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Jackson School Team Members. Jennifer Boudrow – Grade 4 Classroom Teacher Jennifer Dowty – Grade 4 Classroom Teacher, Team Leader Alison Guilmette – Grade 5 Classroom Teacher Colleen Hutton – Grade 1 Classroom Teacher Lorraine Leo – Technology Teacher Susan G. Niden – Principal .

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Jackson school team members

Jackson School Team Members

Jennifer Boudrow – Grade 4 Classroom Teacher

Jennifer Dowty – Grade 4 Classroom Teacher, Team Leader

Alison Guilmette – Grade 5 Classroom Teacher

Colleen Hutton – Grade 1 Classroom Teacher

Lorraine Leo – Technology Teacher

Susan G. Niden – Principal

About jackson school
About Jackson School

  • Private, Catholic elementary (K-6) school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.

  • Located in Newton, MA.

  • Current enrollment of 238 students.

Technology at jackson school
Technology at Jackson School

  • Computer Technology Program

    • Supports school’s curriculum and provides students with experiences using word processing, drawing and painting programs, spreadsheets and databases, and navigating and researching on the Internet.

    • Students have had opportunities to work with teachers, students, scientists, artists, and musicians from several countries and have created Scratch and Voicethread projects across the curriculum to share with others.

  • Technology/Internet Accessibility

    • Every classroom has wired and wireless Internet capabilities.

    • Every classroom has a SMART Board, a digital camera and access to a portable MacBook cart.

    • School library houses a portable iPad cart.

    • Ongoing in-service technical training is provided to faculty and staff.

  • iPad Implementation

    • 1:1 iPad ratio for all fifth and sixth grade students.

    • Upper grades use the Discovery Education Techbook, an interactive digital science textbook.

  • Annual Science Fair

  • In April 2014, funds were raised to support a three-year commitment to the Museum of Science Traveling Programs for grades K-6.

After school technology programs
After School Technology Programs

  • WeDo Lego Robotics

  • Engineering Adventures

  • Junior Science Club

  • Technology Club

  • Destination Imagination

Other stem opportunities
Other STEM Opportunities

Grade 1: Global Climate Change

Students adopt a penguin nest during the breeding season in Ross Island, Antarctica.  They follow the penguins through the breeding season as they observe how global climate change makes an impact on adelie penguins as they adjust to changes in their habitat brought by warming temperatures.  Students skype with research scientist Jean Pennycook in Ross Island to discuss the project and the observations that they have made throughout the season.

Other stem opportunities1
Other STEM Opportunities

Grades 4 & 5: Civil Engineering

Reed Brockman and Michelle Jose, two civil engineers from the STEM Education Network, offered fourth and fifth graders an afternoon of hands-on engineering activities. Students made a model of the Zakim Bridge using PVC pipes, FedEx boxes, rope, and carabineers. They also built towers out of balloons, designed cities of the future, and created catapults to launch ping-pong balls at a target.

Other stem opportunities2
Other STEM Opportunities

Grade 5

On the Roseway Schooner field trip, students participate in hands-on activities where they learn about simple machines, buoyancy, and lift. In the photo below, the students are exploring the concept of mechanical advantage.

Other stem opportunities3
Other STEM Opportunities

Grade 6 

For six weeks, all sixth grade students engage in an interdisciplinary project based on the ocean. They formulate and research  a driving  question of their choice and work with peers to create a presentation that they share  with their school community.


  • Scheduling time for teachers to receive professional development.

  • Scheduling additional planning/prep time for teachers during the school week.

  • Teacher commitment.

  • Budgetary constraints.


  • Create a long-term plan to integrate engineering into Jackson School’s current science programs.

  • Provide teachers with ongoing professional development opportunities.