public and private sector models from abroad
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Public and Private Sector Models from Abroad

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Public and Private Sector Models from Abroad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public and Private Sector Models from Abroad. Colorado Springs – December 6-8, 2004. highest life expectancy: 81.2 longest health expectancy: low rates of heart disease, cancer, dementia, hip fractures

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public and private sector models from abroad

Public and Private Sector Models from Abroad

Colorado Springs – December 6-8, 2004

highest life expectancy: 81.2

longest health expectancy: low rates of heart disease, cancer, dementia, hip fractures

Centenarian Study to uncover genetic and lifestyle factors (diet, exercise habits, and psychospiritual beliefs and practices)

largest natural experiment on diet
Largest Natural Experiment on Diet
  • Sudden socio-economic changes in late 80‘s
  • Increase in price of foods with animal fat
  • Availability of fruits and vegetables (year round)
  • Mortality rates from cardiovascular disease fell by 25% in 20-44 age group in 3 years (15% in 45-64 age group)
Sobrepeso e Obesidade em Adolescentes na Cidade de São Paulo




  • 56 Escolas
  • 8.000 estudantes
  • 10-15 anos


Projeto MEGA – UNIFESP/USMarcos/ILSI-2004

example 1 agita sao paulo
Example #1 : Agita Sao Paulo
  • 3 target groups: Students / teenagers, workers, and older adults.
  • Permanent activities: schools, communities (walk programs in hospitals, health centers, city halls, and older people centers), companies (granted 10-15 minutes of the workday for their employees to devote to physical activity).
  • Mega events
  • Supportive actions
factors of success
Factors of Success
  • Based on scientific evidence
  • Strong partnership (intellectual and institutional)
  • Clear message  
  • Inclusive approach
  • Target groups  
  • Tailored messages                               
  • Continuous evaluation   
  • Fun/Fun/Pleasure   
  • Linked to cultural aspects                               
  • Two-hats Approach (government/NGOs and private sector)
  • Multi-component intervention using „mobile management" of the ecological model
health factors driven by good leadership pre reconditions for healthy organisations
Health factors driven by good leadershipPre-reconditions for healthy organisations

Pridelong-term involvementcredibilityethics & morals

ClarityGoals, results

According to Antonovsky

Sense of coherence

3 key wordsCoherenceParticipationPurposeful

Stability in organisationStaffing, speed of change,time for recuperation

VariationPossibility to influence


ParticipationBeing a part (of the ”whole”)sense of coherence

Contentment (feeling good)Relations to boss, friends, family, have fun

Let´s fight ill-health by focusing on good health

  • Impressive reductions in smoking (15% prevalence) and child obesity rates (10%)
  • Health Promotion Board
  • National Healthy Lifestyle Programme
  • C.H.E.R.I.S.H. Award for schools
  • Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador Award
  • National WHP Programme
case study germany
Case Study: Germany
  • 3rd in health care spending % of GDP
  • Health care reform efforts underway

(prevention law being discussed)

  • Sickness funds are asked to spend €2,70 per member per year – average amount spent is €1,56
  • Impact of €10 co-payment <--> entitlement mentality
  • Tobacco tax --> 8% of smokers quit
top 10 tips for healthy living
Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living

1. Don't be poor.

2. Pick your parents well.

3. Graduate from high school or, better yet, university.

4. Don't work at a stressful, low-paid job. Find a job where you have decision-making power and control.

5. Learn to control stress levels.

top 10 tips for healthy living1
Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living

6. Be able to afford a foreign holiday and sunbathe (with SPF 30).

7. Don't be unemployed.

8. Leave in a community where you have a sense of belonging.

9. Don't live in a ghetto, near a major road or polluting factory.

10. Learn to make friends and keep them.

health promotion s technologies
Health promotion’s technologies
  • Healthy public policy
  • Supportive environments
  • Community action
  • Personal skills
  • Health services
health promotion strategy
Health Promotion Strategy
  • Enable people to control their own health
  • Combine individual and social solutions
  • Involve all sectors
          • health social services
          • education transportation
          • recreation business
          • safety entertainment
enhanced international exchange
Enhanced International Exchange
  • Globalization
  • Value
  • Project
  • Comparative study US-Europe
  • International forum
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