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Underage Drinking/Over-Consumption Deterrence Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Underage Drinking/Over-Consumption Deterrence Program

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Underage Drinking/Over-Consumption Deterrence Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Underage Drinking/Over-Consumption Deterrence Program. Sgt. Steven Carnes Abilene District Office Captain Hank Blanchard Region 1 Lt. Randy Motz Abilene District Office Agent Shuddell Lindsey San Angelo Outpost Col Richard Ayres Wing Commander, Goodfellow AFB Paul Buckingham

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Presentation Transcript
tabc and goodfellow afb

Sgt. Steven Carnes

Abilene District Office

  • Captain Hank Blanchard

Region 1

  • Lt. Randy Motz

Abilene District Office

  • Agent Shuddell Lindsey

San Angelo Outpost

  • Col Richard Ayres

Wing Commander, Goodfellow AFB

  • Paul Buckingham

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Goodfellow AFB

  • Chris Lee

Manager, Graham's Central Station

TABC and Goodfellow AFB
san angelo texas

TABC Region 1

    • Abilene District
    • Tom Green County
  • Population: 90,000
  • San Angelo is home to an Outpost office
    • Three agents
    • Conduct licensing activities
    • Enforcement
  • Goodfellow Air Force Base
  • Angelo State University
    • More than 6,000 students
San Angelo, Texas
goodfellow air force base

Team Goodfellow

    • Home to the 17th Training Wing
    • Includes three groups
    • Nearly a dozen specialized staff agencies
    • 17 Squadrons, as well as, an Army Battalion
    • Navy and Marine Corps training detachments
  • Total: 5,000 troops and civilians
Goodfellow Air Force Base

Large numbers of young military personnel leave the base and go into San Angelo

  • Local merchants want their business
  • Permitted locations are very popular
  • Many personnel arrive in vans with large groups
  • Many personnel are underage
    • Almost all are under 24
  • Bars offer military nights and discounts

High number of incidents involving military personnel

  • Graham's Central Station became concerned regarding
    • Number of military personnel being asked to leave
    • Number of military personnel arrested by peace officers working security

High number of servicemen and women being arrested for public intoxication

  • Many of these personnel are
    • On their first assignment away from home
    • Unfamiliar with Texas laws
  • San Angelo PD informed TABC of high number of incidents involving military personnel
the first step

Sgt. Carnes and Paul Buckingham met in martial arts

  • Mr. Buckingham is the Goodfellow AFB Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
  • Strong correlation between alcohol use and sexual assaults
    • 88.5% in 2008
  • Mr. Buckingham initiated meeting with Col Ayres (Wing Commander) and Chief Moreau (Command Chief)
The First Step
information sharing

Met with the Colonel Ayres and his staff

  • Command staff very interested in:
    • Curbing underage drinking
    • Over-consumption of alcohol by base personnel
  • TABC informed staff of actual number of incidents occurring at clubs
    • Command usually only informed of arrests
discussions continue

Arranged meetings with commanders and key staff on base to identify target areas

    • Increase training to new students on Texas alcohol law
    • Intervene with persons who do not warrant arrest but require intervention due to their behavior
  • Other law enforcement agencies brought in as the meetings progressed
  • Club owners began attending meetings
Discussions Continue
bar manager takes lead

Graham's Central Station took the lead

  • Manager, Chris Lee, very involved
    • Helping to solve the problem
    • Showing he did care about military personnel and the community
  • Graham's implemented the new program at their San Angelo location
    • Involves documenting certain activities, “buffoonery”
Bar Manager Takes Lead

17th Training WingAir Education & Training Command

For alcohol issues dealing with

Goodfellow AFB personnel

please contact the Law Enforcement Desk

Senior NCO on duty will respond within 15 minutes

Hours of Operation = 2200-0230

Fri, Sat, and Holidays

Law Enforcement Desk

(325) 654-3504

Secondary Number/Command Post

(325) 654-3558

base institutes on call program

SNCO on duty ready to respond to any incident where law enforcement or the bar/club requests assistance

    • Requests go through the base Law Enforcement desk
    • Requests are documented
  • Supervisors respond to ANY branch of the military
    • Take custody of military member, if released
    • Get them safely back to their commanders
Base Institutes On-Call Program
personnel held accountable

SNCO on duty returns military member to base

  • First Sergeants pickup their troop upon return to base
  • Commanders and First Sergeants evaluate for and administer disciplinary action
Personnel Held Accountable
on going training

Weekly training scheduled for new recruits assigned to the base

  • Briefed 1,500 new airmen on Texas alcohol laws; including guidance on staying out of trouble
  • Promotes Air Force Wingman concept
  • Classes promote the good qualities of
    • San Angelo
    • TABC
    • Local law enforcement agencies
On-Going Training

Violations dropped 31% from 2007 to 2008

  • Strong bond developed between TABC and Goodfellow AFB
  • Cooperation at this level is unprecedented
  • Goodfellow AFB has a tight bond with the community
    • Encouraging personnel to patronize local businesses without violating the law or causing problems
the future

Quarterly meetings to keep all parties informed

    • How the program is working
    • How to continually make it better
  • Keep Goodfellow AFB command informed
    • Continue collaborative efforts
  • Further the mission and the vision of TABC by collaborating with:
    • The community
    • Goodfellow AFB/military
    • Local law enforcement
The Future
the next steps

Continue to integrate new personnel and new retailers to the program

  • Expand initial training by TABC to other services
    • Marine
    • Army
    • Navy
  • TABC now in the running for $950,000 federal grant
    • Grant to be used in San Angelo area
The Next Steps
in summary

Creates a partnership with the US Military that

    • Benefits servicemen and women
    • Benefits the community
  • Helps protect young military personnel from making poor and uninformed decisions
  • Helps bars conduct successful businesses and offer safe environments
  • Helps give permittees and licensees ownership in the process, not just law enforcement
In Summary
thank you

Thank You!

San Angelo Outpost

Abilene District Office

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission