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m2m router

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m2m router

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  1. m2m router m2m router H820 Series 3G WCDMA Router >> Key Points 1. Built-in 2G/3G/4G industrial cellular module and sim card slot, insert SIM/UIM card to work directly. 2. Auto-dial feature, keep alive link 3. Built-in watch dog 4. 1 WAN RJ45 port + 4 LAN RJ45 port(WAN RJ45 can convert into LAN R45 to get 5 LAN RJ45 ports) 5. VPN (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, GRE, Tunnel), SNMP 6. Standard SMA antenna can be replaced with high gain type 7. 1 DB9 port for DTU feature (Serial to Cellular Gateway feature,RS232 or RS485 option) 8. WiFi 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps (optional), can choose 300Mbps. 9. RJ45 WAN (xDSL) and Cellular backup each other (Route Fail Over Feature) 10. Two H820 can backup each other if one H820 line failed. (to be Dual sim dual module feature) 11. Always online, Reboot if the connection is failed. 12. WiFi can be used as WiFi client 13. Cellular, WAN RJ45 and WiFi Client can failover backup each other redundancy. 14. SMS/Voice call to control router to be online and offline (optional), SMS text sending and receiving (optional) 15. GPS (optional) 16. VRRP 17. RIP OSPF BGP (optional) 18. I/O port *2 (optional) >> Details of m2m router Advanced WWAN technology for the utmost reliability Embedded WWAN interface, fully integrated into the router engine. All the E-Lins intelligent network features are available through the WWAN interface. Built-in module modem, with SIM card tray, insert SIM card to work directly, no need dongles. Detailed WWAN diagnostics for SLA audition and accounting. Information such as serving and neighbour cell received signal power, the operating frequency band, the WWAN technology used and the instant bitrate is available both in the router CLI and in its cellular interface MIB, so it can be retrieved by the SNMP management station at any time. Furthermore, a history report of the received signal power evolution in the past hour is also available. AT command Line interface for low-level RF module management (sim-lock, WWAN carrier customization, etc). Ready for WAN Ethernet services The full VLAN support, the state of the art in routing and bridging features, QoS and VRF-Lite addresses this router for Metro-Ethernet services. Furthermore, the Standard and Private Ethernet MIB support in these routers allows for SNMP remote management.

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