one.)

  • Guide the Tutorto:
      • spend time with the student for encouragement
      • explain the material and our e-learning method
      • Disciple the student to form Christ-like character
take action
Take Action
  • Consider the Great Commissiontask of discipleship before you
  • Ask for God’s wisdom
  • Get leadership behind you
  • Require leaders to be trained

Bible Schools frequently bring restoration and new life to Churches

Plan, order and start!

012 567 3376/ 6083/ 7583 fax 5550