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Brazil . K-W-L . K – W – L . South America. Brazil . Climate. Go to: Investigate the 5 distinct climate zones Go to your portfolio  Brazil Page Write a short paragraph about the climate in Brazil How does this compare to climate in Canada? .

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Presentation Transcript
  • Go to:
  • Investigate the 5 distinct climate zones
  • Go to your portfolio 
    • Brazil Page
    • Write a short paragraph about the climate in Brazil
    • How does this compare to climate in Canada?
what if i am finished
What if I am finished?
  • If you are finished everything…
  • Continue to work on your digital travel portfolio
    • Introduction Page – Short paragraph describing where you will be traveling (5 countries), what you already know about those countries, and what you want to learn!
    • Find images of Brazil
      • Do not forget to include a reference for where you found the image
      • Also you need a caption for every image describing what it is
      • You can use the previous link for information

Rio 2016 Video

video reaction
  • What did you notice?
  • What surprised you?
  • What sports did you see?
  • What did you notice about the language?
  • What about the music?
  • What about the landscape or climate?
brazilian food

Diversity of Food in Brazil

brazilian food1
Brazilian Food


  • National Dish
  • Feijoada is a hearty stew of beans and pork such as ears,tails, feet, bacon, smoked ribs andsausage. It’s ideally prepared in a claypot over a slow fire.
  • 1 lb black beans ½ lb lean pork meat
  • 1 lb smoked ham ½ lb lean beef meat
  • 1 of each: pork ear, foot, and tail 1 lb Mexican “chorizo”
  • ½ lb lean bacon ½ lb smoked pork ribs
  • 3 slices smoked bacon 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 large onion 1 table spoon vinegar
  • vegetable oil Salt and pepper
  • Log on to your Weebly site
  • Blog Entry
    • What have you learned about Brazilian food?
    • What is their national dish?
    • Do you think you would like this dish? Why or why not?
    • What is your favourite dish or food?
what if i am finished1
What if I am finished
  • If you are finished you entry on food…
  • Weebly
    • Work on your Introduction Page and paragraph describing
      • Where are you going (5 countries)
      • What do you already know
      • What do you want to learn
    • Then work on your entry about Brazilian climate
      • How does it compare to Canadian climate?
investigative research
Investigative Research

Dance and Sport of Brazil

brazilian dance and sport
Brazilian Dance and Sport
  • You are a reporter for the Harold Peterson Times and you were assigned the task of writing a brief article about the different sports that Brazilian’s play and what kind of dance is most popular in Brazil. For the remainder of this class you will be doing investigative research for your articles by moving from station to station. Each station has a different sport or type of dance for you and your classmates to learn about. Use both the written information and images in this PowerPoint as research for your articles. Once you have compiled all your evidence you will write a short newspaper article in a with a creative title and photograph, which will later be published on your Weebly portfolio. Remember that any image you use in your article must be referenced and accompanied by a brief description of what it is.
research notes
Research Notes
  • Station 1


Identify: Sport or Dance

Brief Description:

  • Repeat for Stations 2-5
  • The most popular and widely spread sport in Brazil
  • Brazil will be hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  • Well-known football players and world-renowned teams are from this country including, Pelé, Ronaldo, Adriano, Kaká, and Ronaldinho.
  • Check out this video on Brazilian Football
  • Brazilian Football Video
capoeira and jui jitsu
  • Capoeira is one of the most popular forms of martial arts in Brazil. It has distinct African influences and is characterized by nimble movements that require skill and agility. Because of its very acrobatic, almost choreographed nature, it is often accompanied by music.
  • Capoeira Video
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is based on submission holds. Vale tudo is a variation of Jiu-Jitsu that means “anything goes”. As its name implies, this adaptation of the discipline allows more freedom with fewer rules
  • Jui-Jitsu Video
  • Invented in the 1960’s, footvolley is a combination of football and volleyball. It is played with a volleyball net, but players can use only their feet to get the ball to their opponents on the other side.
  • It is a perfect beach game and visitors are sure to spot it as they frequent the many gorgeous beaches of Brazil.
  • Footvolley Video
  • The Samba hails from ancient African beats and customs.
  • For some time, the upper class Brazilians viewed this form of dance as being lewd and obscene, forcing the lower classes (in terms of social status) to perform the dance in private.
  • It was during the 1920’s that the Samba became very popular, and evolved in terms of its styles and its more widespread acceptability.
  • Samba Dancing Video
the forro
  • This is one of the more varied dances in terms of the different styles that fall under its one name.
  • It is particularly popular in Northeastern Brazil, and is a synchronized set of movements that need to be danced with a partner. It is conducted to music that includes the use of the triangle and accordion in its composition and can prove to be rather complex in style and nature.
  • Forro Dancing Video