Visual learning through technology
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Visual Learning through Technology. MCTEC October 15, 2010 Kate Gavalier. What is Visual Learning?. Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and techniques.

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Visual learning through technology

Visual Learning through Technology


October 15, 2010

Kate Gavalier

What is visual learning
What is Visual Learning?

Visual learning is a teaching and learning style in which ideas, concepts, data and other information are associated with images and techniques.


Visual learning through technology

thought webs

thought diagrams

Graphic organizers

concept maps

idea maps

mind maps

Why should we use these tools
Why should we use these tools?

  • Allows students to make concrete representations of abstract concepts

  • “an external representation of semantic memory”

  • “Combining visual and verbal modes for cognitive processing reduces the burdon(sic) on working memory, expanding the brain's ability for coping with complex cognitive task requirements.”

    [Tergan, S. (2004). Concept maps for managing individual knowledge. Paper presented at the first international conference on concept mapping: Pamplona, Spain. Retrieved April 27, 2007 from: ]

These tools can be used in place of
These tools can be used in place of...

  • Note taking

  • Exploring cause and effect relationships or displaying a train of thought

  • Outlining

  • Prewriting strategies

  • Brainstorm topics for writing

  • Text comprehension: summarizing

Mind mapping vs concept mapping
Mind Mapping vs. Concept Mapping

  • Mind maps – shows connections in a hierarchical manner

  • Mind maps - Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid in study, organization, problem solving, decision making, and writing.

  • Concept maps – show connections between concepts in more diverse patterns

Cost based software
Cost-based Software



SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

Free web based software
Free Web-Based Software



  • Mind 42

    • States of Matter map


Other Sites



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Visual learning through technology

Story Retelling

The Three Pigs

Try it out
Try It Out

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Cinderella

  • Little Red Riding Hood

Again let s try it out
Again Let’s try it out...

  • Divide into three groups

  • Each group will represent a different branch of government

  • Determine three different functions of your branch

  • Complete the concept map for your branch on

Visual learning through technology

Judicial Branch

Username: judicial

Password: mctec

Legislative Branch

Username: legislative

Password: mctec

Executive Branch

Username: executive branch

Password: mctec

Check out my wiki page
Check out my WIKI page