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  1. Germany Bundesrepublik Deutschland

  2. Country Background Federal Republic of Germany Founded in 1949 Unification in 1990 Chancellor & President Population: 81, 767,600 GDP: $3.673 trillion 5th Largest Economy in the World 3rd Largest Contributor to UN’s Regular Budget

  3. Chancellor: Angela Merkel

  4. NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military alliance of countries Purpose to protect freedom and safety of members 28 member states “An armed attack against one or more shall be considered an attack against them all” -Article V

  5. NATO & United Nations • Work together in the Balkans & Afghanistan • NATO has helped support AU in Darfur • At UN Sec Gen Request • Escorting food supply ships into Somalia • At World Food Program Request • Strategic partnership agreement • For more cooperation and mutual support between the two

  6. The New Strategic Concept Previous Strategic Concept written in 1999 (19 members) “NATO 2020: Assured Security; Dynamic Engagement ” NATO goals for next 10 years Written by the Group of Experts Must adapt to changing conditions while staying true to the founding ideas of the Alliance

  7. The Future of NATO Amendment of Strategic Goals Reaffirm Core Commitment Maintain Open Door Policy Partnerships Establish guidelines for Operations Outside Borders Protect against unconventional threats Afghanistan Engagement with Russia Cyber Attacks Tell NATO’s Story

  8. The Future of NATO Germany’s Position Need to meet new challenges Keep fundamental principles Cooperate with partners, especially Russia Limit NATO’s field of activity Work with peaceful forces in Afghanistan Terrorism and Violence is not accepted

  9. Cyber Attacks: Cyber Defense What is it? Securing computers and computer networks from attacks Affect national security & protection of information Co-operative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) Estonia: Denial-of- Service attacks China: attacked computers of Western Defense contractors North Korea: shut down government sites

  10. : Recommendations: Germany’s Position: Cyber Defense In favor of New Strategic concept: member of the NATO Group of Experts who wrote NATO 2020 NATO should protects its and members communications and command systems Department of Information and Computer Network Operations

  11. Article V: “Should cautiously examine the implications of considering Article V with new threats and challenges” • “The Alliance is not the sole answer to every problem; We do not believe NATO has a universal responsibility” • “NATO needs to enhance its capacity to cooperate with other international actors, especially the EU & UN” NEWS & PRESS Minister of State Werner Hoyer at the SWP