Analysis of Pink
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Analysis of Pink Magazine Adverts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Analysis looking at some of Pink\'s magazine covers and adverts.

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Analysis of pink magazine adverts

Analysis of Pink

Analysis of Pink

Magazine Adverts

Magazine Adverts

By Katie Thorpe

Analysis of pink magazine adverts

Rolling Stone is a magazine that

focuses on popular music. The

magazine is often known for its

more rock focus and Pink’s

music is pop rock. Artists will

often cover this magazine when

they bring out new music.

Colour: The magazine has picked

a colour theme of using black,

white and red. The red is used for

the magazine title and quote to

make them stand out to the

reader. Whilst Pink wears a black

dress to fade in with the

background, her pink hair stands

out to the other colours. She also

has red lipstick on to match the

colour theme and make her lips

stand out.

Picture: The picture of Pink

takes up the magazine, giving

her the spotlight and full

attention. Pink has her hands on

her hips which suggests that

she is in control and is strong.

However her happy smile gives

warmth and suggest that she is

both a pop and rock artist.

Cover lines: Rolling Stone

has been known at times to

be controversial with some

of the stories it writes. The

cover story titles ‘my life on

death row’ suggest it isn’t

just a magazine for music

lovers but also has a wider

audience. ‘Bob Dylan’ also

featuring on the cover line

shows that the magazine

will often print stories about

different kinds of artists.

Pink’s cover lines: The ‘return’ of Pink suggests that her return back to

music is much anticipated. It also means that as a reader we already know

who Pink is, as she is returning to the scene and so we already know who

Pink is as an artist. The quote saying she is ‘still insane’ suggests that she

hasn’t changed and that she wants her audience to know that she will

remain as she is. It also hints she used to be a quirky artist and that hasn’t

changed, therefore implying that her music won’t have changed much


Analysis of pink magazine adverts

Billboard is often known for its

footing in the music and

entertainment industry, as the

Billboard Top 100 is widely

known. The magazine will often

cover music but also covers

other topics and issues. The

magazine is more of a gossip

magazine rather than serious


Cover lines: The

magazine is clearly

pointed towards

readers with an interest

and passion for music.

The magazine has

articles concerning Owl

City, Taylor Swift and

Phillip Phillips, as well

as having Pink for the

cover. The magazine

article centres round

Pink’s new music and

partnerships she has

struck up with big


Colour: Billboard use a grey

background with use of black

and white for the titles. This

tends to be a re-occurring

theme in magazines, so that

people can see the titles and

cover lines easily. Use of

colour is then used to make

certain words stand out and

the name more interesting.

Pink is edged round the

outside of her name to again

make it stand out and attract

the reader.

Picture: The picture is cleverly placed so that Pink stands in

replacement of the ‘I’ in her name. The long shot of Pink is quite

different to the normal mid or close up we see on magazine

covers. Her stance and hands pulling at her collar suggest that she

is confident and independent as she is quite happy to stand on her

own. Having a long shot also subtly shows off her body and

entices readers.

Analysis of pink magazine adverts

Example of Pink magazine advert

This is a portrait single paged advert from a

magazine, promoting Pink’s album ‘The

Truth about Love’. The advert is quite basic

by using a single picture of Pink posing,

which exploits her sexuality by showing her

long legs. The red heels and pink hair hint at

Pink’s quirkiness and confidence. She also

takes a slightly cartoon approach with the

image which is also shown on the cover of

her album, suggesting it is a theme for the

album. On the side the name of the album

and singer are named with a parental

advisory notice at the bottom. The writing

used for the album is also bold and slightly

Disney as the ‘The’ is the same we see at

the end of Disney films. The colours give an

interest to the advert and suggest that is

quite a pop album.