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GEON Software Stack PowerPoint Presentation
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GEON Software Stack

GEON Software Stack

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GEON Software Stack

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  1. GEON Software Stack SandeepChandra, SDSC The Geosciences Network (GEON) Cyberinfrastructure Workshop University of Auckland, New Zealand. 26-28 November 2007

  2. Common environment to develop and deploy Grid/Web Service based Applications Portal Applications Database Applications HPC Applications Purpose

  3. For system developers Monitor resources Consistency of software across sites Perform system and network tests and measurements Administer and track the basic system setup Purpose

  4. Base OS Rocks: highly programmatic software configuration management Development Globus 4.0.2 (GSI, GridFTP, etc) Web Services (Jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28, axis-1.2, ant-1.6, jdk1.4.2, etc) GridSphere 2.0.2 Portal Framework Database IBM DB2 Postgres 8.0.3 PostGIS 1.2 (Geos, Proj) Security Tripwire, chkrootkit System Monitoring INCA Testing and Monitoring framework (Teragrid) With GRASP benchmarks Network Weather Service (NWS) Ganglia Job Submission and Monitoring Condor, PBS GRASS (GDAL, NetCDF, Tiff) GMT PBS Condor NWS INCA/GRASP Globus OGSA-DAI Pre-Web Axis Tomcat Postgres PostGIS Geos Proj Ant Samba JDK Tripwire Rocks 4.2.1 based on RedHat Enterprise Linux GEON Software Stack GEONGrid Software Stack GridSphere Portal

  5. Enable domain specific scientists to have their own supercomputer Open-source Linux cluster distribution that enables end users to easily build grid endpoints Full Red Hat Linux distribution release, De-facto standard cluster packages, Rocks packages and Rocks community packages Easy to deploy and maintain both small and large clusters Facilitates software customization, configure services in packages Rocks Cluster Software

  6. Hardware 20GB Disk, 1GB RAM, Dual NIC’s CD Media WAN Kickstart Static IP address Monitor, Keyboard Building a Rocks Node

  7. Building a Rocks Node

  8. Building a Rocks Node

  9. Building a Rocks Node

  10. Building a Rocks Node

  11. Building a Rocks Node

  12. Building a Rocks Node

  13. Building a Rocks Node

  14. Building a Rocks Node

  15. Building a Rocks Node

  16. Building a Rocks Node

  17. Building a Rocks Node

  18. Building a Rocks Node

  19. Building a Rocks Node

  20. Building a Rocks Node


  22. Software first compiled then packaged Source files are installed as well Post-installation setup at first boot e.g moving files, running scripts, creating DB’s Software installed in /opt/ (optional) e.g Axis installed in /opt/axis Environment Variables setup at install time e.g GLOBUS_LOCATION, JAVA_HOME, etc System Configuration

  23. GEON users created geon (axis, globus, gridsphere) nws (nws) inca (inca) postgres (pgsql, postgis, proj, geos) Rocks rolls installed in default locations Tripwire, java, etc User space in /export/home/<user> Remote updates and re-installs will not affect /export/home Required services start at system boot e.g tomcat, postgres, inca, nws System Configuration

  24. Java Java development toolkit version 1.4.2_04 Using Rocks Java Roll Ant Apache Ant version 1.6.2 Provides a java based build tool Jakarta-tomcat A servlet container to host services Hosting Axis, Globus Version 5.0.28 Base System Software

  25. Axis Java based web service development and deployment environment Version 1.2 Globus Java based grid service development and deployment environment Version 4.0.2 Web/Grid Service Software

  26. Pre-Web Globus Pre-Web Services (GridFTP, GRIS, GRAM) Services can be started after generating host certificates using GEON CA OGSA-DAI (part of Globus) Grid service based database access services Version 4.0 Web/Grid Service Software

  27. Postgres Relational Database Hosts Gridsphere portal database Version 8.0.3 PostGIS GIS extensions for Postgres Version 1.0.2 Geos & Proj Dependencies for PostGIS Database Software

  28. Portal Software • GridSphere • Set of standard GEON services • Framework to develop and deploy standard portlet applications • Get familiar with portal development • Configured to use Postgres • Includes GAMA portlets, configured to talk to GEON GAMA server • Version 2.0.2

  29. INCA Test harness and reporting framework SDSC PoP runs INCA Depot All GEON partner site PoP’s run reporters Monitoring Software

  30. Network Weather Service (NWS) Monitor and forecast performance of network and computational resources Name server and Memory server runs on SDSC PoP Version 2.10.1 Monitoring Software

  31. Tripwire Utilities to analyze the integrity of files and the kernel. Mail daily/weekly reports to Use Rocks Tripwire Roll Samba Allows access & sharing services between Linux/Unix server and windows clients System Software

  32. Develop and deploy mechanisms and policies that support HPC on grid computing resources. Using Rocks Condor, PBS roll Used for compute clusters HPC Software

  33. Package GEON portal and release a basic edition, standard edition, professional edition, etc. Next Steps

  34. GEON Team Grid-Devel Group Rocks Group University of Auckland BeSTGRID Acknowledgements

  35. Mail: Questions or Feedback?