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Healthy Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website

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Healthy Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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you should <b><a href=\"\">optimize WordPress Website</a></b> and your server to make it run as efficiently as possible efficiently it runs and how much load can it take.There is a group of <b><a href=\"\">Dedicated Wordpress Developers in Sydney</a></b> who looks at the optimization of WordPress.

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healthy tips to optimize your word press website

Healthy Tips to Optimize Your 

Word​Press ​Website 


Whether it is a small blog on a low cost shared host or a high traffic WordPress

installation, you should optimize WordPress and your server to make it run as

efficiently as possible. WordPress optimization is important, as the performance

of your website is checked by how efficiently it runs and how much load can it

take, this influences in the success of your website. If your website is slow, visitors

would not like to back again on your site. This is the main reason, that WordPress

takes a proper care in its optimization. There is a group of ​Dedicated Wordpress

Developers in Sydney​​, who looks at the optimization of WordPress features and

its website.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to optimize WordPress and measure its



What Affects Your WordPress Performance

Shared Hosting, Virtual Hosting, and Dedicated Servers

The optimization technique which is available will depend on hosting

setup. The most common type of hosting is Shared Hosting. In this, your

site will be hosted on a server with many others. The web servers are

managed by the hosting companies and very little control over the server is

provided to the website owners. While when we talk about Virtual Hosting,

full control of your server is in your hand. The server can be a piece of

hardware or it can be many virtual servers that might be sharing the same

physical hardware.

Hardware Performance

Hardware capability will have a huge impact on site performance.

The speed of the processor, the number of processors, the amount of

available memory and disk space as well as the disk storage medium. The

higher price is offered for high performance by the host providers. The

innovation in hosting is SSDs, that is faster than traditional magnetic media.

Server Load

The traffic on your server and the configuration done to handle the load

has a huge impact. For example, if use cache solution is not done, the

performance will slow down and additional pages requests will come in and

stack up, this can lead to crashing database or ​web servers​​. The proper

configuration makes most hosting solutions handle high traffic.

How to measure performance?

To measure WordPress site’s performance and to get specific

feedback on how to make improvements, Google PageSpeed is the

excellent tool. For measuring server’s performance in PHP or MySQL, New

Relic provides free libraries. Linux Top provides a dashboard for server’s

real-time performance testing.


How to improve WordPress performance by optimization?

Minimizing Plugins

The easiest way to improve WordPress performance is to deactivate

or delete unnecessary plugins. The next step is to look at plugins

optimization. Check whether the plugins are coded efficiently and an

unnecessary repeat of database queries is not done. Writing functions like

get_option() and update_option(), will be faster than writing SQL.

Theme optimization

The first thing to do in theme optimization is to make sure that all

image files are optimized. Then you can optimize the files, by combining












These were few steps which can help you in optimizing your

WordPress sites. If you want any more help or any kind of WordPress

services,​Dedicated Wordpress Developers of Sydney are always

available to provide you the best services​​.

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