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UNDP JPO Service Centre. Career Development Support to JPOs Starts 12 April 2006 3.00 pm Copenhagen, 9am New York. Agenda 3.00 – 3.05:Welcome by Sadia Yilla, Chief of OHR/SAS 3.05 – 3.20:Career advice and development Michael Emery, Chief of Recruitment, OHR

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Undp jpo service centre l.jpg
UNDP JPO Service Centre

Career Development Support

to JPOs

Starts 12 April 2006

3.00 pm Copenhagen, 9am New York


3.00 – 3.05:Welcome by Sadia Yilla, Chief of OHR/SAS

3.05 – 3.20:Career advice and development Michael Emery, Chief of Recruitment, OHR

3.20 – 3.35:Career development support to JPOs Lykke Andersen, Manager JPOSC

3.35 – 4.15: Questions and Answers, moderated by Sadia Yilla

Career development in undp l.jpg

Career Development in UNDP

Unlocking your Future

The changing concept of career l.jpg
The Changing Concept of Career

Statistics indicating the emerging trends: -

  • Since 1990 – 80% of permanent positions abolished

  • A school leaver in the Northern Hemisphere will have an estimated 7 careers (not jobs)

  • In 2020, 50% of the jobs that will be around are yet to be thought of

  • A female born in Australia today has a life expectancy of 100.

    What does this mean?

Important components of career l.jpg
Important Components of Career

  • Reputation Management

  • Networking

  • Think Competencies

  • Values

  • Job Satisfiers

  • Opportunity Scans

  • Qualifications and Learning

  • Documents

Reputation management l.jpg
Reputation Management

Your professional reputation (how others see you – not how you see yourself) can be a very powerful career accelerator/inhibitor.

  • How do others (managers, supervisor, peers, and clients) see you?

  • What is your reputation?

  • How is your current performance rated?

Networking l.jpg

Networking is the obtaining, sharing and managing information, knowledge and resources to achieve desired goals.

90% of jobs in international organisations are secured through some form of networking

Formal and informal networking have been a feature of every culture – it is not a ‘North American’ Concept.

Networking cont l.jpg
Networking (cont)

  • …is reciprocal, if you are willing to share information, knowledge and develop relationships, you will be rewarded.

  • ! Do not fall into the trap of only networking upwards.

  • Networking is an ongoing process – not an event.

  • With whom, how and where do you network?

Three tiers of networking l.jpg
Three Tiers of Networking

  • Tier I – Actively creating networks (2%)

  • Tier II – Actively participating in existing networks (28%)

  • Tier III – Passively participating in existing networks (70%)

Competencies l.jpg

Competency refers to a combination of skills, attributes and behaviors that are directly related to successful performance

Competencies are inherently embedded in HR, for vacancies, interviewing, performance management, succession planning, promotions

Values l.jpg

  • In the context of the UN, values are defined as common principles that guide actions and/or behaviours.

  • Knowing how our own individual values match those held and practiced by the organisation/people we work for, or are seeking to work with, will help us to make more informed employment decisions.

  • It is also necessary to know your values – what is important to you, as your personal value system underlies the choices you make about your life and career.

Job satisfiers l.jpg
Job Satisfiers

  • Job satisfiers are the work or job elements which you prefer

  • Knowing these will assist in matching your options for work with your preferences.

  • The more you are satisfied with your work, the more likely you will reach full potential and demonstrate effectiveness in your work.

  • What are the top five elements necessary for you to have job satisfaction. Are you satisfied now?

Opportunity scans l.jpg
Opportunity Scans

Opportunity Scans require you to look beyond the current job or performance cycle – but rather look at how your organisation (or the one you want to be in) is fundamentally changing.

  • What is my current situation – self assessment?

  • How is the organization changing?

  • What future opportunities may exist in this or other organisations?

  • What are the skills, competencies and experience required for other opportunities?

Qualifications and documents l.jpg
Qualifications and Documents

  • Having the appropriate qualifications and applying for positions with polished documents are an important aspect of career development.

  • All applications should be tailored to the position you are applying for.

  • Be prepared to augment qualifications with specialized learning to meet career goals.

Final thoughts l.jpg
Final Thoughts

  • The most important person in your career is you – take that responsibility seriously.

  • If you feel you are in a career plateau (or rut) seek professional guidance

  • Think about doing a career mapping exercise, looking at the elements discussed today

  • Be persistent!

Career counseling l.jpg
Career Counseling

  • During your JPOship

    One-to-one advice session at the Induction Course in New York

    Ad hoc remote sessions with your HR Associate on request

  • At the end of your JPOship

    Schedule a career counselling session with your HR Associate 6 months prior to the end of your assignment

Career management dedicated website l.jpg
Career Management Dedicated Website

Tips and advice on career development and job search

processes in general as well as tips and advice on career

opportunities with UNDP

Networking20 l.jpg

  • JPO-Net and JPO Regional Workshops

    In the course of your JPO assignment, to broaden your professional network

  • JPO Alumni Association (JAA), 984 members

    Fosters a community spirit and knowledge sharing among former JPOs

    Facilitates job search and networking among former JPOs.

Direct support to your job search l.jpg
Direct support to your job search

  • Promotion from the JPO Service Centre

    Whenever possible, the JPO Service centre advocates the JPO Programme towards potential internal/external employers

  • Weekly Job Ads e-mail

    During your JPOship and by becoming member of the JPO Alumni Association (JAA)

  • JPO CV Roster

    UNDP recruiting units have access to the roster as well as external employers with public and private sector. Enter your CV into the roster six months prior to the end of your assignment

Last pieces of advice l.jpg
Last pieces of advice…

  • Be pro-active

  • Visit the jobs-site (http://jobs-intra.undp.org) on a regular basis

  • Consult and seek advice from your supervisor and management in your country office

  • Inform the JPO Service Centre about your plans

  • Enter your CV into the JPO CV roster 6 months before the end of your assignment

  • Join the JPO Alumni Association (JAA)

To know more l.jpg
To know more…

Please visit our dedicated website on career management:


or contact your Human Resources Associate: