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Flood Myths PowerPoint Presentation
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Flood Myths

Flood Myths

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Flood Myths

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  1. Flood Myths

  2. Flood Myths • I. Australian

  3. Flood Myths • I. Australian • A. During woramba (Dreamtime flood), Ark Gumana carrying Noah, Aborigines, and animals drifted south

  4. Flood Myths • B. Came to rest in the flood plain of Djilinbadu, can be seen today

  5. Flood Myths • C. White man’s claim that ark came to rest in Middle East is a lie to keep Aborigines in subservience

  6. Flood Myths • II. Australian (Wiranggu)

  7. Flood Myths • II. Australian (Wiranggu) • A. Djunban was hunting kangaroo rat with magic boomerang, hit his sister Mandija instead

  8. Flood Myths • B. Taught his people how to make rain

  9. Flood Myths • C. Next day Mandija died, Djunban did rain-making ceremony, didn’t pay attention, made too much rain

  10. Flood Myths • III. Jicarilla (Apache)

  11. Flood Myths • III. Jicarilla (Apache) • A. Before Apaches emerged from underworld, other people lived on earth

  12. Flood Myths • B. Dios told old man & old woman that it would rain for 40 days/nights

  13. Flood Myths • C. People warned to go to top of four mountains, not to look at sky or flood

  14. Flood Myths • D. Those who looked at flood= fish or frogs; sky=birds

  15. Flood Myths • E. 32 people survived the flood, told Apaches about flood before they entered the two mountains

  16. Flood Myths • F. Around turn of the millennium, surface of the earth destroyed again, by fire

  17. Flood Myths • IV. Skagit (Washington State)

  18. Flood Myths • A. Creator made the earth and gave four names for it; sun, waters, soil, forests

  19. Flood Myths • 1. Few people, with special preparation, knew all four names, or world would change too suddenly

  20. Flood Myths • 2. Everyone learned all four names

  21. Flood Myths • B. When people talked to trees the change came in form of a flood

  22. Flood Myths • C. Giant canoe- 5 people, male and female of all animals and plants

  23. Flood Myths • D. Water covered everything but summit of Kobah (Mt. Baker) and Takobah (Mt. Ranier)

  24. Flood Myths • E. Doquebuth, the new Creator, born of couple from the canoe, made people again from soil & bones of pre-flood people

  25. Flood Myths • V. Kammu (Thailand)

  26. Flood Myths • A. Brother & sister warned by mouse of coming flood, sealed themselves inside a drum

  27. Flood Myths • B. Looked for mates, no other survivors, slept together

  28. Flood Myths • C. After 7 years, child born as a gourd

  29. Flood Myths • D. People of the different races came from the gourd

  30. Flood Myths • 1. First Rumeet

  31. Flood Myths • 2. Then Kammu, Thai, Westerner, and Chinese Kammu family

  32. Flood Myths VI. Pygmy (Africa) A. Chameleon heard strange noise in a tree, cut open its trunk. B. Water came out in a great flood over earth. C. First human couple emerged with the water.

  33. Flood Myths VII. Bakongo (Africa) A. Old lady, weary and covered with sores, arrived in a town called Sonanzenzi, sought hospitality B. Refused at all homes except one- told kind people to flee, Nzambi would destroy C. Town was flooded, houses can still be seen

  34. Flood Myths VIII. Cameroon (Africa) A. Girl let a goat eat some of her flour, goat warned of flood. B. Only she and her brother escaped, couldn't find mates. C. Goat reappeared, said they could marry, but would have to put a clay pot with a broken bottom on their roof to signify that they are relatives.