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Our Problem Statement: PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Problem Statement:

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Our Problem Statement: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bathrooms That Don’t Stink Ken Myers, Al Bassam , Ryan Burke, and Ian Fitzsimmons. What We Intend to Improve:. Water wasted through running yet unused faucets. Our Problem Statement:

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Bathrooms That Don’t Stink

Ken Myers, Al Bassam, Ryan Burke,

and Ian Fitzsimmons

What We Intend to Improve:

Water wasted through running yet unused faucets

Our Problem Statement:

The bathrooms on campus are very inefficient and unsustainable. From our customer needs survey we found certain aspects of the bathroom that we would like to change. The sinks often become disgusting from everyone touching the knobs, which spread germs. The floors are difficult to maintain and do not drain well, causing a higher need for human labor to clean. The toilets are very inefficient. First, there should be urinals in male bathrooms because when flushed, they do not send as much water down the drain. Also, the current toilets send down gallons of water when it is mostly unnecessary. Finally, shower usage accounts for a lot of wasted water. We would like to improve upon these issues with our own solutions to make the dorm bathrooms more sustainable and user friendly.

Overly-long showers, and water wasted by dripping

Water spent by flushing toilets

Material cost and use

Analytical Hierarchy Process:

How We Intend to Improve it:

Low Pressure

Shower Heads

A: Aesthetics

B: Cleanliness

C: Sustainability

D: Ease of Use

Full and Half-Flush

Capable Toilets



(Monthly Values Per Bathroom)

(Monthly Values Per Bathroom)



Concrete Flooring

Ceramic Tile

Automatic Faucets

Cork Flooring

*Assumptions: Cost of Water ~ $1.50, Females take longer showers than males on average, Men will use the no-flush urinal almost every time they pee, Faucets ~ 3 GPM, Traditional Shower ~2.5 GPM, Low Pressure ~ 1.5 GPM