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Test 3 Review

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Test 3 Review.

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Dustin was driving his car on an icy road when the back end started to skid out of control. His car crossed the centerline, and he could see the headlights of rapidly approaching, oncoming traffic. His entire body became energized. His heart rate and respiration increased, and he began to perspire profusely. According to Selye's general adaptation syndrome, Dustin was experiencing:

a. a resistance reaction

b. physiological exhaustion

c. autonomic rebound

d. an alarm reaction

The stage of Selye's general adaptation syndrome one enters after the body's unsuccessful first attempt at dealing with the stressor is the

a. resistance stage

b. alarm stage

c. third stage

d. sympathetic stage

There is one week left in the semester, and Andre has put off working on his five term papers until the very last minute. Although it has always taken him three to four days to write a single term paper, Andre is convinced that he can write all five papers in the week that remains. In this instance, Andre may be dealing with stress-induced anxiety using

a. overcompensation

b. denial of reality

c. intellectualization

d. self-indulgence

Bertram was on death row awaiting execution. He refused to allow any appeals on his behalf, and he insisted that the law be followed exactly. In this example, Freud would suggest that Bertram is dealing with the stress generated by his situation through

a. fantasy

b. overcompensation

c. intellectualization

d. undoing

Wayne was a highly motivated teacher, who really tried to make a difference in the lives of his students. However, the constant budget cutbacks and the long hours that he puts in have taken their toll. He has become disillusioned with teaching, and he often calls in sick. In this case, it is quite likely that Wayne is experiencing

a. amotivational syndrome

b. burnout

c. posttraumatic stress disorder

d. general adaptation syndrome

Lola saw her family doctor last week because she had experienced a number of asthma attacks in the preceding month. Her family doctor told Lola that her asthma was a psychosomatic disease. Lola's doctor was telling her that

a. her asthma has an organic basis, but that it was caused in part by psychological factors

b. the attacks she was having were entirely self-induced

c. the problem was all in her head, and she will need to see a psychologist, rather than a doctor, to receive effective treatment

d. her asthma will disappear if she is able to reduce her level of stress

The Featured Study by Pennix and his colleagues showed that depression tripled the subjects risk for cardiac death. This finding indicates that illness and levels of stress are

a. uncorrelated

b. negatively correlated

c. positively correlated

d. multifactorial variables

Stress and health research suggests that

a. stress may relate to the incidence of physical illness in general

b. stress effects influence only specific illnesses

c. stress relates to physical illness only in predisposed individuals

d. stress is very specific in its effects on health

One of the problematic aspects of the research into the link between stress and illness is that

a. separate control groups are not able to be created due to ethical constraints

b. the data is correlational in nature and does not allow for conclusions as to causality

c. subjects are only able to be followed for limited time periods so it is difficult to determine the long-term impact of the stressor

d. subjective cognitive appraisal differences leads people to interpret stressors differently and interferes with consistent conclusions

All of the following were cited in the textbook as factors which promote relaxation EXCEPT for

a. developing a passive attitude

b. drinking a small amount of alcohol

c. being in a comfortable position

d. focusing on a constant stimulus

The most common psychological disorders in the United States are

a. schizophrenic disorders

b. personality disorders

c. mood disorders

d. anxiety disorders

The anxiety disorder in which an individual experiences numerous emotional attacks characterized by overwhelming terror that occur suddenly and unexpectedly is known as

a. a generalized anxiety disorder

b. a phobic disorder

c. obsessive-compulsive disorder

d. panic disorder

Stuart feels like he has been worrying constantly for the past 4 months. He is worried about making his car payments, losing his job, and how his children are doing in school. He has also started to experience dizziness and occasional heart palpitations. In this case, Stuart's symptoms are most consistent with

a. generalized anxiety disorder

b. panic disorder

c. obsessive-compulsive disorder

d. hypochondriasis

Ann is so terrified of fire that she cannot light a match or even enjoy dinner by candlelight. Ann is most likely suffering from

a. generalized anxiety disorder

b. panic disorder

c. obsessive-compulsive disorder

d. phobic disorder

The difference between a phobia and a normal fear is that a phobia

a. involves a cognitive component as well as behavioral responses

b. is characterized by an increase in heart rate

c. interferes with everyday behavior

d. only take place when the actual object is present

Dave washes his hands at least 50 times per day, even though his hands are rarely dirty. Dave's behavior is an example of

a. an obsession

b. a phobia

c. a compulsion

d. a delusion

Schizophrenia is characterized by

a. emotional disturbances and high levels of anxiety

b. the presence of two or more distinct personalities

c. loss of memory or personal identity

d. a fragmentation of thought processes

Cooper is an auto mechanic at a local garage. However, he is convinced that his phone line is tapped and all the rooms in his house have listening devices planted, so that enemy agents can learn all his secret conversations. He never takes the same route to work two days in a row, to prevent the enemy agents from following him and learning where he works. In this case, it appears that Cooper is experiencing

a. hallucinations

b. obsessions

c. delusions of persecution

d. loosening of associations

Johnny believes he is the president of the United States. If Johnny isn't the president, his false belief represents

a. a hallucination

b. a compulsion

c. a delusion

d. an obsession

Abby was watching a documentary on some of the horrors of the Viet Nam War. Even when she saw soldiers being blown up after stepping on land mines, she showed no emotional reaction or response. In this case, Abby is displaying symptoms of

a. catatonic stupor

b. blunted or flat affect

c. antisocial personality disorder

d. conversion disorder

Tony believes that he is Thomas Edison, and he is convinced that his neighbors are spies who are trying to steal his inventions. He believes the neighbors break into his house and search for plans for new inventions when he is not home. Tony's symptoms are MOST consistent with those seen in

a. paranoid schizophrenia

b. undifferentiated schizophrenia

c. catatonic schizophrenia

d. disorganized schizophrenia

Roy alternates between periods in which he remains motionless and seems oblivious to his environment, and periods of hyperactivity and frenzied excitement. Roy would most likely be diagnosed as having

a. paranoid schizophrenia

b. catatonic schizophrenia

c. disorganized schizophrenia

d. undifferentiated schizophrenia

Insanity is a

a. psychological diagnosis that determines that an individual is unable to understand the nature and purpose of legal proceedings

b. psychological diagnosis that confirms that an individual is dangerous to themselves or to others

c. legal status indicating that a person cannot be held responsible for his or her actions because of mental illness

d. recognition that a person has a chronic mental illness that is not responsive to treatment

Which of the following statements is most accurate?

a. Psychotherapy is for people with an identified psychological disorder.

b. About half of the people who used mental health services in a given year do not meet the criteria for a full-fledged mental disorder.

c. Men are more likely to seek professional psychological help.

d. The most common problem for which people will seek mental health treatment is for unsatisfactory interpersonal relations.

Dr. Schwartz practices a form of psychotherapy in which he uses verbal interactions intended to enhance client's self-knowledge and promote healthful changes in personality and behavior. The type of therapy being used by Dr. Schwartz is known as

a. psychopharmacological therapy

b. emotive therapy

c. behavioral therapy

d. insight therapy

You make an appointment to see a therapist, and as you are waiting, you notice that a large number of the books on the therapist's shelves deal with the work of Sigmund Freud. You might expect that this therapist will

a. use counterconditioning to reverse maladaptive behaviors

b. emphasize the need to bring unconscious conflicts and defenses into conscious awareness

c. provide a supportive emotional environment while allowing you to determine the pace and direction of your therapy

d. help you recognize and change negative thoughts and maladaptive beliefs

A client in psychoanalysis has been arriving late for sessions, acting hostile to the analyst, and making up dreams. This is most likely

a. transference

b. frustration

c. resistance

d. projection

Charlene is talking with her father, and she confesses that she lied about where she had been on the weekend. Her father tells Charlene that he loves her, but that he doesn't approve of her lying. According to Carl Rogers, Charlene's father is displaying the quality of

a. empathy

b. validity

c. unconditional positive regard

d. selective abstraction

Which of the following statements best represents the approach of a client-centered therapist in treating a chronically anxious client?

a. "Let's look for ways in which you might actually be benefiting from your anxiety.“

b. "So, you feel that your world is a very scary place to be.“

c. "Let's see if we can identify the irrational beliefs that are producing your anxiety.“

d. "Do you feel that your mother adequately met your need for emotional support when you were a child?"

The most important aspect of group therapy is that group members

a. provide acceptance and emotional support

b. challenge one another's false belief structures

c. increase conformity and compliance

d. reduce both transference and resistance

Which of the following is NOT among the advantages of group therapy?

a. Participants often come to realize that their misery is not unique.

b. It produces a significantly higher recovery rate than individual therapy.

c. It provides an opportunity for participants to work on social skills in a safe environment.

d. Certain kinds of problems are especially well suited to group treatment.