Super shooting soccer science
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Super Shooting Soccer Science!. By: Morgan Croissette. . . Motion: Is an object’s change in position over time when compared with a reference point.

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Super shooting soccer science

Super ShootingSoccerScience!

By: Morgan Croissette

Motion is an object s change in position over time when compared with a reference point


Motion:Is an object’s change in position over time when compared with a reference point.

  • In soccer, you use motion when moving to the ball. Also when kicking, shooting, or passing the ball you’re using motion. When the ball is flying through the air the ball is in motion.

Acceleration:Is the rate at which velocity changes; an object accelerates if its speed changes, if its directionchanges, or if both its speed and its direction change.

You accelerate a lot in soccer even though

you may not know it. When you speed up

to get in front of another player you are

accelerating. Also when stop and jump to

head the ball you are accelerating off the

ground. If you’re running and someone

passes you the ball and you turn quickly

  • to receive it, you’re accelerating once again.

Speed:Isthe rate at which an object moves; speed depends on the distance traveled and the time taken to travel that distance.

  • Having speed in soccer is a key component.

  • You need speed to run up and down the field

  • or get by a defender. Also when kicking the

  • ball down the field, the ball needs enough

  • speed to go the distance needed.


Gravity:Is a force of attraction between

objects that is due to their masses.

  • Gravity is the thing that keeps things from

  • falling off the edge of the Earth. It is the

  • reason behind the saying “what goes up

  • must come down.” In soccer, if someone

  • is fouled (pushed) gravity is unbalanced

  • which then the player who was pushed falls

  • to the ground. When the ball is kicked into

  • the air, gravity acts on the ball which then

  • allows the ball to come back down.

Force:Is a push or pull; all

forces have both size and


When something is in motion, a force was

applied in some way. If you’re running the

force was applied when you started running

because you pushed off the ground.