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Analyzing Music

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Analyzing Music
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  1. Analyzing Music By: Anna Bratcher

  2. Analyzing Music Verb: Examine methodically and in detail the constitution or structure of (something, esp. information), typically for purposes of explanation... Discover or reveal (something) through such examination How can we analyze music? By relating to the lyrics Songs are based on life experiences We like songs that we can identify with We may identify with the singer or the situation The situation has happened to someone we know

  3. Butterfly Kisses There's two things I know for sureShe was sent here from heaven,And she's daddy's little girl.As I drop to my knees by her bed at night,She talks to Jesus, and I close my eyes.And I thank god for all of the joy inMy life, but most of all, forButterfly kisses after bedtime prayer.Sticking' little white flowers all up in her hair."Walk beside the ponyDaddy, it's my first ride.""I know the cake looks funny,Daddy, but I sure tried."Oh, with all that I've done wrong,I must have done something rightTo deserve a hug every morning,And butterfly kisses at night.Sweet sixteen today,She's looking like her mamma A little more every day.One part woman, the other part girl.To perfume and makeup,From ribbons and curls.Trying her wings out in a greatBig world. but I rememberButterfly kisses after bedtime prayer.Sticking' little white flowers all up in her hair."You know how much I love you daddy,But if you don't mind,I'm only going to kiss you on the cheek this time."Oh with all that I've done wrong,I must have done something right.To deserve her love every morning,And butterfly kisses at night.All the precious timeOhhh like the wind, when the years go byPrecious butterflySpread your wings and fly

  4. Analysis of Butterfly Kisses Song: Butterfly Kisses I like this song because it tells how he really cares about his daughter and how she grows up but stills give Butterfly kisses to her dad it really dose get to your hart The phrase Butterfly Kisses after bed time prayer is where he gets butterfly kisses after every bedtime payer. A Butterfly Kiss is a kiss that does not involve the lips. It is when two people put their eyes close to each other and flutter their eyelashes. Think blinking really fast while pressing your face to another person.

  5. similiers Me and my dad are close And were not so close any more but I know were gonna get close again some day I know my dad cares about me that much to

  6. Butterfly kisses This is the song if you want to hear it