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Elizabeth Diefenthaler

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Elizabeth Diefenthaler

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  1. Elizabeth Diefenthaler

  2. After college, Elizabeth Diefenthaler decided to pursue a career as a paralegal. She had taken some law classes in college and was always interested in the field but wasn't quite sure if she wanted to be a full-blown attorney. Elizabeth Diefenthaler is very happy she decided to stick with paralegal work, since it keeps her interested in her work while also challenging her every day to learn more about law and overcome any challenges she runs into. Elizabeth Diefenthaler isInterested in Law

  3. Elizabeth Diefenthaler Helps Attorneys Working as a paralegal is very rewarding for Elizabeth Diefenthaler. She has been a paralegal for years and enjoys the fact that she is able to help attorneys in her office with their cases and other work. Elizabeth Diefenthaler knows her work is needed and respected by the attorneys in her office, which gives her even more motivation to do her job well. Elizabeth Diefenthaler can't think of another job she would rather be doing and the attorneys she works with are definitely grateful for that!

  4. Elizabeth Diefenthaler Enjoys Being Active Health issues and obesity are big problems in the US. Elizabeth Diefenthaler has always been someone to look after her health. She is very grateful that she loves to stay active as much as possible. Sometimes Elizabeth Diefenthaler goes to the gym, but she prefers exercising or walking outdoors. Hiking and camping around mountains are some of her favorite things to do and are a great way to stay healthy. Working as a paralegal means that Elizabeth Diefenthaler has to get out of the office from time to time.

  5. Contact Elizabeth Diefenthaler Address: 2901 Lea St Gainesville Georgia USA 30504 Phone Number: +1 888-675-1245