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Bachelor of Software Engineering

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Bachelor of Software Engineering. Project Title : CyberGIS Project Members : M.S.R Perera <209087374> D.S Kulasuriya W.M.D Jeewantha. Final Project. Project structure.

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bachelor of software engineering

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Project Title : CyberGIS

Project Members : M.S.R Perera <209087374>

D.S Kulasuriya

W.M.D Jeewantha

Final Project

project structure
  • The Project Structure document defines the approach the team will take in organizing and managing the project. It is the strategic representation of initial decisions made regarding goals, work scope, team requirements, team processes, and risk.
project structure1
  • Goals – Specific
    • Develop CyberGIS as a simple location finder to a complex geographic related analysis and decision support system.
    • Deliver a GIS solution that the society can make more use of it in their domains.
    • Expand the GIS technology into new levels while make use of existing GIS data providers.
    • Research and develop new algorithms where applicable in the GIS process.
  • Goals - General
    • Finish the project within the scheduled time table.
    • Finish the project within the scheduled budget.
    • Finish the project within the specified guide lines.
    • Finish the project with the same level of quality.
project structure2
  • Assumptions
    • Team members will be available and fit to perform to their expected task in expected performance, throughout the project.
    • No budget or time restrictions will be applied.
    • Availability of softwares, services and technologies that will be used in the project, throughout the project lifetime.
    • No legal restrictions will be applied on selected project field (GIS using GPS technology).
project structure3
  • Constraints
    • Limited human resource is available. Initially 3 members and this is fixed and no opportunity to allocate additional members.
    • Limited budget is available because of no funding parties or clients involvement.
    • Technological limitation can occur due to limited resource allocation that will cause to use emulators/simulators where applicable for demonstration and testing purposes.
    • Use of third party open source and free software due to licensing issues may cause to limit the capability, performance, reliability of the final product.
    • Limited time in the schedule and team member’s other activities that they must involve may cause to limit the actual working time that they can involve in the project.
design challenge problem
Design Challenge(Problem)
  • Is to simply provide a GIS application that is customizable by the business users according to their business needs.
  • Arising Challenges :

1. Finding & Developing an Algorithm to implement the shortest path calculations between two destinations taking into consideration the closed roads, traffic & one way roads.

2. Finding a suitable & reliable GIS Provider from available GIS Providers & integrating it to the CyberGIS in a customizable manner by the end users.

3. Find a methodology to Implementing a customizable Mapping solution that will allow the user to customize according to his own domain by adding his own icons/images etc.

functional specifications
Functional Specifications
  • Sample Usage Scenario
functional specifications1
Functional Specifications
  • Business Requirements
  • The major Business Requirements Found for the CyberGIS includes.

- Needs of the businesses to provide a customized GIS Based Services to business users that are customizable to suit their own domain.

- Needs of the businesses to keep track & streamline their delivery systems in order to provide the best services to the customers.

- Needs of the bussines to Monitor their customer locations based on the customer delivery statistics.

functional specifications2
Functional Specifications
  • Operations Requirements
  • The System should be able to operate with optimum performance in internet bandwidth ranging from dialup (52kbps) to ADSL bandwidth (512kbps-3Mbps) & above.
  • The system should be able to render the content effortlessly to various end user devices as personal computers to handheld smart phone devices.
functional specifications3
Functional Specifications
  • System Requirements
  • The system requirement s on the deployment (vendor) site should consist of a cluster of web servers running Java EE Edition & jboss Application Server.
  • Each server deployed in the cluster should be at least equipped with the following basic hardware configurations.

- Memory 4GB.

        • 500GB HDD.
        • Ethernet Network Adapters.
testing specification
Testing Specification
  • Test strategy is to test the system components with unit testing,integration testing, performance testing, security testing and system testing.
  • Test schedule descries how the time allocation is managed to complete the tests within the time frame.
  • Test documentations

- Test plan

- Test cases and Test case review

- Defect report

  • Test deliverables after successful completion are defect free software with documents and test result report.