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Officer orientation. Tuesday August 26 th , 2014. Agenda. Welcome and Introductions Activation Check-List Officer’s Manual & Expectations Budget Risk Management Schedules CPR & First Aid Certifications Important Forms Travel Updates Keys Coaches Orientation Important Dates

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Officer orientation

Officer orientation

Tuesday August 26th, 2014


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Activation Check-List

  • Officer’s Manual & Expectations

  • Budget

  • Risk Management

  • Schedules

  • CPR & First Aid Certifications

  • Important Forms

  • Travel Updates

  • Keys

  • Coaches Orientation

  • Important Dates

  • Questions & Answers

Welcome and introductions
Welcome and Introductions

  • Scott Schuttenberg

    • Under Armour/East Bay

      • Page 11 in Manual

    • Budget/Allocations


  • Jaclyn Gidley

  • Club Sport Executive Council

  • All Clubs

List of club sports teams
List of Club Sports Teams

  • Baseball

  • Climbing

  • Cycling

  • Dance*

  • Fencing

  • Figure Skating

  • Men’s Golf*

  • Hockey

  • Karate*

  • Men’s Lacrosse

  • Women’s Lacrosse

  • Quidditch

  • Men’s Rugby

  • Women’s Rugby

  • Men’s Soccer

  • Women’s Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Taekwondo

  • Tennis

  • Triathlon*

  • Ultimate

  • Women’s Volleyball

Activation check list
Activation Check-List

  • Attendance at Rec Fest – Aug 22nd @ 8pm-Midnight

  • Attendance at Student Involvement Fair – Aug 24th @ 12pm-3pm

  • Club Sport Officer Orientation – August 26th

  • Completion of CPR/FA/AED class for safety officer – Sept 6th & 7th @ 9am in Upper Group Fitness

  • Complete online UNC Club Chartering package – September 15th

Officer s manual
Officer’s Manual

  • Expectations

    • Hazing will not be tolerated! (Page 3 in Manual)

    • Publicity and Marketing (Page 9 in Manual)

    • Please read through the manual prior to 1-on-1 meeting with Jaclyn, and have questions ready

  • Officer Agreement (last page in manual)

    • Sign tonight!

  • Club Sport Supervisors

    • I will be hiring for this position

Officer expectations
Officer Expectations

  • Responsibility

    • Represent UNC both ON & OFF the field

    • Set the tone and expectations with your team early

      • As a staff we will support decisions that you make that you feel are in the best interest of the University and your club

  • Communication

    • Be sure to have open communication with other officers, teammates, and Jaclyn

    • Respectful, timely, direct, and honest

      • Jaclyn Gidley– 970-351-2936 (Office) & 765-661-9094 (Cell)

      • Appointments – Honor your commitments

      • Blackboard – Your first stop for paperwork and information


  • You are a Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    • Think “Big Picture”

    • Live up to your word

    • Hold your teammates accountable

    • Step in and help fellow officers when necessary

    • Be knowledgeable of the status of other officers

    • Organize and hold your own club meetings

Vice president
Vice President

  • You are a Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    • Responsible for the daily operation of the team

    • Making sure everything is running properly

    • Is all paperwork turned in for every player?

      • Assumption of Risk

      • Non-Hazing

      • Photo Release

      • Etc.


  • You are the Brain of the Operations

  • You want to be knowledgeable on what everyone else in the club is doing

  • Be seen somewhat as the record keeper

  • Double checking that the club is in order and being a resource to any of the other officers where needed

  • Responsible for the approval of all the marketing materials for the team

  • Brochures, flyers, shirts, jerseys, any type of merchandise


  • You are the bank

    • Any and all purchases need to go through you


    • Need to be aware of how much is in your accounts

    • “2” Account is your allocations

    • “8” Account is your self-generated monies

    • Fundraisers

      • Organizing, taking the lead, and brainstorming for ideas to raise money for the club

Student funded 2 account
Student- Funded – “2” Account

  • Account 20185 (General)

    • Withdrawals only – one way account

    • Top portion of your account statement

    • “2” Account money is to be used primarily for the following:

      • League dues

      • Rental costs

      • Player and Tournament registration fees

      • Student hourly staff

      • Umpires/Referees

Self generated fund 8 account
Self Generated Fund – “8” Account

  • Two-way account – Deposits and Withdrawals

    • Deposits – dues, fundraising, donations, tournament fees, sale of merchandise, ticket sales

    • Withdrawals – reimbursements, coaches, equipment, apparel, regular season travel, registration, and fees

Deposits withdrawals
Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Deposits – Page 12 in Manual

    • All cash/checks collected need to be deposited ASAP in the Campus Recreation Office between 8am – 4pm (will not accept after 4pm)

      • Never deposit any Club Funds into your personal account

      • For credit card payments over the phone instruct the payee to call Jaclyn at 970-351-2936

  • Withdrawals

    • Reimbursements must be for approved expenses

    • Need the original receipt (has to be an itemized receipt)

    • For Tournament Registrations a form or letter from host is required

    • Please drop off receipts in an envelope with the following information

      • Payee’s name, address, and Bear ID

      • Reason for purchase/reimbursement

Withdrawals continued
Withdrawals Continued

  • Purchases

    • P-Card – memberships, registrations, equipment, apparel, food, and travel

    • Check Request – building and room rental, Independent Contracts (officials), reimbursements

  • Travel

    • Complete and submit a Travel Resource Form

  • Registration and Fees

    • P-Card and/or Check Request

      • We will need an official form showing what exact the cost is for

Fundraising donations
Fundraising & Donations

  • Clubs must match 100% of their “2” Account allocation

  • All fundraisers must be approved by Jaclyn (

    • Association with the following is off-limits; Alcohol, tobacco or drug related business/industries, UNC Athletics corporate sponsors, and raffles/gambling

    • All car-washes must consist of appropriate attire! (no bathing suits or white shirts)

    • UNC Football games - $100 per game for a team that brings 4-6 people

  • UNC Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3)

  • We (Club Sports) are not a 501c3, so all our donations must go through the foundation for tax purposes. 

  • Let people know that their donation is tax deductible as it will be deposited through the Foundation. 


  • Allocations (Page 12-14 in Manual)

    • Will be announced next week

  • Dues Spreadsheet

    • Fill out tonight

  • Account Statements

    • Reading your statement

      • Budget forecasting is VERY important

        • Anticipate upcoming revenue and purchases

  • Updates will be made on a weekly basis

Half time

  • Go take a 10 minute break and then be ready to play a game!

Community and unc service
Community and UNC Service

  • Giving Back

    • Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Day

    • Additional volunteer opportunities

      • Youth Clinics, Weld County Food Bank, UNC Events, City of Greeley Parks and Rec, Greeley Museums Office, Poudre River Trail, United Way, Boys & Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity, Senior Resource Service, Etc.

      • Visit for more ideas!


  • Practices

    • Everyone has a hardcopy of their practice schedule (if on campus)

    • If you practice off campus, please send me the days/times/locations for our website

  • Season Schedules

    • I have Hockey, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Soccer, and Men’s Soccer

    • Anyone else please bring schedule to 1-on-1 Meeting or email me

Cpr first aid aed certifications
CPR/First Aid/AED Certifications

  • Safety Officers (Page 9-11 in Manual)

    • At least 2 officers/members must be trained and certified

  • CPR/FA/AED Training Dates

    • September 6th and 7th @ 9am. Daniel and I will be teaching

Risk management
Risk Management

  • Injuries and Accidents are going to happen

  • Prepare, react, communicate, and evaluate

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Athletic Trainer at “High Risk” sports home contests

    • Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, & Ice Hockey

Risk management continued
Risk Management Continued

  • Travel

    • Paperwork – Travel Roster & Travel Resource Form

      • Planning…

        • How your team is getting there

        • Where you’ll be staying

        • How you’ll be getting back safely

    • Travel Binder & First Aid Kit

    • Leadership, Common Sense & Communication

Important forms
Important Forms

  • All packets have enough hard copies for 20 members

    • If you need more you can come pick up more

  • Blackboard location

    • Emergency Contact List

    • Assumption of Risk

    • Liability Waiver & Participation Agreement

    • Fundraising Template

    • Photo Release Form

    • Vehicle Owner Acceptance of Responsibility

Travel updates
Travel Updates

  • Travel Roster v Travel Resource Forms

    • Page 14-18 in Manual

    • Travel Roster – everyone must complete!

    • Travel Resource Form – any travel that requires hotels, rental vehicles, or airline tickets

  • 15 Passenger Van Training

    • August 27th and 28th at the Gear Shop from 5-6pm

Officer orientation

  • Teams who should have keys

    • Men’s Rugby

    • Women’s Rugby

    • Men’s Soccer

    • Women’s Soccer

    • Men’s LAX

    • Women’s LAX

    • Ultimate

    • Quidditch

    • Baseball (Jackson)


    • This is shared space

Coaches orientation
Coaches Orientation

  • Current list of Coaches

  • Orientation

    • Would like them to attend the 1-on-1 meeting, if they can’t I’ll meet with them on an individual basis

    • If you don’t have a coach and you need or are looking for one, it is your responsibility to take the lead on this

Important dates
Important Dates

  • Club Sport Council Meetings – (Pg. 8 in Manual)

    • September 3rd, 2014

    • October 8th, 2014

    • November 5th, 2014

    • December 3rd, 2014

  • Must schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with Jaclyn

    • Use sign up sheet

Officer orientation

  • Kayla Fauria - Representative

Recap on tonight s list
Recap on Tonight’s List

  • Everyone needs to

    • Get their picture taken (marketing)

      • Fill out Photo Release form prior

    • Sign the 2014-2015 Officer Agreement

    • Write down your team dues on spreadsheet

    • Schedule 1-on-1 Meeting with Jaclyn

    • Update Coaches Information (if applicable)

    • Vehicle Responsibility Form (if applicable)