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Unit6 Retailing

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Unit6 Retailing. By Zhang Bing. I. Teaching Objectives.

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Unit6 Retailing

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unit6 retailing

Unit6 Retailing

By Zhang Bing

i teaching objectives
I. Teaching Objectives

The topic of this unit is retailing, which is the intermediate stage from suppliers to end-users. The passages involved discourses on the history of retailing, its main existing format: shopping center, chain store, supermarket, specialty store and discount store. Taking Somerset for example, the passages give us a brand-new definition on the operating philosophy of retailing, which is practical for the international trade.

ii pre reading task questions for discussion
II. Pre-reading Task: Questions for discussion

1.Could you list some major types of retailing?

e.g. department stores, chain stores, supermarket, specialty store, convenience store, hypermarket, discount store

2.Do you know some leading retailers in the world? Give examples.

e.g. Wal-mart, K-mart, Carrefour, 7-eleven

3.Why are retailers so popular with consumers nowadays?

e.g. convenient, face-to-face, lowest price

4.What do you think are future trends in retailing?

e.g. more convenience and efficiency, service, information technology

iii new words expressions text a
III. New words & expressionsText A

1.modest: moderate or limited in size, quantity or range; not extreme; medium-sized

2.evolve into: develop gradually into

e.g. Some Christians will refuse to believe that humans evolved from apes.

revolve: e.g. All the questions revolved around whether she released the company secrets to our competitor.

3.first-ever: being the first time or the first one to do something

4.leapfrog: to avoid by or as if by a round about route

5.exceptional: well above average; extraordinary

e.g. Encouraged by the preferential policy, private enterprises have shown exceptional growth during the past two years.

iii new words expressions text a5
III. New words & expressionsText A

1.reach: (n.)range or scope of influence or effect

e.g. An expensive trip like that would be completely beyond my reach.

2.charitable: of, for, or concerned with the organization for helping the needy

e.g. The millionaire set up a charitable foundation to help the old and disabled people.

3.blaze the trail: to be the first in some direction or activity

4.a far cry from: be quite different from

5.entice: lure, attract

entice somebody (away)(from something)

entice somebody (into something/ doing something)

iii new words expressions text a6
III. New words & expressionsText A

1.top: to exceed or surpass

e.g. Michael Jackson’s newly released CD topped the chart for five weeks.

2.air: (v.i.) to broadcast on television or radio

e.g. The debate between the two top IT companies will be aired live on ABC at 7:00 tonight.

3.appeal to: to attract; seem good to (somebody)

e.g. The idea of not having to get up early every morning appeals to me, so I quit the job of the editor to become free lance.

4.landscape: a full view

iii new words expressions text a7
III. New words & expressionsText A

1.precursor: something that comes before another and leads to it or is developed into it

2.make history: to do or to be concerned in something important which will be recorded and remembered

e.g. Margaret Thatcher made history by becoming the first British woman Prime Minister.

iv extension translation skills
IV. Extension: translation skills


e.g. By that time we shall export three times as many as toys as we did in 2001.


Our insurance coverage is for 110% of the invoice value, up to the port of destination only.


v social usage comparison
V. Social usage: comparison




3.the+比较级…, the+比较级…


no… more than…=not any more.. than…

vi assignment
VI. Assignment

1.writing strategy: E-mail

2.reading comprehension

thank you

Thank you!