entag enhanced social tagging for discovery n.
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EnTaG Enhanced (social) Tagging for Discovery PowerPoint Presentation
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EnTaG Enhanced (social) Tagging for Discovery

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EnTaG Enhanced (social) Tagging for Discovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EnTaG Enhanced (social) Tagging for Discovery
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  1. EnTaGEnhanced (social) Taggingfor Discovery Doug Tudhope Hypermedia Research Unit, University of Glamorgan http://hypermedia.research.glam.ac.uk Exeter University, Politics Department, March 14, 2008

  2. Background • Controlled vocabularies improve information retrieval and discovery • But, costly to index considering the amount of digital documents • Social tagging holds the promise of reducing indexing costs • But, tags entirely uncontrolled • Many tag only to organise own documents • May identify new trends and hot concepts • Social tagging part of Web 2.0 trend to user added value/content eg see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nk0EOE • We investigate the combination of controlled and folksonomy approaches to support resource discovery in digital collections

  3. EnTag Purpose • Investigate whether use of suggestions from an established controlled vocabulary can help move social tagging beyond personal bookmarking to aid resource discovery and retrieval • Collaborative research project funded by JISC - UKOLN/Bath, Glamorgan, Intute, and other partners http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/projects/enhanced-tagging/ • Glamorgan role Develop and evaluate a Demonstrator combining DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) and social tagging • Compare ‘pure social tagging’ system with ‘advanced version’ that offers suggestions drawing on DDC • Operating on an extract of the JISC (government funded) Intute Politics digital collection http://www.intute.ac.uk

  4. Invitation to participate in studyEarn £50 while having fun with social tagging! • Each participant in the study will be asked to add tags (keywords) to records of political websites and documents from Intute, related to your areas of study. In order to be able to participate, you will first need to complete a short, five-minute questionnaire. Participants involved in the study will receive £50 book token for their time. • The study will be conducted online, from any place with access to Internet. The predicted timescale for the study is 2-3 weeks in May/June. Once you register, you will be sent all instructions via email. • Your participation would be much appreciated. If interested, or for further information, please email Kora Golub (EnTag Project manager), k.golub@ukoln.ac.uk

  5. Intute demonstrator (prelim version) : searching

  6. Intute demonstrator (prelim version): basic tagging

  7. Intute demonstrator: (prelim version) enhanced tagging