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Survivors. Miles (Sahara’s point of View).

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miles sahara s point of view
Miles (Sahara’s point of View)

Miles brought us to this dump of a place he calls a home. I have decided to go to school. Well Miles on the other hand decide to do alternate schooling. I’m starting to think that the wild has taken over Miles. I don’t know the last time he has taken a bath or shaved. And to top it off he carries a gun around with him (he looks like big foot). It also seems that the longer we’ve been in the wild the more he talks about Mr. Kruz, that creepy old guy, who “owns” the cabin were staying in.

sahara miles s point of view
Sahara (Miles’s point of View)

Sahara has taken moving to the cabin very poorly. I think the only thing that is keeping her here is her goat and her boy friend. The only thing that Sahara is doing to help is using here “Goat Girl” skills to get us goat milk. The rest of her free time is spent with her boy friend. Sahara being the ignorant person she is messed up our only chance at not being noticed.


Miles has gotten his family out of their suburb home and into the wild. But what’s next, Winter is coming and are they ready to survive. Sahara is going to the local Middle school, but Miles is staying home. Everything seems to be going as planed until a nosey person finds out there secret. What will happen read Memory Boy then Survivors.