purchasing essentials procurement and purchase orders n.
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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders PowerPoint Presentation
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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders

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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Purchasing Essentials – Procurement and Purchase Orders. Presenter: Debra Walke. Agenda. Inventory Re-Order Report Purchase Requisition Manually Created Based on a Request for Price Generated from a Work Order Quote Job Take-Off Setup / Edit Purchase Orders

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Presentation Transcript
  • Inventory Re-Order Report
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Manually Created
  • Based on a Request for Price
  • Generated from a Work Order Quote
  • Job Take-Off
  • Setup / Edit Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Report Generator
  • General Discussion
inventory re order report
Inventory Re-Order Report
  • Procurement can create Purchase Orders based on the Inventory Re-order Report
  • You must set-up minimums and maximums on your parts so that the re-order report will know the quantity to be ordered
inventory re order report1
Inventory Re-Order Report
  • Parts will be ordered to bring quantities up to the identified maximum recorded in the parts master file
inventory re order report3
Inventory Re-Order Report
  • The supplier used is either the first supplier in the inventory master file or selected by the supplier we have checked in the tick box on the right
inventory re order report4
Inventory Re-Order Report
  • Edit any of the lines by double clicking
  • Delete a line by selecting it and clicking Delete
  • Add an additional line by clicking New
  • Insert a line by clicking Insert
  • Clicking Print PO’s will quickly generate all of the Purchase Orders listed
purchase requisitions
Purchase Requisitions
  • For manually created orders we select our suppliers and save the Requisition
purchase requisitions1
Purchase Requisitions
  • To generate RFP’s leave the supplier code blank and click on Set-up RFP’s
purchase requisitions2
Purchase Requisitions
  • Pick the supplier you want to provide you with a price and click Print
purchase requisitions3
Purchase Requisitions
  • You can print the RFP or send it by J-Mail
purchase requisitions4
Purchase Requisitions
  • Insert the prices quoted from various suppliers and track your dates
purchase requisitions5
Purchase Requisitions
  • Select Use Lowest Price to generate multiple PO’s to the suppliers with the lowest parts prices
  • Select Use One Supplier to generate one PO to the supplier who has the lowest total price
purchase requisitions6
Purchase Requisitions
  • Merge the Requisition to generate PO’s the same way as we did for the Inventory Re-order Report
work order quote
Work Order Quote
  • We added the ability to create a requisition directly from Work Order Quotations by clicking on Create Requisition
  • The requisition number created is prefixed with the letter W followed by the remainder of the Work Order Number
job take off
Job Take Off
  • In the Estimates menu in Job Costing, we can create Take-Offs base on our inventory requirements for the Job
job take off1
Job Take Off
  • In Procurement we can create batch records and create PO’s based on our selected Take-off
setup edit purchase orders
Setup / Edit Purchase Orders
  • There are several choices available when setting up a PO.
setup edit purchase orders1
Setup / Edit Purchase Orders
  • A Multi PO means that we can write our PO for Multiple Jobs, Work Order or GL distributions.
setup edit purchase orders2
Setup / Edit Purchase Orders
  • A Multiple Release / Blanket PO means that when we receive parts against a PO, the Program will make a debit to where the PO is allocated to and credit an accrued liability account that is setup in the AP profile.
purchase order report generator
Purchase Order Report Generator
  • Report and Filter on PO status codes
  • Find the value of unbilled Purchase Orders to determine accruals
general discussion
General Discussion
  • What do we do when a PO is greater than the amount of the invoice.
  • Key Flags
  • Single vs Multiple PO’s
  • Packing Slips (Option to force printing)
  • Archiving Purchase Orders
  • Loyalty Thresholds
  • Using a requisition to Charge Parts to Jobs.