con9127 change happens peoplesoft lifecycle management tools make it manageable n.
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CON9127: Change Happens! PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable PowerPoint Presentation
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CON9127: Change Happens! PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable

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CON9127: Change Happens! PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CON9127: Change Happens! PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable. Mike Krajicek, Sr. Director of Development Oracle PeopleSoft Applications Architecture Tim Durant, Group Development Manager Oracle PeopleSoft Upgrade Architecture.

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CON9127: Change Happens! PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. CON9127: Change Happens!PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management Tools Make It Manageable Mike Krajicek, Sr. Director of Development Oracle PeopleSoft Applications Architecture Tim Durant, Group Development Manager Oracle PeopleSoft Upgrade Architecture

    2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. Safe Harbor Statement

    3. Program Agenda • PeopleSoft Maintenance and the Need for Change • Identifying Maintenance in My Oracle Support • Lifecycle Management PeopleTools • Q & A

    4. PeopleSoft Maintenance and the Need for Change

    5. The Need for Change Getting higher value at the lowest possible cost • Bundles and Maintenance packs are approaching the size and impact of application upgrades. • Making it cost-prohibitive to stay current on maintenance • Customers have been asking for more selective capabilities in order to reduce this cost

    6. The Need for Change Continuous delivery mechanism for high-value capabilities • Historically, customers had to upgrade to a new release in order to get new features, which was too expense to do on regular basis • We introduced Feature Packs in order to provide new functionality sooner, at a lower cost without having to do a full application upgrade • Feedback was that applying Features Packs was still too expensive because of the maintenance dependencies. Must be current to take a Feature Pack

    7. Delivering Change How is “Classic” Application Maintenance Delivered? • “Classic” – The “Rolling” Code line • Multiple Choices for how to Apply Maintenance • Get to the same point from different paths • May need to sequentially apply 2 MPs or 4 Bundles to get current, each with manual-stops steps and separate analysis Feature Pack Maintenance Pack Bundle 1 Bundle 2 Bundle 3 Bundle 4 Individual Postings

    8. Enabling Change PeopleSoft Update Manager Allows for Effective Delivery of Changes Next release is a roll up of previously delivered capabilities with new PeopleSoft Images. Oracle delivers, PeopleSoft Images every ~10 weeks containing maintenance and new capabilities. R2 single code line Incremental customer upgrade. R1 Customer periodically selects maintenance and/or new capabilities via PeopleSoft Images. • Only Selected Changes • Cumulative

    9. PeopleSoft Direction Continuously Delivery High Value Capabilities PeopleSoft 9.2 PeopleSoft 9.3 PeopleSoft 9.4 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 PeopleSoft Images, containing maintenance and new PeopleSoft 9.2 capabilities. PeopleSoft Images, containing maintenance and new PeopleSoft 9.3 capabilities. • Ongoing Delivery of Off-Cycle Capabilities • Regular, Roll-Up Major Releases

    10. Changing How to Manage Change The Drivers of PeopleSoft Update Manager High Cost to Stay Current ! Mitigation of Customer’s Risk Exposure Enormously Large and Varied Install Base Need to Deliver New Capabilities Outside of New Releases

    11. Changing How to Manage Change PeopleSoft Update Manager as a Release Model Enabler Get Innovative New Capabilities without Upgrading Take Only the Changes You Want Based on What You Have Determine When You Adopt Changes Retain Strategic Customizations

    12. PeopleSoft Update Manager Selective Packaging and Continuous Delivery Customer’s PeopleSoft Environments 2 Customer uses PeopleSoft Update Manager to create tailored Change Package Definition • Learn More: • Optimizing Maintenance Strategies with PeopleSoft Update Manager • Thursday, 11:00 AM in Moscone West - 3014 Development 3 Customer uses Change Assistant to apply tailored Change Package Virtual Machine Staging/Test Change Assistant 4 Customer performs customization management process once. Uses IP and MTP to reduce manual steps 1 Customer periodically downloads latest PeopleSoft Image from My Oracle Support Customer Tailored Change Package Production

    13. Identifying Maintenance in My Oracle Support

    14. PeopleSoft Maintenance in MOS Maintenance Schedules in MOS Knowledge

    15. PeopleSoft Maintenance in MOS • My Oracle Support Patches and Updates for PeopleSoft Products (Doc ID 1465172.1) • Primary Search Features • Search by Bug Number • Search by Product Family or Product Patches and Updates – Patch Search

    16. Identify Maintenance in MOS Patches and Updates – Patch Search • Search By Bug Number • Search By Product or Product Family • Full Pre-requisites and Post-requisite Dependency Tree • Displayed in the order they need to be applied • Include requisite patches required to install the selected patch in the Download • Support for Download Managers and WGET scripts • Integrated Related Knowledge and Communities

    17. Identify Maintenance in MOS PeopleSoft Update Manager Home Page

    18. Identify Maintenance in MOS PeopleSoft Image and Patch Search in MOS • PeopleSoft Image Downloaded from My Oracle Support • You search for the PeopleSoft Image patch set in MOS • You search within the image using PUM for the fixes and features content • Image content is cumulative across images over time • Documentation included with the VirtualBox download contains information about the contents of the image • Images are Cumulative • Information about what is fixed, including bug IDs and descriptions • Distinguishes between bug fixes, new features, and regulatory items • The next image replaces the previous image and any Individual Postings

    19. Identify Maintenance in MOS PeopleSoft Virtualization Products

    20. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools

    21. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools

    22. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Analysis Tools • Data in Tables • Targeted Reporting and Analysis of Data • (old) Compare Reports and CIA • (new) PTF Reporting an PUM

    23. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools

    24. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Upgrade Data Conversion Framework • AE Analyzer: Describes the upgrade for your Upgrade Path • Builds a Dependency Model based on which tables are affected by which AE steps • Run multiple instance of PTIADATACONV in parallel to reduce production downtime • Reporting

    25. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) • Introduced in PeopleTools 8.51 • More than just a “Record and Playback” tool • Part of PeopleTools Lifecycle Management • Tests and Test Cases are PeopleTools Managed Objects • Comparable and Copyable • Live with the rest of your PeopleTools objects • Integrated with PeopleTools

    26. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools PeopleSoft Test Framework Impact Analysis PSFT Application • Test Coverage Report • Correlates • PeopleTools Project data • PTF Test metadata • Usage Monitor data Usage X XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXX X Change Test Cases

    27. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools PeopleSoft Test Framework New in 853 • Parameter Validation • Context Sensitive Help within Test Edit Grid • Test and Test Case Rename • Reporting Enhancements • Logging Enhancements (Inlcuding export to XML) • Bulk Test Case Loading/Bulk Test Case Edit

    28. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools • 3-way Merge • Merge • PeopleCode (852) • SQL (853) • XSLT (853) • Rules Based • Save Work in Progress • Merge in Batch

    29. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Change Assistant

    30. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools • Guided User Interface • Apply Updates and Update Manager Modes Change Assistant

    31. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools • Filter Queries increase job filtering options • Reduce Manual Stops Change Assistant

    32. Data Migration Workbench

    33. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Data Migration Workbench • Introduced in PeopleTools 8.53 • A.K.A. Application Data Sets • Uses Application Data Sets to manage the migration of configuration data across PeopleSoft environments • Used to compare and copy data sets similar to the way managed objects have been copied and compared for many years.

    34. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Data Migration Workbench • Insert data sets instances (data content) into projects. • Use DMW or Change Assistant to copy and compare projects containing data sets. • Integrates with the Enterprise Components Approval Framework (AWE) to provide administrative control of the copy process. • Provide enhanced security to assure that the data set definitions are suitable for copying data, that the user has access to data, and that user has the right to copy and compare the data. • Provide an alternative to Data Mover that offers greater visibility and control for data migration.

    35. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools What is and Application Data Set? • A hierarchy records that is managed together as a single object • Metadata that defines the shape of the object • Use Projects as the means for migrating data across PeopleSoft environments

    36. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Application Data Sets

    37. Lifecycle Management PeopleTools Data Migration Workbench

    38. How do I learn more?

    39. Learn More Over 45 PeopleSoft Video Feature Overviews on YouTube General • PeopleSoft Update Manager Patching Process • PeopleSoft Continuous Delivery • PeopleSoft 9.2 Information Portal HCM and ELM • Global Search for HCM • HCM 9.2 Pivot Grids • Paycheck Modeling • Life Events • Recruiting: Candidate Gateway • Recruiting: Talent Acquisition Manager • ePerformance 9.2 • Enterprise Learning Management • Setup Overview for Mobile Company Directory • Total Rewards • Org Chart Viewer • Talent Summary • Manager Dashboard ERP • Supply and Demand WorkCenter • Mobile eProcurement • Supplier Hierarchy • Global Search for FMS/SCM • Mobile Inventory Manager • eProcurement 9.2 • Expenses 9.2 • Mobile Expenses • Accounts Payable WorkCenter • Cash Position and Forecast • Tools and Technology • Global Search, Related Actions, Component Search • Using the Integration Network • Actionable Operational Analytics • WorkCenters • Pivot Grids • Mobile Approvals • Interaction Hub • iPad Certification • Forms and Approvals Builder

    40. Learn MorePeopleSoft Information Development Resources The NEW PeopleSoft Information Portal Hosted & Mobile PeopleBooks Video Feature Overviews Cumulative Feature Overview & Upgrade Resource Report Tools Business Process Maps & Entity Relationship Diagrams Transfer of Information (TOIs) Click imagesfor more information

    41. Q & A

    42. Graphic Section Divider

    43. PeopleSoft Update Manager What is it? • A PeopleTools Lifecycle Management solution for applying application maintenance and features • Introduced with Applications 9.2 on PeopleTools 8.53 • Delivered Change Packages are replaced by a full PeopleSoft Image • A current Applications database and file system • Customer creates custom Change Packages • Reduced effort and cost to select individual fixes, produce bundle equivalent, or get current • Individual Fixes with minimal scope requisites • Easier to get current when you fall behind

    44. PeopleSoft Update Manager What is it? • Robust search and analysis capabilities to assist in fix and feature selection • Object level metadata about each fix and feature. Used for dependency calculation, searching, impact analysis, and packaging • Compare report details for each fix and feature • Produces the change project and template in order to assemble a customer defined Change Package • Integrated with Change Assistant and Environment Management Framework.

    45. The Need for Change Cost of staying current on Application Maintenance Bundles and Maintenance Packs have the same impact as full upgrades… • … making it very difficult to take only the change you want.

    46. The Need for Change New Maintenance Packaging and Delivery Benefits • Select what and when to apply, based on the customer’s specific needs, at a lower cost.

    47. The Need for Change New Upgrade Cycle and Release Model Benefits • Continuously adopt new capabilities based on the customer’s specific needs at a lower cost.

    48. PeopleSoft Maintenance Process Why Apply Application Maintenance? • Installing needed updates to maintain tax and regulatory compliance • Fixing critical functional issues • Obtaining performance improvements • Minimizing the difficulty in applying a future fix (or future upgrade) • Avoiding known issues • It’s less expensive than performing an application upgrade • Get new high value capabilities

    49. PeopleSoft Maintenance Process What Is Application Maintenance? • It’s more than just fixing Bugs • Fixes, Bugs, Individual Postings • Features • Tax Updates and Regulatory Updates • Performance Improvements • Multilingual Updates

    50. PeopleSoft Maintenance Process The Need for a Maintenance Strategy • Applying PeopleSoft Maintenance should be Predictable, Repeatable, and Cost Effective • Missing scheduled maintenance increases complexity and cost • Established maintenance cycles allows customers to anticipate maintenance, and establish a set timeline and process for their evaluation, testing and deployment. • You should document your product support process and timelines and get in the habit of following this process when PeopleSoft delivers a new maintenance. • Evaluate maintenance impact before customizing