the arab israeli conflict n.
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict. Part 2. CFR Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – . What’s the Message Here?. Daly Show on Arab-Israeli Conflict. Current Status of All Territories Occupied by Israel in 1967. What are the Unresolved Issues?. What are the unresolved issues

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the arab israeli conflict

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Part 2

CFR Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict –

what s the message here
What’s the Message Here?

Daly Show on Arab-Israeli Conflict

what are the unresolved issues
What are the Unresolved Issues?

What are the



preventing a

final peace



Israel and



President Obama with Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu and

Palestinian President Malmond Abbas.

unresolved issue 1 the p ermanent borders of a future palestinian state
Unresolved Issue # 1The Permanent Borders of a Future Palestinian State
  • Palestinians want Israel to with-

draw to pre-1967 borders and

the establishment of a sovereign

Palestinian state in the West Bank

and Gaza.

  • Israel still occupies parts of the

West Bankand has annexed some

parts that it insists it will never

give up.

the issue of israeli settlements
The Issue of Israeli Settlements
  • 300,000 Israeli settlers now

live in West Bank along with

2.2 million Palestinians.

  • Israel has annexed some West

Bank territory and insists on

keeping its major settlements.

  • These Israeli settlements in

the West Bank complicate peace


israeli west bank settlements
Israeli West Bank Settlements

News report on settlement issue

Helecoptor Tour Over West Bank

unresolved issue 2 palestinian refugees and the right of return
Unresolved Issue # 2Palestinian Refugees and the Right of Return
  • Four million displaced Palestinians

living in refugee camps today in

occupied territories and neighboring

Arab states.

  • Palestinians want refugees or their

descendants to be able to return to

homes and land they lost in 1948.

  • Israel rejects right of refugees to

return to Israel. Would threaten the

existence of Israel as a Jewish state.

unresolved issue 3 control of east jerusalem
Unresolved Issue # 3Control of East Jerusalem
  • Palestinians want East Jerusalem

as the capital of their future state.

  • Israel’s annexed East Jerusalem

and vows it will never give it up.

  • Residents of East Jerusalem are

mostly Palestinians, but 250,000

Israelis now live there as well.

unresolved issue 4 israel s security
Unresolved Issue # 4Israel’s Security

How to guarantee

security of Israel’s

borders if radical

groups like Hamas

and Hezbollah

refuse to recognize

Israel’s right to

exist ?

obama and the israeli palestinian conflict
Obama and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Obama and Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu

september 2010 obama convened new peace talks
September, 2010Obama Convened New Peace Talks
  • First direct talks between Israel and Palestinians in two years .
  • Stated goal was to “create a sovereign Palestinian state beside a secure Israel within one year.”

Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu


Palestinian President


september 2010 peace talks quickly broken down
September, 2010Peace Talks Quickly Broken Down
  • Peace talks broke down within

weeks over the settlement issue.

  • Talks remain stalled today.
  • Palestinians insist they won’t

return to talks until Israel halts

building of new settlements.

  • Israel insists on talks without

any preconditions.

may 2011 palestinian rapprochement
May 2011Palestinian Rapprochement
  • Fatah and Hamas signed
  • reconciliation agreement.
  • Cited their common goal
  • of resistance to Israeli
  • occupation.
  • Reflects Fatah’s growing
  • frustration with stalled
  • peace process.
u s israeli relations tension over settlements
U.S.-Israeli RelationsTension Over Settlements
  • Obama opposes expansion of

existing Israeli settlements or

the building of any new ones.

  • Israel refuses to stop building

new housing in East Jerusalem

or the West Bank.

u s israeli relations tension over borders
U.S.-Israeli RelationsTension over Borders
  • Obama endorsed the Palestinian position
  • that borders should be based on 1967 lines
  • with “mutually agreed swaps” of land.
  • Led to tense meeting b/
  • Netanyahu and Obama
  • at White House and Netanyahu publically rejecting the idea.

PBS Report on May 2011

Meeting (5:00)

september 2011 palestinians seek un recognition
September, 2011Palestinians Seek UN Recognition
  • Palestinians sought UN’s recognition of Palestinian as a full-member state.
  • Wanted recognition of state consisting of all of West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.
  • Bid failed because it lacked of support in the UN Security Council (+ U.S. veto threat).
november 2012 un general assembly recognizes palestine as non member observer state
November, 2012UN General Assembly Recognizes Palestine as Non-member Observer State
  • Move strongly opposed by Israel and the US.
  • Vote was 138-9 in favor, with 41 nations abstaining.
  • Palestinians can now take part in UN debates.
  • Opponents say a Palestinian state should emerge only from bilateral negotiations with Israel.

CNN report on

meaning of UN

Vote (3:21)