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Putting strengths to work PowerPoint Presentation
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Putting strengths to work

Putting strengths to work

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Putting strengths to work

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  1. Putting strengths to work

  2. How to manage an Achiever • When you have extra work, call this person. This person loves to stay busy • Help him measure what he has completed • He enjoys keeping track of his cumulative production • Working hard together is often a bonding experience for him • Likes attention for working long hours

  3. How To Manage a Person Strong in Activator • Select an area that fits and give her the responsibility for initiating and organizing the project • Your expectations will energize them • Listen when this person complains, you may learn something • Assign a complex project, they will stir things into action

  4. How To Manage a Person strong in Adaptability • Position so success depends on his ability to accommodate the unforeseen and then run with it • Don’t expect him to do the planning with you. They will find this very boring • They will adjust to new circumstances and try to make progress • Most productive on short-term assignments • May be strong in a mentor role

  5. How To Manage a Person Strong in Analytical • Take time to think through issues with this person • Take time to explain a decision and always remember to lay out the logic of the decision very clearly • Recognize and praise reasoning ability They are very proud of the their disciplined • Instinctively give more credibility to information that displays numbers • Never try to pass shoddy data as credible evidence

  6. How to Manage a Person Strong in Arranger • These people thrive on responsibility so give as much as you are able • They have the talent to be a manager as they are able to figure out how people with very different strengths are and how they can work together • Excited by complex multifaceted assignments

  7. How to Manage a Person strong in Belief • Discover this persons passion about something an tie it to the work to be done • This person has made rock solid commitments and you will need to honor these commitments and they will repect you for that • Find ways to enhance the natural orientation

  8. How to manage a Person Strong in Command • Ask this person to take charge • Give them room to lead • Never threaten them unless you are 100% ready to follow through • Rather than pushing this person to be polite help the colleagues that the assertiveness is what makes this person effective (as long as it does not turn to aggression)

  9. How To Manage a Person • Tell this person directly that you care about them • This is a relationship that will take time to grow so do no place this person in a role that uproots them frequently • Let this person know the specific goals and they will bond with them • This person will always work harder for people they know

  10. How To Manage a Person Strong in Responsibility • Avoid putting this person with lackadaisical teammates • This person will resist you if you rush their work and the quality of the work will suffer • Put this person in positions requiring unimpeachable ethics. They will not let you down • Protect them from taking on too much