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6 May - 10 May 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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6 May - 10 May 2012

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6 May - 10 May 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AWAG 56th Annual Conference. 6 May - 10 May 2012. Delegates. CAs. Speakers. When you arrive……. * When you arrive at the hotel, please leave your luggage in the car and follow the signs to AWAG Registration . It is here that you will receive information

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AWAG 56th Annual Conference

6 May - 10 May 2012






When you arrive……

* When you arrive at the hotel, please leave your luggage in the car and follow

the signs to AWAG Registration. It is here that you will receive information

about the location of your Area Meeting. You will be sent as a group to register with the hotel. Then you can retrieve your luggage from your vehicle

and check in to your room.

* Please plan your travel time to arrive in time for check-in.

* Eat lunch before arriving at the hotel.

* If you notice that you should have a roommate, and don’t have one, please

notify your Area Representative or the Registration Chair. If the Registration

Chair does not know about it, the hotel will charge you with a daily singlesupplement rate on check out.

* Roommate changes must be reported to your Area Representative or the

Registration Chair.

* The Hotel will ask for a credit card upon check-in to pay for any extras you may incur during your stay. The Conference provides you with breakfast,

lunch and dinner every day except Tuesday.


The Rest of the Process……..

When you arrive at the Conference, you will receive your tickets for the classes you have signed up for. THESE ARE YOUR TICKETS to enter the

classroom, so please do not lose them.

Your classroom tickets will be your entry for the door prize drawings held in each classroom. Be sure your name is clearly legible.

On site class registration will take place on Sunday at 1400. This is for anyone who has not pre-registered by April 27th.

An opportunity to change your schedule will occur at the Conference if space is available in the class of your choice. You may swap classes with a friend at anytime. Please stop by the Information Desk and we will update the roster.


Some of the Classes Offered:

Volunteer Management Part1&11

Career Development

Are you ready to lead?

Nutrition & Exercise

Facebook-Friend or Foe



TNT-A dynamite Thrift Store

Communication & Organization


Microsoft Office…

Basic & Advanced

The Right Volunteer?

Conflict Management

Balancing Family With Volunteering

what to wear
What to Wear
  • This is a professional conference from start to finish.
  • Dress is business casual.
  • Work-out clothes and jeans should only be worn during your off time.
  • Evening events are themed and you may wear themed attire accordingly. No bare shoulders, please.
you may want to bring
You may want to bring….
  • Checkbook or cash for Ways and Means Night and the AWAG Boutique, ALSOfor dinner on Tuesday evening which will be at your expense! There are two ATM’s at the resort which dispense USD and Euros.
  • Outlets are all 2-pronged 220V. If you need a transformer or an adaptor, you’ll need to bring those items with you.
  • Work out clothing, swim attire may be worn during free time. The resort has a Fitness Center and pool, sauna, Hot Tub. Closing hours are 2200. Kid Free zone from 2030-2200.
  • Snacks and drinks should remain in your room and not brought to the conference. There is a BX/PX within walking distance.
  • The hotel supplies a hairdryer, small fridge, alarm clock, coined laundry room and a fan.
  • Prescription medications. Please note, there are NO US Medical Facilities in USAG Garmisch Artillery Kaserne.
  • Camera
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • A willingness to enjoy yourself, make new friends and learn some new things.
conference expectations
Conference Expectations
  • Please remember we are not the only guests in the hotel. Professional behavior is expected during all hours.
  • Be sure to attend every session. Many of you are sponsored by your clubs or private organizations. Your leadership is expecting you to utilize your time.
  • Classes have been pre-registered and assigned. Additional seating may be available on a first-come, first-seated basis. Be sure to have other class options in mind in case your first choice is full.
  • CAs are instructed to not allow anyone into a full classroom. Please do not ask for a special favor. You put them in a tough situation when you do that.
  • If by chance there isn’t a class of interest for you personally during a session, choose a class that your organization could benefit from. Learn as much as you can so you can bring it back with you to share with others.
  • You will have the opportunity to evaluate each speaker and the overall conference. These evaluations are vital to the future success of AWAG.
  • Evaluations are not complaint forms. If you have a complaint, please contact a BOG member. We will listen and do our best to resolve any issues that may arise. If there are any problems that need to be dealt with, please contact a member of the BOG, NOT not the CAs or hotel staff.
more helpful things to know
More helpful things to know…
  • Breakfast will be served every morning from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Market Station (buffet style) Room key required to enter.
  • Lunch and Dinner will be served in the Ballroom. Tuesday Evening will be a free night for all Delegates. Choose a place for dinner downtown or just relax and eat at the hotel, it’s your choice, but it will be at your expense. Please enter the ballroom with those you want to sit with, or be willing to meet someone new!
  • Delegates may not bring family members to this conference with the exception of those who are registered for the conference.
  • There is an AAFES gas station on the Kaserne and an Esso Station in town.
  • You will be charged at checkout on the final day for any “extras” you charged to your room. This includes alcoholic beverages, phone calls from your room, internet service, gift shop purchases... The hotel accepts Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Military Star Card.

Just a few more notes…

  • There will be crowds, especially during meal times. Please be patient and courteous. Everyone will be served and there is always plenty of food at Edelweiss!
  • The CAs are there to help during the conference. They can help you with other questions/information, but they are not the ones to go to with your issues or concerns. They have a specific set of rules and guidelines they must follow.
  • Speakers have prepared wonderful materials for their presentations. They have a limited amount of time to present that information, so please be courteous and don’t interrupt a speaker during the sessions. There will be time for Q & A at the end of the class.
  • Cells phones should be off or on vibrate. Should you receive a call, Please do NOT verbally answer your phone during a session or speaker.
  • Have FUN!

Sunday May 6th

“Home Run Hitters!


Game time starts Sunday evening with an

Opening Ceremony for the

56th Annual AWAG Conference.

Celebrate your Area Team by Coordinating with Red, White, and Blue


Monday May 7th

“Always Time For Chocolate”


Attend lunch wearing your favorite

shades of

Pink and Brown


Monday May 7th


“Year of the Dragon”

Celebrate with us in your favorite Red and Black outfit


Monday May 7th

Corporate Contributor Night

2000 - 2200

This is your opportunity to thank all of the contributors who have helped to make this wonderful event possible.

You’ll be able to visit with the

vendors and sample some of their products.

They will have valuable information to share with you

and you’ll even have the chance to win some prizes!


Tuesday May 8th

“Lunch In Paris”

Come wearing your favorite designer shoes

and ladies bring your handbags!

Free Night…Make your plans for dinner in town, a trip to the Spa or dinner in one of the hotel restaurants.


9:00 PM AWAG has Talent!


Tuesday May 8th

Ways & Means Night


Your local clubs will be bringing

their own special products for your shopping pleasure.

There are surely some treasures just waiting to go home with you!

So bring your checkbook or cash

and take home a little something that another club is proud to offer you at AWAG Ways & Means Night.

Shopping Shopping Shopping


Wednesday May 9th



Dress in your assigned colors to represent your area in Candyland!

Benelux ~ Primary Green

Franken ~ Purple

Hessen ~ Orange

Italy ~ Primary Blue

Oberpfalz ~ Light Blue

Rhein Neckar ~ Yellow

RheinlandPfalz ~ Pink

Schwaben ~ Red

UK ~ Light Green


Wednesday May 9th

“New York New York”

Join us for our

Closing Night Celebration!

Come dressed in red (or black) for a night on the town !

Don’t forget….we have lots of AWESOME Giveaways!

area cheer
Area Cheer
  • We need an Area Cheer!
  • At the Opening Ceremony, before dinner, we will stand as one group and give a quick, cute cheer as an area.
  • If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  • Any suggestions?

Never a Dull Moment


The travel book like no other!

AWAG’s own……….

On Sale……