service lifecycle management
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Service Lifecycle Management

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Service Lifecycle Management. Process for SWIM-Compliance. SOA Brown Bag #14 . SWIM Governance Team. May 9, 2012. Agenda. Governance Overview Process Documentation Update Notional Case Study. What is Governance?.

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service lifecycle management

Service Lifecycle Management

Process for


SOA Brown Bag #14

SWIM Governance Team

May 9, 2012

  • Governance Overview
  • Process Documentation Update
  • Notional Case Study
what is governance
What is Governance?

The set of processes that specifies the decision making and accountability that encourage desirable behaviors in the organization (Gartner, 2007)

Ensuring and validating that assets and artifacts within the architecture are acting as expected and maintaining a certain level of quality (Gartner, 2007)

  • It needs to be just enough to ensure success, but not
  • so much as to become inflexible and monolithic
how does one govern
How does one Govern?

Establishing chains of responsibility, authority, and communication to empower people (decision rights)1

Establishing measurement, policy and control mechanisms to enable people to carry out their roles and responsibilities1

1 Rational Unified Process, version 7.0.1 SOA Governance and Management Overview

An Enterprise Perspective

swim governance
SWIM Governance
  • HOW must they do it
  • Technical Standards coordinated with NAS Enterprise Architecture
    • TV-1 Profile
    • TV-2 Forecast
  • FAA Standards
    • FAA-STD-063 XML Namespaces
    • FAA-STD-064 Web Service Registration
    • FAA-STD-065 Web Service Description Documents (WSDDs)
    • FAA-STD-066 Web Service Taxonomies
    • FAA-STD-070 Web Service Requirements Documents (WSRDs) Draft
  • SWIM Version Management Processes v1.0
  • NSRR User Guides

WHO is responsible

  • Governance Authority
    • Initial Candidate Program Approval by Technical Review Board (TRB)
    • SWIM manages remainder of lifecycle for approved Services
  • Service Provider procedures documented
  • Service Consumer procedures documented

WHAT must they do

  • SWIM Governance Policies v2.0
  • SWIM Service Lifecycle Management Processes v2.0
service lifecycle management decisions
Service Lifecycle Management Decisions

Technical Review Board (TRB)

Investment Decision Authority

SWIM Governance Team

In Service Decision (ISD) Authority

nas service registry repository
NAS Service Registry/Repository

Production NSRR deployed – July 1, 2010

HP Systinet

Technical Support available during normal working hours

Mon – Fri, 8-5PM

Email issues/problems to [email protected]

User Account Request Form

Online at: (

Link on NSRR Login page

service lifecycle management slm process document
Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) Process Document
  • Version 1.0 May 2010
    • Prior to release of NSRR
    • Generic Registration activities
    • Extensive expository material
  • Version 2.0 DRAFT (July 2012)
    • Lessons Learned from NSRR
    • Streamlined process descriptions
mission need identified
Mission Need Identified
  • Working Hard – Ready for a break
    • And a cup of “joe”
mission need identified1
Mission Need Identified
  • The pot is Empty!
  • How !?!
  • Why ?!?
proposed capability
Proposed Capability
  • Beverage Resource Interrogator and Notifier (BRIAN)
    • Monitor Resources
      • Coffee Pot
      • Supplies
    • Alert at configured thresholds
      • Coffee level low
      • Supplies running out
  • Mission Need Statement – Approved
  • Begin Concept and Req’ts Definition (CRD)
swim engagement pre lifecycle
SWIM Engagement – Pre-Lifecycle
  • SWIM Monitors JRC Secretariat Watch Lists
  • SWIM Contacts BRIAN Team to set up SOA Suitability Analysis
    • Introduce SWIM Concepts and Capabilities
    • Learn about BRIAN Concept
    • Conduct Suitability Questionnaire
      • Does Capability already exist?
      • Can existing services be orchestrated to produce this capability?
      • Is it Reusable (i.e. multiple consumers)?
    • Score questionnaire (100 pt. scale)
suitability analysis and coordination
Suitability Analysis and Coordination
  • Analysis shows High Value in SOA Solution
    • No overlap with existing systems
    • Multiple consumers
      • NAS Information Display Systems (IDS)
      • Food Concession Supply Chain Mgmt. (SCM)
  • SWIM prepares Memorandum of Analysis coordinated with BRIAN Team
  • Analysis briefed to Technical Review Board (TRB)
  • TRB Approves development of BRIAN capabilities as SOA Services
investment analysis activities
Investment Analysis Activities
  • Identify Services
    • Beverage Resource Query Service
    • Beverage Resource Notification Service
  • SWIM Assists with Cost Estimates for Service development alternatives
  • BRIAN Team obtains User Accounts on NSRR
  • BRIAN Team registers “Organizational Unit” in NSRR
  • BRIAN Team registers services in NSRR
idef0 notation
IDEF0 Notation
  • Integration Definition for Function Modeling
advance to definition stage
Advance to Definition Stage
  • SWIM Analysis Memo provided to JRC Secretariat
  • JRC Approves Final Investment Decision
  • BRIAN Contract Awarded to Vendor
    • CDRLs for Web Service Documentation
  • Create and Register a Namespace for XML Schemas
    • FAA-STD-063
    • Federal Data Registry at:
    • us:gov:dot:faa:misc:beverage
advance to development
Advance to Development
  • SWIM Service Design Handbook
  • “Contract-first” development of Services
required service documentation
Required Service Documentation
  • Web Service Requirements Document (WSRD)
    • FAA-STD-070
  • Web Service Description Document (WSDD)
    • FAA-STD-065
    • What the Service does
    • How the Service operates
    • How to access the Service
    • De facto Interface Control Document (ICD) for Web Services
required service documentation1
Required Service Documentation
  • Web Service Definition Language (WSDL)
  • XML Schemas
  • Service Level Objectives (SLO)
    • Named Set(s) of Quality of Service Parameters
    • Service Consumption in accordance with SLO creates de facto SLA
develop the services
Develop the Services
  • BRIAN Vendor obtains:
    • SWIM COTS Product Repository User Account(s)
      • FuseSource products
      • Actional Team Server (ATS)
      • Maven
    • FuseSource Developer and Test licenses
      • SWIM administers contract with FuseSource
      • COTR – Paul Jackson
    • SWIM Security Compliance Tool Kit (CTK)
      • Verify compliance during development and Unit Testing
development products
Development Products
  • Interoperability Test Report
    • Generated by Actional Team Server (ATS)
    • Validates WSDL and Schemas
    • Verifies Service Operations in WSDL
  • Consumer Reference Implementation
    • Example of consumption of the service
    • Illustrate semantic dependencies not apparent in WSDL
  • Compliance Checklist
    • Policies that cannot be verified by automation
prepare for production
Prepare for Production
  • Provision Communications Infrastructure
    • FTI Ops IP connectivity
    • NAS Enterprise Messaging Service (NEMS)
    • SWIM Monitoring Services
    • SWIM Security Services
    • Other Enterprise Services
      • Domain Name Service (DNS)
      • Network/Precision Time Protocol (NTP/PTP)
  • Independent Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E)
service is consumable
Service is Consumable
  • Facility IDS requests “Beverage Resource Query” Service via NSRR
    • Allow Status Requests from IDS console
    • SLO parameters:
      • Available 24 / 7
      • Up to 3 queries per minute, 2 second response time
      • .999 Operational Availability
      • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) 2 hours
  • BRIAN Team accepts Service Consumption request via NSRR
    • De facto SLA created with SLO parameters
service updates
Service Updates
  • BRIAN wants to add Tea Bag monitoring/reporting to Services
  • Change is Backward-Compatible, so classified as Minor
    • SWIM Version Management Process
  • Version 1.1.0 created in NSRR
  • Advance through Lifecycle
    • Task changes noted in NSRR, e.g. CCD instead of FID
  • v1.1.0 in Production, then v1.0.0 Deprecated
for more information
For More Information: (


SWIM Compliance Documents

[email protected]