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” Learning about heroes through legends ” Comenius Project. Local legends. BRASOV ROMANIA. Local traditional stories. CLASA a III-a D. The dragon on the mountain

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Brasov romania


Comenius Project

Local legends



Local traditional stories
Local traditionalstories

Brasov romania


a III-a D

Brasov romania

The dragon on the mountain

Once upon a time there was a dragon that was eating the town leaders’ children. One day, a butcher took a calf’s skin, put a limestone inside it and brought it to the dragon’s cave. Because the water reacted with the lime, the legend says the dragon blew up.

For some people Tampa hill represents evidence that the dragon really existed, and if you look at it from the distance, it looks like a dragon’s back.

Brasov romania

The Black Church istheheart of Brasov

More than 500 years old The Black Church isthemostoutstandinghistorical monument in Brasov, thebiggestGothicchurchin Transilvania andthebiggestreligious building between Viena and Istanbul. More thanthisthereisone of thebiggestorgansfrom Europe inside it andthebiggestcollection of old carpetsfromtheSmall Asia.

Wealsocansee an uncommonstatue for a religioushouse on theabutment of thenorthern part of the Black Church. It’sabout a childwhoisabouttofalldown.

The legendsaysthat a veryskilfulapprentice in masonryworked for the master mason tobuildthechurch. Realizingthattheyoungmanwillovertakehimandcouldtakehis place, the master becameenvy. Sohedecidedtokillhim. He askedthe boy totakesomething on the cornice andwhenthisonebowed, the master pushedhimaway. Theysaythatthestatuehadbeenraisedbytheotherbricklayers in theirfellow’smemory.

The apprentice’sdeathbroughtpeacetothe master mason for a while. He learntfromtheotherapprenticesthatthe boy hadappreciatedverymuchandtoldeverybodyhowskilfulwashis master.

Full of remorsethe master thoughttopurifyhimselfandheraised a statuewhichrepresentedabent boy even in the place whereeverythinghadhappened. In the end hedidn’tendureanymoreandexposedhimselfbeingsentencedtodeath.

Brasov romania

The nun`s cavern

The legend says that a nun was living in a cavern on Tampa hill. One day, when she was walking through the forest, she found a dragon cub. She took care of it, but when it grew up it ate her. And so the cavern was called “The nun’s cavern” in her memory.

Brasov romania

The lakeunderthehill

We don’t know if dragons really existed, but some say there is a very big lake under Tampa hill and a possible overflow would flood Brasov, and it would also prevent the building of a tunnel underneath the hill.

Another story says that there is an aproximatively 100 meter deep well on Tampa mountain that would lead to a big pool of fresh water. Today the well is blocked ad there are no giants to dig it out so we can find out the truth.

Brasov romania

The banch in thestone

If you walk on the path at the foot of Tampa hill you’ll notice a little rustic stone bench. One of the legends says that two lovers were walking on that path one day, when suddenly a big stone fell down from the top of the hill and killed them both. Later on, a bench was made from that stone in the memory of the two lovers. The falling of the stone is confirmed by documents from 1817, along with the dead girl’s name (Ana Maria).

Brasov romania

Solomon’s Stones

Whenwe get out of Scheii Brasov (a district fromBrasov) in the western side of thetownthereis a verypicturesque place calledSolomon’s Stones andwecanreachthere on a metalledroad of about 2 km. It is a depressionsurroundedbytworockymountainswithpartswhomthemountaineersclimbthemup. Here theycanevenmakesportingclimbing, more linesbeingarranged. The landscapeis spectacular andtheriverwhichpassesthroughthevalleycompletesthescenery of a real touristicattraction. In thevalleybetweenthetwomountainspeopleoftengoto a picnic enjoyingthegorgeouslandscape. One of thewellknownlegendofthesemountainsisthatoftheHungarian King Solomon.

Brasov romania

Solomon` s stones

Onceupon a timetherewasaHungarian King Solomon whowaschasedbyhismotherbecausehehadkilledhisbrotherandwascursedto die as soonashewouldseecommonpeople. A very severe curse…

Brasov romania

Becausehewantedtosavehislife, Solomon runsaway on horsebackandsucceedsto get nearBrasovwithoutbeingseen. Being on a mountain at theoutskirts of Brasovhesees a shepherdwithhissheep.

Brasov romania

Being afraidnottobeseenbythisonebecausehewasto die, suddenlyheturns back. But thehorseisscaredandfallsdown in theabyss. That moment themountain split formingSolomon’s Stones whichweseethemtodayandbeforedying, Solomon laiddownhis crown at theroots of a treeconsideringhimselfunworthytowear it.

Brasov romania

Otherwisewecanseethe crown withroots on thearms of Brasovand Solomon in thememory of theinhabitantsofthetownthroughthestonesremindingushisnameandwisdomevenifthelast moment…

Emblem of our city
Emblem of ourcity

Brasov romania

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