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Chapter Officer Orientation

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Chapter Officer Orientation

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  1. Chapter Officer Orientation The International Council on Systems Engineering Interim Update 25 February 2013 (v1.4) Prepared by the Keys to Effective Chapters, part of the Chapters Shared Services Committee of the INCOSE Sectors

  2. Guidance from INCOSE Mission Share, promote and advance the best of systems engineering from across the globe for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

  3. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Keys to Effective Chapters Program • Resources and Products • Events

  4. INCOSE Goals to Advance the Profession • To provide a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge • To promote international collaboration in systems engineering practice, education, and research • To assure the establishment of competitive, scalable professional standards in the practice of systems • To improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of systems engineering • To encourage governmental and industrial support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice

  5. INCOSE Structure Provides Support for Key Areas of Operation Incorporated as nonprofit technical society in January 1992 Started in August 1990 by 35 senior technical managers Board of Directors Executive Committee Corporate Advisory Board Sector Directors Administrative Office (Executive Management) Technical Operations, including over 40 technical Working Groups Committees

  6. Executive Committee & Board of Directors Provide Overall Direction • President • President-Elect • Secretary • Treasurer • Technical Director • Director for Communications • Director for International Growth • Director for Commercial Outreach • Director for Strategy • Director for Academic Matters • Director for IT • Corporate Advisory Board Chair (Elected by CAB Organizations) • Sector Directors (Elected by Chapter Presidents) Elected Appointed Director Elected At-Large Directors Picture directory:

  7. INCOSE Organizational Structure Board of Directors • Corporate Advisory Board / Academic Council • Industry • Government • Academia • Sector Directors • Individuals • Chapters • Awards Committee • Keys to Effective Chapters Committee • INCOSE ISEF Award Committee – This is Academics Now • Technical Operations • Technical Products / Data • Working Groups • Certification Program Office • ASEP • CSEP • ESEP • - Acq (US DoD extension)

  8. Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) Provides “The Voice of the Corporate Customer” for INCOSE Acts as a conduit between INCOSE and sponsoring corporations for information exchange, key corporate systems engineering-related issues, and access to corporate executive management Provides guidance on overall INCOSE direction, focus, and priorities Provides an priority needs list and assessment of how well INCOSE is meeting those needs based on status inputs from the BoD and the Technical Board Provides advice and direction for Technical Working Groups Provides additional resources for INCOSE

  9. Sector Directors are the “Voice of the Chapter and Members” Within INCOSE • Elected representatives from each Sector I, II, III • Represents the chapters and their members • Resource, support for local chapters • Sector Directors’ focus: • Promote INCOSE goals to external organizations • within their Sector • Conduit between the BoD, Chapters & • Working Groups • Oversee Chapter Shared Services Committee • Oversee activities that support all members

  10. Technical Operations Develops Key SE Technical Products • Helps achieve the INCOSE mission by providing information that anticipates and responds to the technical needs of all INCOSE stakeholders via: • Technical events: symposia, workshops, other • Technical products: SE Handbook, Working Group products • Technical interactions among stakeholders • Working Group meetings • CAB Needs responses • Standards bodies participation • Initiatives for SE Vision 2020 • Technical information repositories

  11. Technical Operations Is Broad Based • The heart of Technical Operations is its approximately 40 Working Groups, working on technical projects and products of value to INCOSE stakeholders: • Affordability • Anti-terrorism International • Architecture • Autonomous System & Evaluation • Biomedical • Complex Systems • Cost Engineering • Decision Analysis • Defense Systems • Global Earth Observation System of Systems • Human Systems Integration • Infrastructure • In-Service Systems • Intelligent Enterprises • Knowledge Management • Lean Systems Engineering • Life Cycle Management • MBSE Initiative • Measurement • Motor Sports • Net-centric Operations • Object-Oriented SE Method • Power & Energy Systems • Process Improvement • Reliability Engineering • Requirements • Resilient Systems • Risk Management • SE Effectiveness • Space Systems • Standards Initiative • Systems Safety Integration • Systems Security Engineering • Systems Science • Tools Database • Tools Integration& Operability • Training • Transportation • Verification & Validation • Very Small and Micro Entities For the latest list from website, follow Home>Advancing the Practice>Technical Operations

  12. INCOSE Administrative OfficeProvides Support • Universal Management Services, LLC 7670 Opportunity Road, Suite 220 San Diego, CA 92111 858-541-1725 • Provides executive management services • Serves as single point-of-contact for inquiries • Manages membership database • Publication and Product sales • Certification administration “Got a question? Contact the INCOSE Office”

  13. Quick Reference

  14. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Keys to Effective Chapters Program • Resources and Products • Events

  15. Benefits of Membership • Network with 9000+ multi-national systems engineering professionals, individually, in a local chapter and in Working Groups • Personal growth in SE skills and expertise • Involvement in advancing System Engineering, technically and in wider application,for the benefit of humanity and the planet

  16. Benefits of Membership (2) • Quality presentations on SE topics of interest in chapter meetings, regional meetings, international workshops and symposia, webinars • Receive INSIGHT, quarterly publication published digitally • Receive Systems Engineering, the Journal of INCOSE, online access • Exclusive access to INCOSE Connect, the collaborative space for INCOSE • Contribute to product creation through INCOSE working groups • Collaborate with experts and practitioners • Download INCOSE products and resources free from web • Lowest prices on INCOSE publications, e.g. SE Handbook and JET

  17. But why did YOU join INCOSE?

  18. Are Chapters relevant in an online world? ... Perhaps “nothing could be more necessary” (The Last Samurai)

  19. Chapters are about who you know, and who you can get to know INCOSE is about who you know and who you can get to know

  20. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Keys to Effective Chapters Program • Resources and Products • Events

  21. Mission of Chapters • Local chapters play an essential role in the achievement of INCOSE’s goals and objectives: • Organize professional and social programs that facilitate continuous professional development and networking • Conduct membership recruitment and retention initiatives • Support technical activities to advance the state and art of systems engineering practice, education and research • Market INCOSE as the international authoritative body on systems engineering. • Increase the visibility of INCOSE and the systems engineering profession.

  22. Why Chapters? • Facilitate professional networking and information exchange • Source of local activities • Meetings (many are monthly) • Tutorials, workshops, mini-conferences and vendor fairs • Contributions to working groups and projects • Disseminate announcements and news • Develop local initiatives such as • Tutorials and handbooks • SE certificate programs • Activities with other professional organizations

  23. Chapters Have Responsibilities • Operate in accordance with INCOSE bylaws CHP-100 • • Financial reporting – a legal requirement • Create programs for “local” membership • Hold chapter elections annually, update officer information on Connect • • and inform the central office and webmaster • Hold regular meetings of the Chapter officers/directors (at least quarterly) and document results with minutes • Create/maintain bylaws and other governance documents – send revised bylaws to

  24. Chapters Have Responsibilities (2) • Maintain archives of activities and financial status • Create communications internal to the chapter • Participate in communications with other chapters • Communicate with the Sector Directors and Assistant Directors (geographical) regularly and at IW and IS • Maintain awareness of INCOSE strategic directions, policies and procedures, technical products

  25. Annualreporting supports tax filing All chapters must report by 28 February Non-USA also report onfiscalyear basis Forms maintainedonchaptersresourcepage Alsosubmit bank account statements Assets ofchapterare not thereason for reporting Simple accounting Open accountusing INCOSE Tax-ID (EIN) afterchartering (INCOSE nameonly, not Chapter name) UsePrudent-Man principle: Don't speculate, ensure income and protect capital What About Financial Responsibilities? Treasurer role has responsibility for these activities Chapters responsible for any ‘local’ tax requirements, e.g. related to Income from events, or non-USA national obligations

  26. Chapters Startups INCOSE Chapters Around the World

  27. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Chapter Continuous Improvement Program • Resources and Products • Events

  28. Chapter Officers/Leadership Team • The following is required by the INCOSE Bylaws as a minimum organization • President • President Elect (for the following year)/ Vice President • Secretary/Treasurer • Some chapters find 2 year terms very helpful • Other roles many chapters find helpful, (sometimes combined) • Separate Treasurer • Programs (chapter meetings, events) • Development or Training (tutorials) • Membership (ambassadors, recruiting, retention) • Communications (newsletter, website) • Ad hoc committees, e.g. for elections and governance updates • Liaison with CAB and other companies • Additional Directors

  29. Planning Responsibilities - President • Lead strategic planning by the Leadership Team in the first quarter, then typically annual review/update • Needs to be a team effort (consider inviting non-board members from the general membership) • Maintain alignment with INCOSE Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Initiatives • Consider a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats assessment (SWOT) as a first step; conduct a gap analysis • Typical components include Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategy, Initiatives, Metrics (consider Circle Awards criteria for metrics) • Once a Strategic Plan is developed, review annually; updates are normally minor • Confer with Sector Director; report quarterly

  30. Planning Responsibilities (2) - President • Lead development of operational plans by the Leadership Team in the first quarter with periodic reviews and updates • Needs to be a team effort • Guided by, aligned with chapter’s Strategic Plan • Include plans to accomplish Objectives/Initiatives from Strategic Plan such as goals for technical papers, attendance at IW and IS, work with other chapters or non-INCOSE entities, etc. (see Circle Awards criteria for ideas) • Include key plans/subplans as part of the effort • Membership Plan (recruiting and retention) • Communications Plan including website and publicity • Ambassador/Promoter Plan (companies, academia, other societies) • Leadership succession planning

  31. Other Typical Responsibilities - President • Provide leadership to the profession, the Board and the membership. • Plan and chair regular Board and chapter meetings. • Manage all aspects of the chapter, whether internal, within INCOSE or external. Represent the chapter to INCOSE, and work with other chapter officers to ensure the interests of the chapter and INCOSE are properly represented. • Use Circle Awards criteria as metrics to evaluate progress • Identify, encourage, and mentor prospective chapter leaders • Conduct elections for the following year and ensure new list of officers is updated in Connect and to INCOSE by January 31. • Mentor elected officers by setting expectations and offering guidance with issues that arise. • Vice President(s), Secretary, and Treasurer report to the President.

  32. President’s Check List January (this year) 1/31 Send out Treasurer's Report 1/31 Set up Chapter Budget 1/31 Set up proposed meeting dates 1/31 Officer Orientation presentation & discussion 1/31 Set up Board Meeting dates 1/31 Meet w/Board & discuss plans 1/31 Ensure Evidence uploaded for Circle Award April 4/15 Complete Strategic Plan 4/15 Complete Operations Plan 4/15 Complete Communications Plan 4/15 Complete Member Retention Plan 4/15 Complete Ambassador Plan 4/15 Ensure Evidence uploaded for Circle Award July 7/31 Develop List of Officer Candidates 7/31 Review Member Recruitment Plan July 7/31 Review Operations Plan 7/31 Review Communications Plan 7/31 Review Ambassador Plan 7/31 Ensure Evidence uploaded for Circle Awards September 9/30 Publish Officer Candidate Bios 9/30 Develop Chapter Survey October 10/31 Hold Elections 10/31 Transmit Member Survey 10/31 Ensure Evidence uploaded for Circle Awards November 11/30 Transmit Election results to INCOSE 11/30 Analyze Member Survey 11/30 Publish Member Survey results/analysis December 12/15 Recognize Board and Chapter Members 12/15 Ensure Evidence uploaded for Circle Awards January (next year) 1/5 Ensure All Evidence uploaded for Circle Awards 1/5 Certify and Send in Circle Awards Spreadsheet

  33. Past President Suggested Tasks • Chair a chapter awards committee for Board/Member recognition • Assist President in leadership succession planning • NOT recommended to oversee the chapter’s Circle Awards – this should be done by the President Elect in preparation for role as President • Volunteer to be considered as a reviewer for the Circle Awards Committee • Volunteer to assist with the Keys to Effective Chapters Committee

  34. Typical Responsibilities – President-Elect • Stand in when the President is not present • Oversee the Chapter Circle Award on-going evaluation, data collection and submittal • Upload Circle Award evidence throughout the year to the Circle Award website (e.g. plans, newsletters, Board meeting minutes, activity announcements, etc.) • Use to evaluate chapter’s progress in serving members, supporting INCOSE goals and promoting System Engineering • In smaller chapters may take on other responsibilities such as programs or membership. • Identify, encourage, and mentor prospective chapter leaders • Help mentor members of the leadership team by setting expectations and offering guidance with issues that arise

  35. Typical Responsibilities – Vice President • There may be one or more Vice Presidents, depending on chapter size and plans • Assigned responsibilities may be for one or more areas • Chapter Development – speakers for chapter meetings, tutorials • Membership – recruiting, retention/renewal • Ambassador/Promoters, CAB • Communications (where not assigned to Secretary) – event promotions, newsletters, website • Identify, encourage, and mentor prospective chapter leaders

  36. Typical Responsibilities – Secretary/Treasurer • May be separate offices for larger chapters • Record minutes of chapter and Leadership Team/ Board meetings • Oversee the communications such as website and newsletters • Help mentor members to develop in the chapter and encourage participation on the Leadership Team • Ensure chapter is responsible in all fiscal matters • Prepare an annual budget • Administer chapter income and payments with appropriate approval • Report income and expenses regularly at Board meetings • Ensure the chapter annual financial report is submitted to INCOSE main office by January 31

  37. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Keys to Effective Chapters Program • Resources and Products • Events

  38. Goal - Efficient and Effective Chapters • A new Keys to Effective Chapters program (resources on a wiki website is available to assist chapters in the following ways: (Or Google “INCOSE Chapter Wiki” – first result) • Orientation for New Officers for a smoother start • Overview summarizes objectives and approaches to help chapters and officers • Provides suggestions for planning and execution to help you achieve better results • Procedures for Awards and Recognition document • Provides Good/Best Practices with templates and examples • Provides recommendations to the Chapter Circle Awards process to encourage planning and reduce ambiguity • Veteran officers available for chapter officers to ask questions or share ideas via

  39. Chapter Keys Wiki

  40. Goal - Efficient and Effective Chapters • An effective chapter actively involves its membership, and plans for the current year with sustainability into future years, e.g.: • Strategic planning • President-Elect • Leadership succession planning • Experience indicates that a lack of effective planning and communications puts a chapter on a downward spiral • Chapter activities are an opportunity to find potential new chapter leaders to ensure continuous leadership succession. Look for: • Active contributions with consistent, dependable involvement • Intersections of individual interests and chapter needs

  41. Goal - Efficient and Effective Chapters • Sector Directors and their assistants are first line of support • Additional personal assistance/mentoring available from experienced chapter officers • Circle awards provide a means for INCOSE to recognize a chapter’s accomplishments in achieving INCOSE’s objectives and ideals • Circle Awards criteria provide proactive metrics for a chapter to track their progress in serving members and promoting systems engineering • Submittal preparation should not be a last minute effort to find activities that satisfy award criteria

  42. Outline • What is INCOSE • Membership • Chapters • Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities • Keys to Effective Chapters Program • Resources and Products • Events

  43. Chapter Resource Links Available on Connect & INCOSE Home Page(Connect Major Update in 2013) • A wealth of information is available to assist chapters. • Keys to Effective Chapters Wikihttp://keys-to-effective-ch.wikispaces.comChapter Leader Orientation, best practices, and more. • Access to Veteran Officers - Ask questions and share information with officers all over the world - • Use your INCOSE Connect account to access the links below. • INCOSE home page/Chapters/Chapter Resources (drop down) includes the following resources: • Asynchronous Presentations - A selection of presentations available to chapters with slides and audio (under INCOSE home page/Chapters/Chapter Resources drop down) • Promotional Items for Chapter Membership Recruitment - Attractive brochures and small INCOSE items to give away to prospective members.

  44. Publications & Products Promote Systems Engineering with Members and Companies • INSIGHT, quarterly publication • Systems Engineering – The Journal of INCOSE • Journal of Enterprise Transformation • Annual Proceedings – i-Pub (from the symposia, regional events) • Products from Working Groups • Free to the public on the Web ( • Tools Database (under review) • Technical resource center • From the Members Area (log-on and password assigned automatically upon joining or use Member Resources Link: • REGAL: Requirements Engineering Guide for All • Systems Engineering Handbook • Many others available at this link or on the Working Groups’ sites • Some are also available for purchase in print form through INCOSE

  45. INSIGHT, the Newsletter of INCOSE • Published four times per year • 60+ pages • Special theme in each issue. 2013 themes include: • Cerification • The Buck stops Here: Systems Engineering's Responsibility for System Security • 2013 International Symposium Coverage: Philadelphia, PA (US) • AFIS Doctoral Symposium: Systems Engineering Research Challenges in French Universities

  46. Systems Engineering • Dr. Olivier de Weck (MIT), Editor-in-Chief • Refereed journal • Published quarterly by John Wiley & Sons • Access the Journal on line • Current and past issues • Full text in PDF • Registration Key obtained by following instructions in the Members Area of the web • Instructions for authors found in INSIGHT and the INCOSE website

  47. Journal of Enterprise Transformation • Published in collaboration with IIE • Ricardo Valerdi is INCOSE co-editor • Published by Taylor & Francis • First issue March 2011 – quarterly thereafter • Deeply discounted subscriptions available to members – gives both online access and hard copy journal

  48. • World Wide Web resources include: • News of interest (INCOSE and SE) • Calendar of upcoming events • SE Primer • Links to Working Groups’ information • SE Certification information • SE Tools database • Technical Resource Center documents • INCOSE organization descriptions and leadership directory • Technical Operations overview • Long range plans, policies and by-laws

  49. https:/ – Changing in 2013 • Members Area (member name and password protected) • Technical Products are in the Product Area on Connect ( Some examples: • SE Measurement Primer • Tech Measurement Guide • Systems Engineering Handbook • Systems Engineering Technical Vision • SE Capability Assessment Model • Webinars • Latest issue of INSIGHT • Access to the Journals • i-Pub publications database • SE Wiki • Member directory • Chapter membership records (access limited to chapter officers)

  50. Updating Chapter Officers and Member Records Updating Chapter Officers: Go to then click the link after: “To update your chapter leadership in the database click here.” You must be listed as the President or a chapter leader to have the authority to access this page. If you can’t access the link above, then contact your Sector Director or INCOSE HQ at Updating a Member Record: • Go to • On the left side of screen under “Member Resources” • Click the link titled “View / Update Member Record” • Enter the updated information and remember to save If you’re not logged in, you might be prompted to enter your username and password