thyssenkrupp elevator americas sustainability update may 2010 n.
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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Update May 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Update May 2010

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Update May 2010

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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Update May 2010

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  1. ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sustainability Update May 2010 1

  2. The Built Environment Statistics from the American Institute of Architects: U.S. buildings consume 17% of the water, 33% of the energy, 40% of the raw materials, and 66% of the electricity worldwide, while contributing 40% of the landfill waste and 10% of the particulate emissions. ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s response: We have just completed a thorough life-cycle-analysis that clearly illustrates • Gate-to-Cradle: the use cycle of an elevator has a greater environmental impact than • Cradle-to-Gate: the entire manufacturing process. Therefore we are focusing on reducing our own environmental footprint as a company, while reducing the operating impacts of both NEW and EXISTING elevators. 2

  3. Our Values, culture and vision Our Culture: We are entrepreneurs who identify and take advantage of market opportunities by organizing our resources effectively to initiate sustainable growth and profits. Embedded within Our Core Values are Safety, Integrity, Service, Efficiency, Diversity, Quality, and Innovation. Sustainability Statement: We recognize that we are a company rich in precious resources. Our resources begin with people and continue along the value chain to include innovation, materials, time and energy. Our Sustainability goal is to optimize the efficient utilization of all resources by using each to its fullest potential and by wasting nothing. Vision Our Sustainability goal is to optimize the efficient utilization of all resources by using each to its fullest potential and by wasting nothing.

  4. Sustainability Supports Growth and embedded in core values…. VALUES VISION Safety: Is the first priority in everything we do . . . We adhere to the highest standards to prevent injuries to employees and all stakeholders Integrity: The highest standard of behavior . . . We are honest and ethical in our conduct and consistently strive to do the right thing Service: We anticipate customer needs . . . We are the most responsive, dependable and easiest company to do business with each day Innovation: We set new industry benchmarks . . . foster innovation and take initiative quickly and manage risks prudently Diversity: Promote diversity of thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and people . . . attracts, retains and values people of all backgrounds Efficiency: Streamline end-to-end processes to achieve the lowest delivered costs . . . most efficient capital base . . .and to exceed customer needs Quality: . . . the highest operational standards in the industry . . . To consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. • Grow TKE through efficient utilization of all resources by using each to its fullest potential and by wasting nothing • Energy Efficient/ Carbon Neutral: • Most energy efficient factories in Industry • Most energy efficient fleet in Industry • Waste Nothing: • Optimized process efficiency • Zero waste to landfill • Ecologically aware of raw materials • Green Customer Solutions: • Growing opportunities for core businesses • Preferred provider of green information to industry • Social Responsibility: • Valued community partner • Engaged in active disaster relief

  5. Results and Priorities Green Customer Solutions Community partner Energy Efficiency Waste Nothing

  6. Green Customer Solutions Accomplishments • Repair and Modernization Packages for Existing Elevators & Escalators • LED Lighting – LED cab lighting is 90% more efficient then traditional incandescent lighting • EconoLight – Automated controls that turns off the cab lights and exhaust fans when not in use. • Motor Efficiency Controller – a power-saving device for escalator drives that continually monitors and applies the exact current needed to keep the motor running at full speed. • Regenerative Drives - permit the kinetic energy of the elevator to produce energy and feed that energy back into the building. • Holeless Hydraulic Elevator - reduces site disturbance and levels of oil needed. • Inherently Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil - provides a biodegradable hydraulic oil option.

  7. Waste Nothing • 70% reduction in VOC’s since 2008 • 100% recycling of scrap metal, lumber and cardboard • ISO 14001 Certification of both Middleton, TN & Walnut, MS manufacturing facilities • Urea-formaldehyde free particleboard is standard for cab interiors • 30% reduction in waste to landfill • Powder Coat System installed to significantly reduce VOC’s, particulate matter and waste. • Waste water recycling program instituted Accomplishments

  8. Energy Efficiency • Automated Energy Management System implemented at the Middleton, TN manufacturing facility. • Partnered with FORD motor company to encourage the use of the FORD Transit Connect, which maintain 37% better fuel economy than our current service vehicle, throughout our U.S. fleet vehicles • By September 2010, TKE will have 200 Transit Connects on the road, which will save up to 90,000 gallons of fuel per year Accomplishments • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) completed on the following: • Hydraulic Elevator - 2 & 6 stops • Geared Traction - 12 stops • synergy 2 & 6 stops • Gearless Traction – 30 stop • Service/Repair/Modernization Business • Distribution Center & Logistics

  9. Community Partner • ThyssenKrupp offices have engaged in partnerships and programs that actively engage the communities and industry in which we operate. • Southwest Regional Senior Management Habitat for Humanity worked together to help a local family in need build a home for their future. • Brazilian Business Unit Releases Annual Social ReportAs part of the Americas Business Unit, Brazil represents approximately 500 offices across 22 Brazilian states. The culmination of the social and environmental work from 2007 and 2008 is included in a Social Report published in February 2009. • ThyssenKrupp Elevator Scholarship ProgramThe goal at ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas is to positively impact both the communities in which we operate and the people who make up those communities. • Many more examples available Accomplishments