the passive voice n.
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The Passive Voice PowerPoint Presentation
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The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice

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The Passive Voice

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  1. The Passive Voice

  2. Object + to Be Past participle is is is are are are am am am was was was were were were been been been be be be The Passive Voice General Rule + e.g. They made the first computer in 1944. The first computer was made in 1944.

  3. The Passive • Simple Present: Some mysteries are solved easily. Some mysteries get solved easily. • Present Progressive: Many new towers are being built in Doha. • Simple Past: A man was killed in the accident. A man got killed in the accident. • Past Progressive: The bank was being robbed when the police arrived. • Past Perfect: When the police arrived, the bank had been robbed.

  4. The Passive • Future: A new educational system will be founded. Passive Causative: I had my car washed yesterday. I got my car washed yesterday. I had my homework done.

  5. Passive Modals • Modals & Modal-like Expressions: • The beds must be made today. • A computer can be ordered via the Internet. • The presentation should have been given earlier. • The young lady shouldn’t have been asked such a question.

  6. Circle the correct answer. made 1. The company manager ______________ a big mistake when he kicked out his best employee. a. made b. was made c. will be made d. is made 2. English ____________________ from left to right. a. is written b. write c. will write d. has written 3. They ____________________ a new shopping centre in Doha recently. a. was built b. have built c. will be building d. were built 4. "Hamlet" is a famous play. It _________________ by Shakespeare in the 16th century. a. wrote b. will write c. was written d. is writing is written have built was written

  7. Change the following sentences into the passive voice. 1. We need vitamins in small amounts. Vitamins are needed in small amounts. 2. We obtain minerals from the earth’s crust. Minerals are obtained from the earth’s crust. Change into the active. 1. In the past engines were driven by steam. In the past steam drove engines. 2. English is taught all around the world. They teach English all around the world.

  8. 5. I promise the work _________________ tomorrow morning. will do b. must do c. will be done d. is going to do 6. The secretary _______ many reports and memos. a. have been typed b. were typed c. types d. will be typed 7. Many activities ________________at Qatar University. a. have performed b. perform c. will perform d. have been performed 8. Many buildings__________ in Doha. a. are building b. are being built c. build d. will build will be done types have been performed are being built