implementation of lyris l.
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Implementation of Lyris

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Implementation of Lyris Mark Engebretson School of Public Health Background In early 2006, SPH had… One biweekly internal newsletter for all students, faculty, and staff (SPH News) An all-school listserv (manually updated) A communications problem Background

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implementation of lyris

Implementation of Lyris

Mark Engebretson

School of Public Health

  • In early 2006, SPH had…
  • One biweekly internal newsletter for all students, faculty, and staff (SPH News)
  • An all-school listserv (manually updated)
  • A communications problem
  • AHC and SPH focus groups learned that students didn’t know if SPH News (and AHC News Capsules) was intended for them; these newsletters didn’t seem relevant
  • E-mail list was spammed by people within the school and by people outside the school
  • This was typical:
  • “Attention SPH students, faculty and staff:
  • In the interest of promoting wellness and togetherness I would like to start an informal tradition of a morning group run/jog for anyone interested. … Lets meet Tuesday and Thursday (April 3rd and 5th) at 7:45 am at the gopher statue outside the rec center.”
  • Two days later…
  • “Attention SPH students, faculty and staff,
  • I am sorry if anyone came to the run thursday morning and didn't find me there. I was not feeling well that morning and could not make it. I will be at the gopher statue this Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45 for those who would like to run. See you there!”
  • Develop e-mail policy
  • Develop targeted e-newsletters
  • Implement Lyris
  • Create opt-out student-to-student listserv
e mail policy
E-mail Policy
  • Modeled after other colleges/universities
  • Intended to reduce the volume of e-mail
  • Intended to promote more planning when communicating with internal audiences
e mail policy8
E-mail Policy

Types of E-mail, Approval and Delivery:

  • Urgent messages
  • Important messages (messages of school-wide importance)
  • Informational messages

e mail policy9
E-mail Policy

Lists affected:

  • All School
  • All Faculty
  • All Students
  • All Staff


  • Dean
  • Associate and Assistant Deans
  • Student Services Director
delivery process guidelines
Delivery Process/Guidelines
  • Lyris must be used to deliver messages
  • Lists must be managed in Lyris
  • Divisions urged to use Lyris
  • Guidelines provided regarding subject/body of message, attachments (none), sender info, etc.
sph e newsletters
SPH e-newsletters
  • Internal:
    • SPH News (faculty/staff) biweekly
    • The Weekly SPHere (students)


    • SPH Alumni News (quarterly)
    • Research Brief (monthly)
    • Welcome ‘U’ News (monthly)
    • SPH Mentor Connection (monthly)
    • CPHEO News
    • MHA alumni info
gil segments
GIL Segments
  • All internal mailings (newsletters and other mailings) use the appropriate GIL segment:
  • Central record of all mass e-mailings
  • GIL segment is updated automatically prior to each mailing
  • Tracking of opens, clickthroughs
  • More control over formatting of e-newsletters (text version is link to web)
  • More of my time spent managing manual lists and sending e-mails:
    • For the Dean
    • Associate Deans
    • HR Director
    • Etc…..
some numbers
Some Numbers
  • Opens average 34%
  • Clickthroughs average 22.5%
  • 20,203 pageviews and 4,157 visitors for online Weekly SPHere in 2007-08 school year
other e mail tools
Other e-mail Tools
  • Deliver blogs, podcasts via e-mail to subscribers using:
    • Feedburner (
    • Feed Blitz (
  • Feedburner’s “BuzzBoost” provides a snippet of JavaScript to paste into your pages so you can republish feeds.
thank you
Thank You:
  • Peter Riemenschneider
  • Peter Wiringa
  • Jane Gehan
  • Joann Gustafson
  • John Kellogg