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Lighthouse. By:Jackie Becker. Menu. Inventors Structure Lighthouses in General Lighthouse Facts Bibliography Back. Inventors.

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By:Jackie Becker

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  • Greeks created a causeway the lead to the island and separated the port into two. Ptolemy commenced this magnificent building around 297 BCE, to protect ships from the precarious nature of the harbor.

  • Then, in 1822, the first modern lighthouse was invented by a Frenchman named Augustin Fresnel, who found a way to increase the light by using prisms.

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  • The bottom of Pharos rose to a height of sixty meters, while the octagon and the top circular portion of the lighthouse were thirty and fifteen meters respectively. These dimensions make Pharos a monument of grandiose proportions--it is said that the light from the top could be seen for 34 1/2 to an amazing 300 miles away. The fire would have been placed at the bottom of Pharos. Mirrors, made of very polished bronze, lined the entire inside projected the fire onto a mirror at the top. During the day, the sun's rays were used to project the light; this was convenient since Pharos was mainly used during the day, as many ships did not sail at night.

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Lighthouses in General

  • Lighthouses are used to warn ships that there are rocks near.

  • A fire was built in the upper part of the lighthouses for ships to see the rocks,but it was very faint.

  • Later, the lighthouse keepers learned that if they put reflectors behind the lamps it would be lighter.

  • The prisms of the light beam made the light visible for many miles.

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Lighthouse facts

  • First lighthouse - Boston, MA

  • Oldest lighthouse in service - Sandy Hook, NJ

  • Newest shoreside lighthouse - Charleston, SC

  • Only lighthouse equipped with an elevator - Charleston, SC

  • Tallest lighthouse - Cape Hatteras, NC

  • Highest lighthouse (above sea level) - Cape Mendocino, CA

Bibliography l.jpg

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