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Deployed Financial Management . MNF-W Iraq 2005-2006. 2d MarDiv Iraq 2005-2006. CJTF-HOA Africa 2003-2004. 20060410v1. Multi-National Force-West O&MMC Funding Process. Consolidated comptroller with all O&M funding held at the MEF ( approx $1B annually)

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Deployed financial management l.jpg

Deployed Financial Management




2d MarDiv







Multi national force west o mmc funding process l.jpg
Multi-National Force-West O&MMC Funding Process

  • Consolidated comptroller with all O&M funding held at the MEF ( approx $1B annually)

  • Units submit Open Purchase Requests via the Warfighter Open Purchase Request Router (WOPRR)

  • Expenditures over $50K required approval of the Marine Acquisition Review Board (MARB).

Warfighter open purchase request router woppr l.jpg
Warfighter Open Purchase Request Router (WOPPR)

  • Alternative to PR Builder

    • Seamless transition from requisition to contracting.

    • Customer visibility throughout process, holding those involved accountable.

  • Facilitates proper accounting

    • Provides manageable interface for Account Managers

    • Reduces Commitments>Obligations, NULOS, ULOS

  • Available wherever internet connectivity exists

    • Minimum Bandwidth requirements

    • No “downloads” or software required.

Commander s emergency response program cerp l.jpg
Commander’s Emergency Response Program (CERP)

  • Appropriated funding for humanitarian relief and reconstruction projects (approx $125M spent)

  • Equated to 40% to 50% of comptroller workload

  • Funding received from Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I)

  • Monthly reporting requirements for over 20,000 projects

Rewards funding l.jpg
Rewards Funding

  • Provided rewards for information and other non-lethal assistance beneficial to force protection or operations against international terrorism.

  • Funding provided by MNC-I

Joint funding process l.jpg
Joint Funding Process

  • Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)

  • Joint Acquisition Review Board for validation/approval of purchases for supplies/services/equipment over $200K or LOGCAP expenditures over $50K

  • Joint Facilities Utilization Board validation/approval of construction projects

  • Monthly spend plan to MNC-I C-8 each month to leverage Army funding for executive agent funding issues

Iraqi relief and reconstruction funds irrf iraqi security forces funds isff l.jpg
Iraqi Relief and Reconstruction Funds (IRRF) Iraqi Security Forces Funds (ISFF)

  • IRRF/ISSF- funding to support reconstruction efforts and to train, equip, and maintain the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF)

  • Ministry of Defense (MOD) & Ministry of Interior (MOI) responsible for the funding of the ISF, but…

  • Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I)

    • Quick Reaction Funds

    • ISF Base Camp Construction

Iraqi security forces funding l.jpg
Iraqi Security Forces Funding Forces Funds (ISFF)

  • MNC-I

    • Training Team Integration Funds (TTIF)

      • Comprised of Military Training Teams (MiTTs), Border Training Teams (BTTs), Special Police Training Teams (SPTTs), and Police Partnership Program (P3).

      • Purpose is to provide transition teams funding to procure small, one-time items for the ISF.

You asked for what l.jpg
You asked for what? Forces Funds (ISFF)

R u speaking english l.jpg
R U Speaking English? Forces Funds (ISFF)

  • COCOM – Designate EA’s

  • OPCON – Operators think this = $


  • ADCON – Traditional Title 10 Component responsibilities

  • Supported / Supporting

  • Executive Agent

    • Common User Logistics Manager

      • Supply Classes I; III; IV


  • BOS – I

  • ACSA

JP 1-02

JP 4-0

JP 4-07

DoDD 5100.1

DoDD 5101.1

Who are you l.jpg
Who are you? Forces Funds (ISFF)

CJTF-HOA Comptroller Office

turnover was 320% for FY 04

Enterprise financial reporting l.jpg
Enterprise Forces Funds (ISFF) Financial Reporting

Multiple spreadsheet and database interfaces resulted

in a $156M reporting discrepancy for FY05 CERP

Osd cerp policy memo l.jpg
OSD CERP Forces Funds (ISFF)Policy Memo

  • USD Comptroller, dtd February 15, 2005

    • IV.H. Contracts and Grants. U.S. appropriations and other funds made available for the CERP may be expended through contracts and grants that are prepared and executed in accordance with regulations designed to ensure transparency, fairness and accountability. To the maximum extent practicable, these regulations shall beconsistent with Coalition Provisional Authority Memorandum Number 4, Contract and Grant Procedures Applicable to Vested and Seized Iraqi property and the Development Fund for Iraq, dated August 19, 2003

Cpa memo 4 l.jpg
CPA Memo 4 Forces Funds (ISFF)

  • Section 2, Applicability

    • This Memorandum does not applyto:

      • 2) Coalition Forces commanders carrying out the Commanders’ Emergency Response Program. The Commanders’ Emergency Response Program will use the procedures contained in FRAGO 89 (Appendix E) or any subsequent amended guidance to FRAGO 89.

Internal control scenario l.jpg
Internal Control Scenario Forces Funds (ISFF)

  • Maj Rick Crocker

    • 30 active CERP reconstruction projects

    • $657K value in obligated funds

    • KIA in Hit, Iraq

  • How does the comptroller facilitate continuity of ops and prevent overpayments?

  • 3 other PPO casualties occurred

Col thomas fuhrer maj thomas osterhoudt l.jpg

Col Thomas Fuhrer Forces Funds (ISFF)Maj Thomas Osterhoudt


Pentagon, 4C349