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Solar E nergy

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Solar E nergy. Amanda E llwanger Andrew Tomlinson Quintin Jones Sakeena Nazir. Types of solar energy. Monocrystalline silicon- As a result of their high silicon content, they’re also more expensive, but you need fewer of them. That’s why they’re ideal for roofs. Types of solar energy.

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Presentation Transcript

Solar Energy

Amanda Ellwanger

Andrew Tomlinson

Quintin Jones

Sakeena Nazir


Types of solar energy

Monocrystalline silicon- As a result of their high silicon content, they’re also more expensive, but you need fewer of them. That’s why they’re ideal for roofs.


Types of solar energy

Polycrystalline silicon- “Poly” panels have lower silicon levels than “mono” panels. In general, that makes them less expensive to produce, but they’re also slightly less efficient. The good news is that their overall construction design can often make up for the efficiency loss, so they’re also good for roofs.


Types of solar energy

BIPV- BIPV’s can look like real roofing tiles (solar shingles are an example). That’s nice, but good looks do cost a lot more. Second, they’re way less efficient than conventional PV, which means you need a sunny spacious roof to make a dent in your electric bill. Finally, they may not last as long as regular panels.


Types of solar energy

Solar hot water (thermal) panels- Instead of paying the gas company to heat your hot water tank, solar thermal panels produce hot water for your home and/or your pool. Some systems can even provide heat and air conditioning too.


What is the current investment in solar power?

• Lots of money have been invested in solar power.

o NY - as of 2012 $46 million.

o U.S. - as of 2013 $1.1 billion.

o $9 million over seven projects at U.S. Universities and National Labs.

• Solar power is a good investment for both the NY and U.S. to make for many reasons. The most important being it is better, cheaper, and safer energy.


How many solar power plants does the United States have?

  • New York currently has no solar power plants
  • The United States has a total of 8 power plants
  • The United States now has over 7,700 MW of installed solar electric capacity (enough to power more than 1.2 million American households)
  • In the United States 11 states installed 50 MW or more in 2012
  • Over 82,000 homes installed solar across the country in 2012

Solar energy contributions to the electric is 0.09 percent


What is the latest scientific advancement on solar power production?

  • Dye Sensitive Solar Cells(DSSC) researchers have found that adding a TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) bi-layer increases efficiency by 22% resulting in a 7.1% efficiency (this is important because DSSC’s are much cheaper than standard solar voltaic panels)
  • Recent PV concepts have been developed that now give a 12% efficiency with organic solar cells at a cost of $.97/W
  • In solar concentration plants fluids have been changed to use lower heat fluids from 500 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Why is solar power better than any other energy source?

  • Not noisy and do not need that much space, opposed to wind turbines
  • Solar energy is more versatile then wind energy
  • Do not require as much maintenance as wind turbines
  • Give off no pollution unlike geothermal energy sources
  • Easier and less expensive to build than ocean wave power structures

Cons of solar energy

  • Initial cost of solar cells (prices of highly efficient solar cells can be above $1000 and some households may need more than one)
  • Only able to generate electricity during daylight hours
  • Solar panels can look ugly
  • Cloudy days can effect the amount of energy you can generate

Sooooooo solar energy is the best alternative energy, this is why…


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