brooks city base overview 18 oct 2005 l.
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Brooks City-Base Overview 18 Oct 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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Brooks City-Base Overview 18 Oct 2005

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Brooks City-Base Overview 18 Oct 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brooks City-Base Overview 18 Oct 2005. MS. CYNDY HANSON External Communications Director Brooks City-Base, TX. Agenda. Brooks Development Authority Mission Goals Quick Brooks City-Base Facts City-Base Legislation Efficient Operation Mission Effectiveness Capital Asset Management

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Brooks City-Base Overview 18 Oct 2005

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brooks city base overview 18 oct 2005

Brooks City-BaseOverview18 Oct 2005


External Communications Director

Brooks City-Base, TX

  • Brooks Development Authority
    • Mission
    • Goals
  • Quick Brooks City-Base Facts
  • City-Base Legislation
    • Efficient Operation
    • Mission Effectiveness
    • Capital Asset Management
    • Additional Development Projects
  • Partnering Initiatives
  • BDA Master Plan
  • Photos
  • BRAC
  • Conclusion
brooks development authority
Brooks Development Authority
  • Brooks Development Authority (BDA)
    • Political subdivision of State government
    • Owner, operator, and developer of Brooks City-Base
  • Mission Statement
    • The Brooks Development Authority, a public entity, exists to contribute to San Antonio’s economic development and the creation of Brooks City-Base by focusing on science, technology and related efforts to retain and create high quality jobs.
long term goals
Long-term Goals
  • 5-Year Goals
    • Recruit and retain diverse jobs.
    • Recruit and retain targeted tenants.
    • Provide exemplary, cost-efficient operations.
    • Achieve financial sustainability.
    • Establish positive image/reputation.
    • Refine and integrate physical, financial and service plans.
    • Foster economic development on Brooks City-Base and beyond.
    • Create and promote Brooks City-Base as an open and inviting environment, while demonstrating both sensitivity and connectivity with its surroundings.
quick brooks city base facts
Quick Brooks City-Base Facts
  • Established in 1918 as a flight training facility
  • Brooks AFB became headquarters for Aerospace Medical Center in 1959
  • Flying missions stopped 1960
  • Brooks AFB conveyed to the Brooks Development Authority 22 July 2002
  • Current primary Air Force missions:
    • School of Aerospace Medicine
    • Air Force Research Labs
    • Air Force Institute for Occupational Health
    • Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence
  • ~3,500 people
  • 1310 acres, 200+ facilities
legal underpinning

Purchase & Sale Agreement

Air Force conveys base to Brooks Development Authority and leases back property needed to perform mission

Deed Without Warranty

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions


Bills of Sale


Legal Underpinning

P.L. 106-246

Texas SB 911

City Ordinance

“The SECAF may sell or otherwise convey or transfer real & personal property to the Community or to another public/private party”

“Defense base development authority. . . Accepts title to. . . And engages in economic development of the base property”

San Antonio City Council appoints 11 Member Brooks Development Authority to accept title and act as landlord for base property


base efficiency project legislation
“Base Efficiency Project”Legislation
  • Purpose of Brooks City-Base as stated in Public Law 106-246, Sec. 136
    • “… to evaluate and demonstrate methods for more efficientoperation of military installations through improved capitalasset management and greater reliance on the public or private sector for less-costlybase support services …”
    • “… a demonstration project … to improve mission effectiveness and reduce the cost of providing quality installation support …”
brooks city base efficient operation
Brooks City-Base Efficient Operation
  • The Air Force and the community of San Antonio working together to create a Technology and Business Center to:
    • Optimize Air Force (AF) missions
    • Reduce base operating costs
    • Foster economic vitality
  • Components:
    • AF conveys property to Brooks Development Authority (BDA) ‘02
    • AF pays BDA a set $ amount/SF of leased space needed for mission
    • City provides essential services (incl. police and fire protection)
    • BDA develops property, shares profits with Air Force (50/50)
    • BDA manages, maintains real property
    • City utility companies own and operate BC-B utility infrastructure
    • AF anchor tenant, strengthened by corporate/academic partnerships
mission effectiveness
Mission Effectiveness
  • Developing collaborations that enhance AF missions and reduce direct costs of operations
  • Air Force is attracting new partners:
    • To support Tri-Service Directed Energy mission
    • To manage laboratories. Both AF and commercial work.
    • To partner with School of Aerospace Medicine
mission effectiveness brooks key mission areas
Mission EffectivenessBrooks Key Mission Areas
  • Tri-Service Directed Energy Bio-effects
    • Army, Navy, Air Force
    • AF MILCON - FY 06, $24 M, 94K SF
      • 115 personnel relocated from 13 buildings to 2
  • School of Aerospace Medicine
    • 7,200 joint students
    • Army, Navy, NASA, International
  • Institute for Operational Health
    • Joint Biological Agent ID System – JPEO-CB
    • Army (AMEDD at Ft. Sam), AF partnering on training
capital asset management
Capital Asset Management
  • Brooks Development Authority activity
    • $10.5 M in storm drainage improvements
    • Sale of 62 acres for ‘commercial corner’ (first stores opening late October 2005)
    • 82k SF of leased space to commercial tenants
    • Build to suit
      • 200-250k SF pharmaceutical manufacturing facility
      • 30k SF Research & Development facility
    • San Antonio Metro Health – Biohazard level 3 lab completed August 2005
    • $25.5M City/County Emergency Operations Center – opening December 2007
    • Additional City of San Antonio investment >$8M to date
additional development projects
Additional Development Projects
  • New infrastructure
    • 16” Water Main
    • Sewer
    • Redundant electric service
    • Upgraded telecom
  • City funding for new road at S. New Braunfels
  • S. E. Baptist Hospital – letter of intent
    • 175 bed hospital with room for expansion to 400 beds
    • 7 medical office buildings to support hospital
  • Charter school to be built along Goliad Road
  • Other recent property inquiries
    • Credit Union with multiple drive through lanes
    • Non-profit radio station
partnering initiatives
Partnering Initiatives
  • Brooks City-Base Foundation
  • Partnership Intermediary Agreement
  • Master CRADA
  • Master Facilities Use Agreement
brac timeline
  • Brooks City-Base on BRAC list 13 May 2005 (Brooks was removed from the 1995 list)
  • BRAC Commission’s Recommendations to President Bush 8 Sept 2005
  • President accepted complete list on 15 Sept 2005
  • Congress has 45 days to accept or reject all recommendations (~ Nov 2005)
  • 2006 - 2011: Air Force missions and DoD organizations depart Brooks City-Base
disposition of brooks air force missions



Wing Staff


Holloman Physiology

Navy’s NAMRL, Pensacola





Air Force Audit Agency

Recruiting Det

  • Lackland
  • 68 IOS
  • 710 IOP Flt (Intel)
  • Ft Sam Houston
  • Army Medical Research Det
  • Navy Health Research Ctr
  • USAFSAM Det 1 Dental Invest.
  • Service from Great Lakes

Brooks City-Base is working.

AF costs are lower by $5M per year.

The City of San Antonio is investing in Brooks.

BDA is developing the property and adding tenants.

  • Wing Commander’s visit to Congress, Sep 04
    • Question from Senator’s staffer, “What is it like being the Wing Commander at Brooks City-Base?”
    • Answer from BGen Travis, “I can focus my time and energy on the mission and not BOS issues.”