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E NERGY C ONSERVATION - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. ENERGYCONSERVATION “Conservation: It doesn't cost. It saves” By: Samreen Ahlam Hana Piyumi Shania

  2. Types of energy Why to conserve it? What can we do? What is energy? AGENDA New Technology Waste Generation Statistics in GCC Energy Conservation in UAE How it will help?

  3. What is energy? • Energy lights our cities, powers our vehicles, and runs machinery in factories. It warms and cools our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, and gives us pictures on television. • Energy is defined a the ability or capacity to do work.

  4. Types of Energy

  5. Why to conserve it? • We have limited resources available on Earth. • Our demands are continuously increasing day by day. • It is possible that someday most of the non-renewable resources will be exhausted and we have to switch over to alternate energy.

  6. We save our money when we save energy • We reduce pollution when we save energy • We save our energy when we save energy.

  7. What can we do? Recycle aluminum cans – 1 can saves enough energy to run a computer for 3 hours.   Recycle Reuse bags when going to the grocery store or mall – reducing the need for plastic bags. Reduce paper and ink -- print double side and black and white. Reuse Reduce

  8. -At Homes • Kitchen • Do not leave the water running while you are washing dishes and fix dripping faucet as it will save up to 4,000 gallons of water every month. • Don’t stand with fridge door open. Decide earlier what u want. • Keep oven doors closed while cooking because the heat will escape. • Laundry Room • Wash with cooler water as heating the water in machine consumes up to 90% of energy. • Hang out the clothes to dry

  9. Bedroom • Use sunlight during the day instead of switching on the lights. • Consider recyclable and renewable resources. • Don’t leave the windows and doors open the AC Is On. • Switch off your AC and lights before leaving the room. • Bathroom • Do not leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face. • Fix dripping faucet. • Use less time while showering. • Keep the bathroom lights off when you are not going to use it.

  10. New Technology • Energy star fans: Pulls warm air up in the summer which helps to circulate cool air and pushes warm air down in the winter to distribute more evenly. • Fluorescent light bulbs: Saves energy and money on utility bills, reduces air pollution. • Dual flush toilets: Consumes almost 50% of water than the old models. • Laptops: Consumes 90% less energy than desktop computers.

  11. How will it help? • Lets take an example: • Let us assume that a 100 watt bulb is used for a 8 hour day, • If we replace a 100 watt bulb with a 22 watt compact fluorescent lamp: • Power saved : 100 watt – 22 watt = 78 watt • Therefore the utility bill will be less as less energy is consumed

  12. Energy Conservation in UAE Paper Bag Boy of Abu Dhabi: Abdul Muqeet created 100% recycled carry bags using discarded newspapers and set out to distribute these bags in Abu Dhabi, replacing plastic bags that take hundreds of years to degrade biologically. Pearl Rating System in Abu Dhabi: It is the green building rating system that is designed to support sustainable development of communities, buildings and villas.

  13. Waste Generation Statistic in GCC

  14. References • •

  15. Thank You For Your Attention!