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Coming To America

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Coming To America
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Coming To America

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  1. Coming To America • Todd Lewis • Carmen Medina • Ismael Mendoza • Iyhonna Smith • Breanna Ward Maria Alvarez Masala Gourdet Arturo Hurtado Sabrina Kerr

  2. Important Vocabulary Bulletin Board • Foreigner- One who is from outside a particular group or community; an outsider. • Alienate-Estrange; to isolate or dissociate. • Acclimate-To accustom or become accustomed to a new environment or situation; adapt.

  3. America is a place mixed with many different backgrounds of people, cultures religions, and so many other things. Immigrants come from many different backgrounds and come to America to live a better life. America gives you the opportunity to make something of your self from nothing. Quote “The U.S.A and it’s states and countries are arbitrary and inaccurate impositions on what is really here.” This means that one is not able to tell the diverse cultures and from looking from the “outside” of the U.S. Coming to America?

  4. Immigration is migration to a place, specifically a country, where one is not native Nearly tripled since 1970 More than 1 million immigrants per year Immigration constitutes for over 10% of the population for first time since 1930s What Is Immigration & How Has it Changed ?

  5. Population And It’s Growth • Immigration is one of the main contributing factors to U.S. population growth. • Constitutes for more than 2/3 of this growth • “Immigration has become the determinate factor in population growth”-Dr. Steven Camarota~Director of Research for the Center of Immigration

  6. Why Are We Experiencing Massive Immigration? • Refugee immigration- from Southeast Asia, Cuba, and Russia; allowed to bring unlimited number family members • Amnesty programs-provided legal status to over 3 million • Illegal immigration- 200,000-300,000 a year

  7. Greater supply of unskilled workers- they occupy low-paying, low-skilled jobs and has an overall positive impact on economy. Younger work force- younger workers will slow the adjustments made to Social Security System. Skilled workers in needed sectors- Arrive in needed categories of employment. Advantages Of Immigration

  8. Greater Poverty- have low paying jobs and are more affected by downturn of economy. Leads to not having health insurance and need public assistance more often. More Educational Costs- immigrant children account for disproportionate amount of public education Lower unskilled wage levels- negatively impact wage in the low skill occupation sectors Disadvantages Of Immigration

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