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Six Flags Over

Six Flags Over. TEXAS. ASTROWORLD. SIX FLAGS OF TEXAS. WHERE DO WE SEE THE FLAGS OF TEXAS ?. Schools Soda cans Car dealerships Upon entering a city CAN YOU NAME SOME PLACES? Texans are proud to display their Texas flag outside their homes and businesses. . Did you know?.

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Six Flags Over

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  1. Six Flags Over TEXAS



  4. WHERE DO WE SEE THE FLAGS OF TEXAS? • Schools • Soda cans • Car dealerships • Upon entering a city • CAN YOU NAME SOME PLACES? Texans are proud to display their Texas flag outside their homes and businesses.

  5. Did you know? TEXAS and HAWAII are the only two states that were previously their own country before becoming part of U.S.A.

  6. HISTORY OF SIX FLAGS • Six flags is more than just a theme park. The six flags represent something more than rollercoaster you ride. • Six flags over Texas are the flags that have flown in Texas over its history. • Six flag amusement park derived its name from the six nations that have governed Texas and the cultures that you represent. • Its history has been shaped by being part of six independent countries: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States. (WIKIPEDIA)

  7. CAN ANYONE LIST THE SIX NATIONS THAT HAVE CONTROLED TEXAS? The six nations are Spain France Mexico Republic of Texas Texas confederacy USA

  8. SPAIN 1519-1685 1690-1821 Since 1519-1685 Texas was under Spain. Spain was the first European nation to claim Texas beginning 1519. The two lions and castle represents the two Spanish kingdoms that formed SPAIN.

  9. FRANCE 1685-1690 Planning to expand, France took interest in Texas The three flower like design is an ancient symbol of the kings of France (Monarchy). The symbol is used by ships and forts. It is also called the “Fleur-de-lis”

  10. MEXICO 1821-1836 After Mexico became independent it claimed Texas as their land however, because of social and political attitude of two different cultures Texas revolted and claimed it independence from them. The whiterepresents Independence The redrepresents Union The greenrepresents religion Each stripe is for the three guarantees of Mexican citizenship. The eagle holding the serpent in its mouth represent an Aztec tradition (symbol).

  11. TEXAS AS A REPUBLIC 1836-1845 During nearly ten years of independence, the Texas republic suffered outbreak. Such as financial crises and conflict with Mexico. However, that period passed Texas and joined the U.S. The single “long star” represents the independent Republic of Texas. The seal has a “Lone Star” in the center. Live oak on the left represents strength and the olive branch on the right is for peace. White: Purity Blue: Loyalty Red: Bravery

  12. Confederate Stars and Bars Flag TEXAS IN THE COFEDERACY 1861-1865 Sixteen years after Texas joined the union, the American Civil War erupted. Confederacy was formed between 1861 and 1865 by eleven southern states of the USA. These states declared their secession from the United States. The United States of America held that secession was illegal, and refused to recognize the Confederacy. George Washington sits on the horseback in the middle. He is surrounded by corn, cotton, wheat, and tobacco. “Deo Vindice” meaning GOD will judge. Blue: Loyalty to the Confederacy Red: Bravery Stars: original seven states in the confederacy White: purity

  13. TEXAS IN THE United States Texas in the US. 1845-1861; 1865-Present On joining the union, Texas became the 28th star on the U.S. flag. American Stars and Stripes The center consist of the American bald eagle. The 13 stripes and arrows on the eagle are for the original 13 states. Olive branch is for peace “E pluribus unum”: meaning out of many, one.

  14. The END Sources • http://en.wikipedia.org • http://www.lsjunction.com/facts/6flags.htm • http://www.tspb.state.tx.us/CVC/educators/Lessons/SixSeals.pdf#search='SIX%20FLAGS%20OF%20TEXAS%20LESSON‘ • http://www.bjgeiger.com/texas/history/eras/ • http://www.dsokids.com/2001/dso.asp?PageID=570

  15. ROLES: Leader, Reader, Reporter, and Technology. • Each group will find ten important facts about their state. • Each group will get a chance to present their information found to the class.

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