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Zonta International

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Zonta International. Zonta International Project to eliminate Obstetric Fistula in Liberia. Zonta International. A heart-breaking problem that too few know about and even fewer support. Zonta International. Zonta International. A Woman Dies Every Minute in the developing world

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Zonta International

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    1. Zonta International Zonta International Project to eliminate Obstetric Fistula in Liberia

    2. Zonta International A heart-breaking problem that too few know about and even fewer support

    3. Zonta International

    4. Zonta International A Woman Dies Every Minute in the developing world as a result of pregnancy and childbirth.

    5. Zonta International “In the 21st century no woman should have to give her life to give life”

    6. Zonta International 20 women …for every woman who dies there are twenty more who suffer from the consequences of a difficult pregnancy or complicated childbirth.

    7. Zonta International At least 2,000,000 women worldwide suffer from an obstetric fistula

    8. Zonta International There is good news: 90 per cent …

    9. Zonta International …is the success rate of state of the art reconstructive surgery.

    10. Zonta International $130 national net income per person and year in Liberia

    11. Zonta International 219… …out of 1,000 women in Liberia are between 15 and 19 years old when they give birth for the first time.

    12. Zonta International …and this is where the global Fistula Campaign of the UNFPA comes in: information and prevention

    13. Zonta International Treatment

    14. Zonta International

    15. Zonta International Social Reintegration

    16. Zonta International $300 will give a woman Back her life

    17. Zonta International $5 to feed a patient for one week after surgery has been completed $10 to transport a patient to the hospital $80 for surgical tools $60for a caesarean section

    18. Zonta International Ready to Return to Life

    19. Zonta International Prevention

    20. Zonta International Fistula is a heart-breaking problemZonta can play a major role in • Raising awareness • Building medical capability • Giving many young women who live in a state of constant despair…Their Lives Back

    21. Zonta International We can help these young women bygenerously donating to this critical Zonta International Service Project

    22. Zonta International The fistula victims in Liberia thank you for your support