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Six Flags Of Texas

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Six Flags Of Texas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Six Flags Of Texas. By Diego Leal 7 th Grade Cunningham Middle School Mr. Days, Social Studies. 6 Flags of Texas. Click on a flag for the history then click on all six to bring you back here. Texas Under Spain. Spain was the first European nation to claim Texas.

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six flags of texas

Six Flags Of Texas

By Diego Leal

7th Grade

Cunningham Middle School

Mr. Days, Social Studies

6 flags of texas
6 Flags of Texas

Click on a flag for the history then click on all six to bring you back here.

texas under spain
Texas Under Spain
  • Spain was the first European nation to claim Texas.
  • Beginning in 1519, when Cortez was establishing Spanish presence in Mexico.
texas under france
Texas Under France
  • Planning to expand its base from French Louisiana, France took a bold step in 1685, planting its flag in eastern Texas near the Gulf Coast.
  • Even though the Spain had already settled there was almost no Spanish.
  • It was planned that French Louisiana be expanded.
texas under mexico
Texas Under Mexico
  • Since Mexico gained its independence from Spain, Texas was automatically part of Mexico, therefore the Mexican flag was flown over Texas.
republic of texas
Republic of Texas
  • In 1836 Texas finally decided that it should be a Republic.
  • During almost 10 years of being a Republic ,Texas suffered from economic crisis and even more battles with Mexico.
  • Even though Texas had some hardships ,they still came up with some Texas heritage like the first American cowboy.
  • The red, white, and blue Texas flag which was adopted in 1839 now flies in schools, banks, and malls.
texas in the confederacy
Texas In The Confederacy
  • When Texas became part of the Confederacy Texas suffered even more economic crisis.
  • But even though Texas had a lot of hardships two things did happen in favor of Texas:
  • It won the last battle of the civil war in Texas soil.
  • Second, returning Texans found a big population of wild longhorns.
texas in the u s
Texas In the U.S.
  • On joining the United States, Texas became the 28th star in the U.S flag.
  • Even though Texas still had to rebuild it self Texas had a great future ahead.