the lighthouse at pharos n.
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The lighthouse at Pharos PowerPoint Presentation
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The lighthouse at Pharos

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The lighthouse at Pharos - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The lighthouse at Pharos.

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The lighthouse at Pharos

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    1. The lighthouse at Pharos The lighthouse at Pharos is an ancient lighthouse which was built around 280-279 BC based on the plans of the architect Sostratusand at the behest of Ptolemy I , completed during the reign of his son Ptolemy II. It is possible that the originator of the construction of the lighthouse was the same Alexander of Macedon . Due to itssize and shape it was thought to be one of the wonders of the ancientworld .

    2. Where?: The lighthouse was located on the coastal island of Pharos in the Mediterranean which isconnectedwiththe mainland by a mole called Heptastadion, a part of the entrance to the port of Alexandria in Egypt.

    3. Thetower was estimated to be 115~120 m high. Thebottontier was squareinshape, middletier was octagonal, and finaltier was circular. Thedome resting on eight columns was on the top. There was a 7-meter statue of Poseidon standing on thedome. It was thehighest and thebiggeststructureduringthatdays.

    4. After dusk thelanterns were lit. Brushwood was delivered to the top of the tower on the backs of donkeys. Metal mirrors reflected light whichwas visible from several kilometers and helpedsailorsnavigatewell toAlexandria.