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Deforestation. What is deforestation?. What is Deforestation?. Deforestation: Clearing the land of trees in order to convert the space into non-forest use. Before After. How does deforestation effect the earth’s spheres?. Deforestation and Earth’s Spheres.

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What is deforestation?

what is deforestation
What is Deforestation?

Deforestation: Clearing the land of trees in order to convert the space into non-forest use.

Before After and

deforestation and earth s spheres
How does deforestation effect the earth’s spheres?Deforestation and Earth’s Spheres

Lithosphere – Earth

Biosphere – Living Things

Hydrosphere – Water

Atmosphere - Air

deforestation and earth
Deforestation and Earth

Forests are filled with many trees, which aid the lithosphere in the following ways:

  • Helps keep soil in place avoiding soil erosion. The idea of soil erosion leads to basic changes to the lithosphere. Uncovering what should be covered implies the idea of unbalance in the eco-system.
  • Protects the soil from the sun and other harmful substances from reaching the ground. In many cases, a forest purifies the air quality around the globe. Robbing trees is like taking away a natural purifier for humans.
  • Provides protection from natural disasters such as flooding. A forest helps absorb water and then filtrates it back into the atmosphere, keeping it from pooling in places where water need not be.
deforestation and living things
Deforestation and Living Things

Forests provide life for both man and natural habitats. With the destruction of the forest come the end to various living things.

  • Specific plants will no longer grow without the protection of the trees. Trees create a canopy which protect the plants from the sun. Many plants that grow in forests are used for medical purposes.
  • Animals will either die or have to relocate their homes, which puts them at risk to die. The forest provides shelter and food for many animals. Destroying it will kill off plant life and make animals look elsewhere for food.
  • Insects will not be able to adapt to a dryer climate increasing their population to die off. The once protected, humid, forest will turn into a desert, making it impossible for many plans and animals to survive.
deforestation and water
Deforestation and Water

With the destruction of the natural habitat the hydrosphere will go through many negative changes, such as:

  • Decrease in water levels. Trees act like a canopy and when it rains it helps keep the water in certain areas, so it does not evaporate into the air. This acts as a balancing for keeping a specific area in a humid zone, which it needs to produce living things.
  • Soil not good for growing agriculture. If the moister level is not where it should be then the plants that survive there cannot.
deforestation and air
Deforestation and Air

With deforestation comes the fear of bad air quality. Factors involved and related to the relationship between the cutting down of trees and air are:

  • Fire outbreaks causing bad air quality. The soot from the fires are taken up into the atmosphere and they could produce “acid rain”.
  • Decrease of global precipitation levels. A correlation between the number of tress and rain levels exist. The absence of trees, where a great number of them were, means the absence of the necessary amount of water for that region. Many times deserted forest areas will turn into deserts because of the lack of trees and water.
  • Global Warming is also of concern. Trees are necessary for the oxygen exchange between the land and air. Less tress mean a hotter core lithosphere, which will eventually play a role in the idea of global warming.

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