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Transition to Credit

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Transition to Credit. Higher Education Week SEVEN. Mt. SAC GE Sheets, Credit Application. Agenda. Ice Breaker Transition to Credit Reminder: Student Services Presentation next class. Ice Breaker. Roles in Groups Need volunteers to play: Ricardo Chen Lily Marcus Doug Sally.

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transition to credit

Transition to Credit

Higher Education


Mt. SAC GE Sheets, Credit Application

  • Ice Breaker
  • Transition to Credit
  • Reminder: Student Services Presentation next class
ice breaker
Ice Breaker
  • Roles in Groups
    • Need volunteers to play:
      • Ricardo
      • Chen
      • Lily
      • Marcus
      • Doug
      • Sally

Workbook – page 50

roles in group answers
Roles in Group (Answers)
  • Ricardo – Dominator
  • Chen – Information-Seeker
  • Lily – Procedural-Technician
  • Marcus – Encourager
  • Doug – Compromiser
  • Sally – Initiator

Workbook – page 50

mt san antonio college

Mt. San Antonio College

New Student Orientation

Facilitator: Michael Ngo, MS


Workbook – page 67

  • What exactly is Matriculation?
  • Partnership between the college and the student
  • Enhances student access to the California Community Colleges
  • Promotes and sustains the efforts of credit students to be successful in their

educational endeavors.

student s rights responsibilities
Your Rights:

Challenge or appeal any prerequisite or requirements that you believe unfair

To file a complaint of unlawful discrimination if the matriculation procedure is being applied in a discriminatory manner

Student’s Rights & Responsibilities


  • Provide HS/College Transcripts
  • Express educational goal upon admission
  • Declare major
  • Attend classes, complete coursework and progress toward your educational goal
registration overview process
Registration Overview & Process
  • Admission Application
      • Submit High School and/or College Transcripts
  • Assessment
      • English, Math, & Reading Placement
  • Orientation
      • YOU ARE HERE!
  • Counseling/Advisement
      • Counselors & Educational Advisors.
  • Registration
      • Online
  • Fees
      • Remember important deadlines
understanding your placement
Understanding Your Placement
  • English Placement
    • Assessment of Written English (AWE)
  • Reading Placement
    • Degrees of Reading Power (DRP)
  • Math Placement
    • (4 different tests)

Appointment is required to take the placement. Each test may be taken every three months. Test scores are valid for a two-year period. A valid photo ID is required to take ALL tests and to obtain test results.

assessment of written english





English 67

English 68


English 1A*

Assessment of Written English

If you placed into AMLA, it is highly recommended to take the AMLA Reading & Speaking Courses

* English 1A is required for AS/AA & Transfer

Workbook – page 67

degree of reading power
Degree of Reading Power

*Compass is a reading placement for non-native speakers

**Required. Must take and complete for any Associate Degrees.

***Exempt from Reading Competency, if initial placement in Read 100.

Workbook – page 67

compass esl reading

*Required. Must take and complete for any Associate Degrees.

Workbook – page 67

mathematics diagnostic testing project mdtp 4 types
Math Placement



Math 50

Math 51 or (51A & 51B)

Math 71 or (71A & 71B)

AA/AS Degree

Transferable level Math


Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) – 4 types

Workbook – page 67


“Certificates are designed to develop or enhance vocational proficiency…”

  • Major/Core courses only
  • No General Education (must meet prerequisites)
  • 1 semester – 2.5 years

Workbook – page 67

associate in science
Associate in Science
  • 60 associate degree appropriate units minimum
  • Major courses
  • General Education (Area A – E)
  • Math Competency (Math 71)
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Reading Competency
  • 2 – 3 years (based on full-time load)
  • After completion of occupational program, student is geared toward the working field.

Workbook – page 67

associate in arts degrees
Associate in Arts Degrees

Liberal Arts and Sciences with area of emphasis in one of the following:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Fine Arts
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Kinesiology and Wellness
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

Workbook – page 67

transfer to university
Transfer to University
  • California State University General Education
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) – not for all majors

Universities with “Impacted Major”,

consult with Counselor/Advisor for additional requirements

(If you plan to transfer to a private university,

it is recommended to consult with the university)

calculating your g p a
Calculating Your G.P.A.

POINT SCALE: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0

31 points divided by 14 units = 2.43 G.P.A.

academic progress probation
Academic & Progress Probation

Academic Probation:

  • Attempted 12 units
  • Cumulated below a 2.0 GPA

Progress Probation:

  • Attempted 12 units
  • Cumulated more than 50% of all units which the student have earned “W”, “I” and “NP”.
  • Probation 1: occurs at the end of the first semester
  • Probation 2: occurs at the end of the second consecutive semester
  • Probation 3: occurs after the third consecutive semester
  • Dismissal

Workbook – page 67

time management
Simple Rule:

For every one hour of classroom time, allow two hours for H/W, study time, & other assignments

Time Management

A 3-unit class:

3 hours of classroom time

+ 6 hours of H/W & Assignments

9 hours total time

Full-time load = 12 units or 36 total hours

Workbook – page 67

Terms to Know
  • Prerequisite:– A class or test – required before enrolling in a certain course.
  • Advisory:– Recommended before enrolling in a certain course
  • Co-requisite:– A class which must be taken concurrently with another course
  • Pre-collegiate basic skills: Refresher courses in reading, writing, and computation. Do not count towards graduation from Mt. Sac, or transferring to an university
  • Degree Appropriate: Courses applied to Associate degree (AA/AS degree applicable courses).
go to myportal mtsac edu
Go to:

Enter your user name from the letter you received and the Mt. SAC Temporary Portal Code

enter the crn
Enter the CRN

Enter Course



first day of school
What to expect first day

of School:



Long lines

First Day of School

Things to remember!

  • Be Positive & have a good attitude.
  • Arrive Early
  • Ask for HELP!
cost spring 2011 semester
Cost – Spring 2011 Semester
  • Enrollment Fee: $26 per unit (May change)
    • Required of all students except those qualifying for BOGW Fee Waiver
    • International Student Fees: $214 per unit (plus $26 per unit)
    • Out-of-State Student Fees: $214 per unit (plus $26 per unit)
  • Parking: $40 or $20 w/BOGW Fee Waiver
  • Student Activities Fee: $11
  • Health: $17 or $ 12 w/BOGW Fee Waiver
  • Materials Fee: varies
    • Fee is noted under the class listing at the end of the course description
registration policy
Registration Policy
  • Repeat Policy
    • See Mt. Sac Catalog
  • Unit load – maximum 18 units per semester
    • Over 18 units – See Mt. Sac Catalog
  • Catalog Rights
  • Forgiveness of Grades
    • See Mt. Sac Catalog
  • Mt. SAC Catalog available on the Mt. SAC’s website
resources student services
Disabled Student Programs & Services

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services

Financial Aid & Veterans’ Affairs

Health Services (67)

Learning Assistance (6)

Re-Entry Center

Student Life (9C)

Vice President Office

Resources: Student Services
  • Admissions & Records
  • Assessment Center
  • Associated Students
  • Bridge Program
  • Bursar’s Office/Photo ID (9A)
  • Career Placement
  • Counseling/Advising Department
other items
Other items…
  • Mid Point Evaluation
  • Journal Entry